Fidel Castro

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  • Fidel Castro Influence

    Fidel Castro 's Effect On Cuba Fidel Castro was born in Cuba near the city of Biran, about 750 kilometers from the capital, Havana. Around 30 years after his birth, Castro and a group of men overthrew the previous dictator, Fulgencio Batista, through the use of guerilla warfare. From this point on, Fidel Castro was considered the new leader of Cuba. Castro had a strong belief in the use of communism within his country. These beliefs lead to a stable relationship with Russia, at the same time, a very rugged relationship with America. As life went on and tensions grew the Cuban Missile Crisis was created. Fidel and his government had allowed the Russians to plant nuclear weapons on their island, aimed towards the United States. In the Bay Of…

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  • Fidel Castro Relationship

    with the Soviet Union during the Cold War ultimately helped Fidel Castro become the Head of State in Cuba. After Cuba became a communist country their relationship with the Soviet Union was mutually beneficial because they were able to access goods together they would not have been able to obtain on their own. In fact, both became more powerful as a result of their relationship through exchanging goods and strategically helping to position one another. Although Cuba and the Soviet Union…

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  • Fidel Castro Reflection

    The reading from this class have helped me put those two assessments of the life of the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, into perspective by allowing me understand how certain events that happened around the world. They help me see the impacted that Castro had on the life of Cubans. I had been exposed to The Cold War and some of the events related to Cuba like the Bay of Pigs and the Cuban Missile Crisis but, that was a while back. So, if I tried to put these two assessments into perspective before…

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  • Weaknesses Of Fidel Castro

    Since 1898, Cuba has been subject to the imperialistic exploitations of the colossus of the north, where the animosity towards the formerly harsh and tyrannical, Batista rule was inextricably allied with a repulsion for the degree to which US investment subjugated Cuban economy. It is evident, that the Cubans had experienced an epoch of repression and despotism, however, after the swift topple of Batista’s regime in 1959, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, altered Cuba into a successful state-orientated…

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  • Fidel Castro Analysis

    Castro revolutionized the Caribbean country to what we know today. After taking power, Castro abolished legal discrimination, brought electricity to the countryside, provided for full employment and advanced the causes of education and health care, in part by building new schools and medical facilities. (“Fidel Castro.") Although, he gave the people their needs, he also subdued them to no outside influence such as political expression, freedom of speech, nor free elections. As Cuba’s relation…

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  • Fidel Castro Memo Analysis

    Hearing Fidel Castro piece together a conversation with a reporter in English after visit to United Nations in the US on Youtube is quite a treat. He struggles to brave hostile questions with a limited English vocabulary and a thick Cuban accent. He is asked if he is a communist and tells the reporter to wait for the history, “the history will tell what we are.” (Fidel Castro after Visit to United Nations in the U.S., 1960) This memo will be an analysis of Castro’s contradictory interactions…

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  • Fidel Castro: A Disobedient Kid

    Communist leader of Cuba but before Fidel Castro was the leader of Cuba he was just a child like everyone else. Fidel Castro led a very interesting childhood. Fidel was known as the type of kid that would be known as a very rambunctious, disobedient kid. Fidel grew up as a very spoiled child. He did what he wanted when he wanted. Fidel Castro, as a child, has been distinguished to be serious, hateful and mean, but he was really just a boy who was trying to find out who he really is. On August…

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  • Fidel Castro Propaganda Poster

    for men, women, and children. This poster accurately depicts the events as they occurred leading up to the occupation of Cuba by Fidel Castro and his freedom fighters. In order to better understand the propaganda poster it is necessary to know the historical significance and the main…

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  • Fidel Castro Changes In Cuba

    country to get away from a dictator? Cuba was always originally ruled by the Spaniards, and always had many conflicts like any other country, but Castro has been by far the worst thing to happen to Cuba. In 1950, Cuba endured a big change, life in Cuba became very different after Fidel Castro came into the picture. He started a revolution! Castro would imprison and kill those who disagreed with him. Many Cubans thought this revolution would only last for months; no more than a couple years.…

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  • Fidel Castro: The Cuban Revolution

    Fidel Castro Fidel Castro came into the World on August 13, 1926 (Fidel Castro). He was born out of wedlock (Fidel Castro:Cuba’s Revolutionary leader). His father was named Angel and his mother was named Lina. His mother was at one point his father 's maid. (Fidel Castro:Cuba’s Revolutionary Leader). He was born in Biran a tiny town in eastern Cuba. In his younger years he was an amazing baseball player (Fidel Castro). A little bit later in his life he enrolled to be a law student at the…

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