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  • Silence In Novels

    The Peculiarities of Words, Their Meanings, and Their Place in Novels The contrast between the usage of words and silence in these novels creates two separate ideas of how language works within a novel. As Woolf states in “Craftmanship,” “It is words that are to blame. They are the wildest, freest, most irresponsible, most unteachable of all things… But words do not live in dictionaries; they live in the mind” and that is why there is such a radically different approach to them in these two novels (Selected Essays, 89). Words are fickle and can be used multiple ways. “At the first reading the useful meaning… is conveyed; But soon as we sit looking at the words they shuffle, they change,” and they change within these novels by how they are…

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  • Dystopian Novels

    The book I have chosen is “1984” by George Orwell. I have always been interested in dystopian novels, I like getting transported into these crazy worlds, where the weak points of our society come out and burst and 1984 is the dystopian novel par excellence. I read both the English and the Italian version, I saw the movie but I did not enjoy it as much as the book. The thing I like the most about George Orwell’s masterpiece is the atmosphere: the very first page of the book drives us into the…

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  • Symbolism In Novels

    Symbolism in novels can show you what’s really hiding in between the lines. In George Orwell’s “1984” and Allan Moores’ “V for Vendetta”, they both contain points of symbolism that are similar and different to each other. From V’s assortment of roses and Winston’s glass paperweight, these symbols have a major role in the story by affecting the characters, setting, and other elements. The symbols also affect the theme(s) which overall can change the book’s meaning. In Orwell's "1984,"…

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  • What Is A Postmodernist Novel

    ‘The French Lieutenant's Woman’ is a postmodernist novel, which embodies a Victorian novel in which a battle between modern and conventional qualities takes place. Fowles presents this fight through the two women that Charles falls in love: Sophia Woodruff and Ernestina Freeman. In fact the entire book is based on different antithesis regarding diverse characteristics. First of all, the most emphasised contrast is between Sophia and Ernestina. One represents the past and the present which is…

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  • Cell Novel Studies

    Cell Novel Study “‘Prop the door open for him,’ Alice said - the new and harder Alice, who seemed more decisive by the minute.” (King, 107 ) When analyzing the novel Alice-a young 15 year old girl, is introduced as timid and scared, her mother has just attempted to take her life she has also just murdered a cab driver, while speaking in an inaudible language. Alice for obvious reasons is overwrought when the main character clay and his comrade Tom find her. She…

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  • The Lowland Novel Analysis

    Monopolization of female psyche in The Lowland by Jumpha Lahiri. Abstract : The Lowland is the second novel by Indian-American author Jhumpa Lahiri. It deals with a mother in Diaspora, Gauri, and her daughter ,Bela. Human character and their attitude to life are defined and revoluted by surroundings and circumstances in which they live.The transformation of their psyches are processed by such factors .This transformation have been critiqued in this paper. Gauri goes…

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  • Essay On Spy Novels

    life in the place the you work on or still doing your job and make your country proud of you. That is a life of a spy, an intelligent person that serve for the country in silence to get the very important for their country to win the battle. Thanks for the spy novel that brought us the sight of the spy life. Especially during cold war, the rising of the…

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  • The Immigrant Novel Analysis

    Manju Kapur’s fourth novel The Immigrant (2008) is a story of two immigrants, Nina and Ananda. Manju Kapur chose Canada as the background for her novel The Immigrant and discusses the Indian diaspora in Canada. The novel explores the issues of cultural conflict, alienation, dislocation of Indian culture, diaspora and quest for identity. It reflects the loneliness and the search of self being experienced by the immigrants. The beginning of the novel poses the identity issues of the immigrants by…

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  • Hatchet Novel Analysis

    Setting (Helena Kim) Originally in Hatchet, Brian lands in the Canadian Wilderness. However in Abandoned, Britney would land in the desert. Desert is hostile place to survive for human or either animals. It has lack of vegetation, water and has barren landscape. This would make the audience to wonder, ‘how would a young girl survive in a desert?’ The harsh environment of the desert would create more tense than a Canadian Wilderness. Also for most of the teenagers, desert is an abstract place…

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  • Frankenstein Novel Analysis

    REVIEW OF MARY SHELLY’S FRANKENSTEIN NOVEL Frankenstein analysis bases upon Mary Shelley's ability to employ contemporary science, which is portrayal symbol of dire consequences of its nature. She stands against the intrigues of science which attempts to control nature by revealing the effects of reproduction experiment in exclusion of female by Victor (Shelly 21). The above situation compromises the quality role of a woman in stewarding companion reproduction. The incapacitated…

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