Field-programmable gate array

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  • Techificial Intelligence Case Study

    FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array, the basic principle is the integration of a large number of digital circuits and memory within the FPGA chip, and users burned into the FPGA configuration file to define the connection between the digital circuits and memory. This burn is not permanent, means that the user can configure the FPGA to a microcontroller MCU, and can edit the configuration file making the same FPGA an audio codec tommorrow. ASIC stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit, once the design and manufacture is complete the circuit is fixed and can not be…

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  • Heart Rate Variability

    abnormalities in voluminous data collected. Hence, HR variation analysis (instantaneous HR against time axis) has become a popular noninvasive tool for assessing the activities of the autonomic nervous system. Computer based analytical tools for in-depth study of data over daylong intervals can be very useful in diagnostics. Therefore, the HRV signal parameters, extracted and analyzed using computers, are highly useful in diagnostics. 4. Justification: - Help the doctors and other medical…

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  • VLSI Manufacturing Case Study Notes

    part of the design in other chips this can spread the design cost and this is the primary motivation for the rise of IP-based design, which creates modules that can be reused in many different designs. TYPES OF CHIPS The standard parts predominance pushed the problems of building customized systems back to the board-level designers who uses the standard parts. If the function were built with custom designed ICs, designers tended to build smaller, simpler systems that require less components…

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  • Persuasive Essay: Should Drones Be Banned?

    Students at Harvard and MIT were recently funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation to develop a drone to distribute vaccines and medications to people in hard to reach areas. (Gates Foundation) The idea that such a strategy can realistically be implemented effectively is heartwarming, because if successful this project hopes to “prevent more than 11 million deaths, 3.9 million disabilities, and 264 million illnesses by 2020 through high, equitable, and sustainable vaccine coverage and…

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  • Von Neumann Architecture And The EDVAC

    Architecture itself. The von Neumann machine is designed to be a general purpose machine but different types of operations require different type of hardware to be carried out efficiently. Therefore, specialized hardware does not suffer from von Neumann bottleneck. However, when specialized hardware is used, the whole concept of a general purpose machine is lost. FPGA’s (Field programmable Gate Arrays) are a type of hardware that can be reprogrammed with a simple change in memory data. They work…

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  • Nvidia Case Study

    risks. His exact words? “The new normal for Intel is that we are going to take more risks.” There’s not a lot of ambiguity there. But what, pray tell, might that mean to someone who’s still on the fence with INTC stock? Truth be told, a second read of Krzanich’s note and a thorough inspection of the Intel news headlines for 2017 largely points to what Krzanich has in mind when he talks about risk-taking. One of those risks is the rollout of a (long overdue) 10 nm processor chip, which should…

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