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  • Characteristics Of A Great Fiction

    What Makes a Great Fiction Novel? The writers who enjoy writing fiction novels have a challenge to deal with that non-fiction writers do not. Whereas non-fiction writers have a fact based story that is supported, no matter how crazy it may sound to some, writers of fiction make take an idea that is purely a fiction of their imagination and make it real. The characters must stand out, the story must be interesting, and it must be able to make a person feel as though they are part of the story in some way. Otherwise, instead of being on the bestselling fiction novel list, you will end up with a book that no one wants to read or publish. That is why before you ever put pen to paper, you need to discover what makes a great fiction novel. Otherwise, you will be setting yourself, and your potential readers, up for failure. Your Characters Should Shine In a fictional novel, characters are not someone you can see and know a little backstory on before you pick up the book. When writing fiction, you cannot assume that your reader knows about the characters, but the characters needs to be able…

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  • Comparison Of Fiction And Fiction In Hard Times By Charles Dickens

    fact rather than fiction, but there is also much to be said about the merits of storytelling in these social commentaries. Reason and fantasy do not have to be separate to make an effective and compelling case. Fiction can aid the truth by putting emphasis on certain aspects of it, modeling what could be, and eliciting an emotional response from the audience. In the works The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, An Essay on the Principle of Population by Thomas Robert Malthus,…

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  • Example Of Esscapism In Fiction

    Escapism in Fiction Escapism occurs when someone tries to distract or relieve their mind from reality, especially by entertainment or engaging in fantasy. Fictional works appeal to many audiences because they give people the ability to escape reality. Although escapism is not the only reason that people like fictional stories, it is often considered as one of the leading reasons. Wanting to escape from a repetitive life and being entertained, wanting to control mood, and wanting to do something…

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  • Good Fiction Themes

    Even before the invention of the book, storytelling has been used for generations to preserve a culture, to pass down knowledge and to educate. However, how that story was told is crucial. If the narrative was boring, then it will be forgotten by the next generation, possibly retold to the teller’s liking. But if the story made and told well, then it will last for year. That is why in order to write a successful fiction, it needs to have a compelling theme, engrossing setting, and realistic…

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  • Walton, S Expretation In Kendall Walton's Fiction And Non-Fiction

    In his well-known article “Fiction and Non-fiction”, Kendall Walton introduces his theory of fiction as a game of make believe, in which representational art can be presumed as props that impose specific imaginings. Furthermore, Walton’s 1978 paper “Fearing Fictionally” addresses the paradox of fiction i.e. how can we be moved by things that do not exist in the case of fiction? The following paper will critically assess how Walton’s position in ‘Fearing Fictionally’ is related to his argument in…

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  • Science Fiction Writing: Fiction Or Prediction?

    Science Fiction Writing: Fiction or Prediction? Much like a window into our future’s worst nightmares, the science fiction genre allows one to get that “based on a true story” horror movie feel for what could happen to the world we know. The books and stories that fall upon this category are not supposed to be a foolproof, flawless prediction of the daily lives of future generations, but do often hold some truth in the erratic world of tomorrow since they are frequently based on real events.…

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  • Realistic Fiction In The Plain Janes

    Castellucci, Cecil. The Plain Janes. DC Comics, 2007. Realistic Fiction, Ages 12-18. This is a graphic novel about a transfer student named Jane thinks her life is over when she is forced to move from Metro City to Suburbia because of a terrorist’s bomb. She finds herself drawn to three other girls named Jane who are unpopular in different ways. The four of them make art attacks on the city under the guise of their secret art club and later go on an adventure painting the town P.L.A.I.N.-…

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  • Patterns And Trends In Climate Fiction

    as climate fiction has come into fruition ever since scientist have brought to our attention the occurrence of a human induced climate change. Climate fiction has been a hard film category to define, and an even harder genre to critique. A historical analysis of climate fiction is legitimate though the time period climate fiction in film covers is only 40 years. Its legitimacy spurs from climate fiction being a public response to a problem and also the fact that it drives others to make a…

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  • The Connection Between Fiction And The Imagination

    The Connection between Fiction and the Imagination Reading a story to your child, spouse or reading alone sometimes release a sense of adventure, depending on the story. Many individuals use stories to learn their history, talk about their experiences, or to fantasize about a world beyond the one they live in. It does not matter why individuals decide to read, as long as the story changes some part of them by the end of the story. Stories are used to open minds of individuals that are unable to…

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  • The Heptapods: Themes In Science Fiction

    The written word has been used not just for mere entertainment but as mean of expression when speaking is not possible. It is used to express joy, tragedies, horror, as well as uncertainty. Depending on the inclinations of the writer, he will choose the genre to express himself about a specific topic. For instance, some authors that are interested in writing about the future choose science fiction because it deals with what would happen to the human race after reaching the top of technological…

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