NSA warrantless surveillance controversy

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  • Citizenfour Film Summary

    public. He talked about how the National Security Agency was lying to people in the Congress about how much they can intercept through the conversations they had with foreign affairs. After multiple meetings, Snowden finally released his identity in June. He was wanted in the United States and being overseas in Hong Kong did not help the government. Snowden was smart to apply for the refugee status with the United Nations Commissioner of the Refugees. He started to escape Hong Kong when he heard they were trying to send him back. There a multiple people who are in this movie such as Glenn Greenwild, the investigative journalist, Ewen MacAskill, the intelligence reporter, and William Binney, the highly intelligent official. He spoke about the NSA reports and programs.…

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  • Why Is Privacy Important

    amendment has been a representation of right to privacy. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 relates to the fourth amendment because the advancement of technology means the government does not have to physically conduct surveillance personally as before. In a broader perspective, this law can be seen as legal because it does not directly affect people’s personal life. However, it is no different than invading people’s home like British soldiers did in the early 1600’s since people…

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  • Colin Kaepernick's Definition Of Freedom In The United States

    Snowden was a former CIA officer, as well as an NSA contractor. In 2013, Snowden released private information about the government electronically tracking the actions of American citizens. He disclosed thousands of documents, informing the public of government surveillance, believing that people should be free to act without always being watched. Consequently, the public became informed, and as a result, government surveillance was banned. This shows that people should not need be constantly…

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  • Axciom's Argument For Mass Surveillance

    Who wouldn’t spend a couple billion dollars if it meant that acts like 9/11 or large massacres could be avoided? Proponents of mass surveillance claim that they do just that. If systems like the NSA actually had a positive track record of doing this there may be far less retaliation to their disobedient methods. In 2013, a government review began on these surveillance programs and “That winter, a panel set up by Obama to review the NSA 's operations concluded that the agency had stopped no…

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  • Summary: The Insider Threat Program

    authorization first. After Snowden 's release of leaked documents, the Insider Threat Program became more intense. Government officials are no longer allowed to speak to the press about unclassified matters, such as their own personal opinions about current events. In the past, journalists could keep their government sources secret so that they would not have to face punishment. However, that is impossible for journalists to do nowadays because of the magnitude of NSA 's programs. The NSA can…

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  • Is Edward Snowden A Hero

    Is Edward Snowden the "Hero of Our Time" or is he the "Traitor if Our Generation"? This paper is going to bring this topic to a final conclusion. Listing below will be facts, news reports, and general social media opinions that have been sweeping across the internet. It will also include facts from NSA reports from Snowden’s email. All brought together to show if Snowden is indeed a hero, traitor, or none of the above. For starters, who is Edward Snowden and what exactly is he being accused of.…

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  • Tranquility & Mosaics In The Fourth Amendment Summary

    The National Security Agency’s (NSA) collection of metadata has been questioned on constitutional grounds. Specifically, the NSA’s actions have been argued to conflict with the Fourth Amendment of the constitution, which states that all citizens are free from being subjected to any unreasonable searches or seizures initiated by the government. Proponents of the NSA’s collection of metadata believe that it is a crucial tool in preventing potential terrorist attacks, while opponents of the program…

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  • NSA Surveillance Pros And Cons

    and has since then been reauthorized multiple other times (NSA Surveillance). The powers and responsibilities of the National Security Agency were also drastically altered to fit the needs of a new era in this nation. The Patriot Act The Patriot Act granted the national government more authority and enforcement in order to protect the country against terrorism (Mockaitis). A main goal of this legislature was to give the government faster…

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  • Internet Privacy Report

    According to President Barack Obama, throughout our nation’s history, people were spied on for the sake of national security. He claims that people who are not a threat to national security were not spied on (Obama). Not only is it a possibility that the government is spying on its own people, but the internet and certain corporations are gathering data on its users. When a user searches a topic on the internet, information is collected on the user. People who run the search engine might claim…

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  • Film Analysis Of Citizenfour

    Film Analysis of Citizenfour (2014) Citizenfour, a documentary directed by an independent filmmaker named Laura Poitras, scrutinizes secret government surveillance programs after a former employee of the NSA named Edward Snowden decided to reveal certain surveillance programs that violate the privacy of American citizens. To affirm that the United States government consistently violates the privacy of American citizens by intercepting their personal communications and unlawfully spying on them…

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