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  • Analysis: The Green Bridge II

    The Green Bridge II The Green Bridge II, by Lyonel Feininger, in 1916. It is an asymmetrical abstract piece made from oil paint on a canvas. Within the painting, there are three-dimensional objects, which would appear to tell a story. What appears a very busy street loitered with many people, walking to or from somewhere. The appearance of the buildings, surroundings, and the people are not normal, they have a really blocky or distorted appearance. There are many lines and almost textures in this piece. Along the front, the large opening portion appears to have some sort of curved pattern throughout the shape, giving the opening a texture of stone. The street also has the exact same curved pattern visible. The line work in the housing…

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  • Green Castle Challenge: The Challenges Of A Green Lifestyle

    Green Lifestyle Healthy Living Green Castle Challenge In case you’ve always wondered what ZIWIRA means, it is “green castle”. Today we’re challenging you to turn your home into your very own green castle. You don’t have to do all of these at the same time, or even at all, but if you need more of a reason to get green, here it is. Any or all of these are completely viable as a permanent lifestyle change, but are also good as an occasional way to get yourself thinking more about the environment…

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  • Mucky Green Fish Short Story

    Once upon a time a little mucky green fish was born into a loving family. In fact they were very famous fish for their beauty. They sat upon the best coral colored reef, they were given the best fish food, and their water was always warmed from the big bright yellow sun. They were treated like royalty...Well that was before the little green fish was born. You see the other fish had never seen a fish like little Benny. His scales looked as if they had been scraped by a rough rock, his scales…

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  • Gree Green Architecture: Sustainable Building And Green Building

    Green architecture is an approach to building, also known as green building or construction or even sustainable building has become more popular in the last 25 to 30 years, is the practice of creating an environmentally responsible that has the structure and resource effect throughout a building lifestyle from design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstruction. Green building are designed to make the classical buildings concern about the economy, utility, durability and…

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  • Case Study Of Officer Green And Officer John

    Officer Green will represent the best friend of fifteen years to Officer Johnny. Officer Johnny will represent himself, the police officer who is working an unauthorized security job with a firm. Officer Green and Officer Johnny are both assigned to work patrol on the midnight shift and have been together through thick and thin over the last fifteen years. In the scenario provided Officer Johnny is described as being a great police officer, who gives back to the community regularly. Officer…

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  • Green Tea Essay

    Especially sencha and other delicate green tea. Instead, bring water to a boil then let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Water temp should be around 60-80 C. The optimum brewing temperature for Gyokuro is 50 -60 C and Sencha is 70-90 C. For Bancha, Genmaicha and Houjicha is 100 C. The second step is put roughly 2 teaspoonfuls of tea leaves into a teapot. The best quality for Gyokuro is about 10g, Sencha is 8g. For Bancha, Genmaicha and Houjicha is 9g. After that, pour the hot water from the…

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  • Effects Of The Green Revolution

    Introduction Green revolution is the dispersal of modern agricultural technologies which contributed significantly to the increase of crops production in developing countries in the mid of the 20th century from the 1960s to 1980s, to meet the challenge of the possibilities of starvation due to the increase in the human population and the and the unavailability of food (Wu & Butz, 2004). From then to now cereal production has increased by 200% with a mere 30% increase in land under cultivation…

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  • Capitalism And The Green Revolution

    Malthusian theory indicates the exponential growth of the global population will exceed the production of agriculture, thus influencing legislative and technological innovation, in order to frame the profit-seeking motiving through a humanitarian lense to gain support. Technology has the potential to become very useful to address issues such as food insecurity and malnutrition, but has been dominated by a motive of promoting efficiency and profit. The rise of the green revolution brought about…

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  • Environmentalism And Green Capitalism

    mechanisms. Since the 1950’s, American environmentalists introduced eco-friendly ideas; however, they came a long way in accepting green capitalism (eco-capitalism). Before environmentalists acknowledged the idea of green capitalism they experimented on some successful and non-successful methods. Some of which include…

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  • The Importance Of Green Roofs

    Green roofs are a new system of city design. It has more important effect of development. "The industry 's growing like crazy," says Rowe. "(In) 2002, there were actually less than 50 green roofs in north America. Now there are more than 10,000" (Nolin 20). Above all, when the shortage of urban surface green element, green roofs can be used as green infrastructure of the city, for the city to increase benefits. These interventions include relieving urban heat island effects, reducing energy…

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