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  • Personal Narrative-Tom's The Fiddler Crab Catcher

    Tom’s the Fiddler Crab Catcher One late afternoon, as I looked out from a large window where I work, I saw this raggedy white van pulling into the parking lot. As It park towards the north side of the lot, I noticed the AC unit protruding from the back door. My attention changed as a customer came in I greeted him and, as usual with his nasty attitude he said “Newport one hundred on a box, a blue game and the rest on pump 5”. He dangled the bundled up twenty-dollar bill on the counter, revolved around and walked away towards the wrong exit, I said. “The other door Sir, thanks! have a nice day.” Tom, a seasonal fiddler catcher returns to town for another exciting season. Here we go, once again more drama, more inventions, a new style. I turned around to get a carton of Newport to restock the rack, I heard a voice “Is the coffee fresh?” Before I rotated…

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  • Horseshoe Beach Research Paper

    scallops, five crab legs, and a side of hushpuppies. At Lily Creek General Store, you can buy a large shrimp po boy that more than satisfies your appetite. Lily Creek is really truly a general store, they sell everything form ice cream to hunting knives, and their shop also doubles as a restaurant. This little store provides you with all the necessities: tooth paste, milk, fishing rods, knives, hats, ice cream. And on top of that there is no end to the good food, pancakes truly the size of a…

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  • Fishing Short Story

    Apprehensively daring to ask, “How many crabs will we catch?” Dr. Edwards replied, “We are allowed ten per person, so fifty.” Mauricio who had only been left with two in his catch nervously observed Dr. Edwards and commented, “You make all this look and sound so easy!” Dr. Edwards mentioned, “I have been doing this since I was a boy with my father. It’s now second nature to clamp the claw with one smooth swoop, just pick him up and drop him in the live well like this.” Rigid Mauricio…

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  • My Relationship With Nature Essay

    presentations, about rainforests and rainforest animals. I did my presentation on the King Cobra and made a scale model snake out of foam pipe. I named it Arthur. During Second grade, I also wrote a paper on camouflage in the natural world. This was done in creative writing, and took most of the year to complete. Till this day I still wish I had a copy of it. And then of course, I would be amiss to not mention the cabin. Located in Gig Harbor the cabin was built out on the water, strutting out…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Crab Hole

    Crab Hole As I walked along the road, excitement coursing through me, I started to get closer to the beach. I took in everything around me, the sand already digging into my feet, the mountain in the distance, covered with lush green trees and full of vibrant colorful flowers. I could smell the scent of salt in the air, watching the rolling waves of blue, clear water. I breathed in the fresh air and said to myself, ”This is what Hawaii smells like.” This was because I was in Hawaii. My whole…

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  • The H-2B Vagrant Worker

    businesses to supplement their current work power with makeshift remote specialists who are enrolled and utilized to do work that is not agricultural. H-2B managers possess the capacity to supplant their local work force with ones comprising totally of remote workers. For example, in the article "Dissected: The Hidden Struggles Of Migrant Worker Ladies In The Maryland Crab Industry" published by American University Washington College of Law International Human Rights Law Clinic, it is stated…

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  • Blobfish-Personal Narrative

    to the center of the reef. Melissa yells “ Wait for me, you pilots!” Melissa starts coughing hard, trying to catch up to them. But stops in a coughing fit. Bob starts to look worried, while Sarah looks scared. Sarah said “ What’s happening to Mommy?” Melissa comfirms them that she is okay. They go at a slower pace so Melissa can keep up. When they finally arrived, they let Sarah go towards the colorful, safe part of the reef while Bob and Melissa talked. Melissa said “ It’s geting worse,…

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  • Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs Essay

    The blue crabs are considered a big topic to be dealt with in the Chesapeake Bay on the East Coast. Blue crabs are considered a great deal in the Chesapeake Bay for food or produce near Maryland and Virginia, so when scientists discovered that the blue crab numbers have dropped significantly to the point where they can’t sustain themselves anymore, there are works in progress to help bring back the blue crabs before they go extinct. Some people and authors have written debates and arguments…

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  • Cultural Culture In Anatevka

    husband for her daughters. Now, this does not seem like much of twenty-first century approach to the roles of women in society, but it is how it is done in Anatevka. Women are there to cook, clean, and take care of their families while the men are there to protect and provide. On a more distinct level, there is a unique segregation of sexes within Anatevka. This segregation primarily has to due with affection within their society. It is looked down upon for two people, not married, to engage in…

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  • Mud Flats Habitat

    Mud flats are a vital type of marine habitat that provide several different functions for various marine invertebrates. They provide both permanent and temporary homes to small invertebrates including several species of worms, crabs, snails, and other benthic fauna. These organisms are responsible for the breakdown of organic materials often deposited here, as well as filling the role of prey for many predators that hunt in the shallow waters (Dyer et al., 2000). Mud flats are most often…

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