Gun politics in the United States

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  • The Second Amendment: The Right To Bear Arms

    adopted in 1791, was constructed so each state maintained a militia, composed of everyday citizens who served as part time soldiers which were well regulated. People feared the federal government would use its standing army to go against its will on the states, the authors of the second amendment intended to protect the states militias’ right to bear arms. Some will claim the amendment protects the general public. Among industrial nations, the United States is the leader in per-capita gun deaths. Gun control laws serve as several functions. “They may be designed to hinder certain people from gaining access to any firearms. The laws may limit possession of certain types of weapons to the police and the military. A person who wants to make a gun purchase or obtain a gun license may be subject to a waiting period. Gun-control laws vary from country to country.” In the United States, there’s a severe lack of agreement on gun control which has led to a variety of…

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  • Want Gun Control By Hahrie Hanoct Analysis

    argument being analyzed in this paper is titled, “Want Gun Control? Learn from the N.R.A.” written by Hahrie Hanoct. I will be doing a reconstruction of this argument based on the following premises. Premise 1: Many people involved in the Anti-abortion group and NRA (National Rifle Association) do not believe in the movement but joined for reasons often personal that are not tied to the movement Premise 2: People involved in certain movements or groups such as the NRA or Anti-abortion are…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

    American Gun Control The US has a gun violence problem it’s usually most talked about often after a mass shooting but it’s much larger and more complicated than that. Gun deaths in the United States are higher than deaths from AIDS, drugs, wars and terrorism combined. Still think America doesn’t need stricter gun laws? This issue is dividing our community. Some people argue our constitutional right to bear arms and there is no need to increase gun control. Others contend for stricter gun laws…

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  • Why Gun Owners Are Right To Fight Against Gun Control

    Gun Control During recent elections the Second Amendment was at the center of many political debates. Anti-gun politicians used the horrible examples of recent school shootings and terrorist acts such as the Florida night club shooting to scare people into increasing gun control. On the other hand, pro-Second Amendment politicians used scare tactics of losing the right to bear arms and the fear to not be able to fight if need be, to try to win votes. A deeper understanding of the…

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  • Should Gun Laws Be Strict Essay

    October 2016 Should Gun Laws Be More Strict The 1791 Constitutional second amendment of the United States of America allowed that people can have the capability to keep and bear firearms (Spitzer). Gun laws and restrictions are different in various states across America and also among other countries. Some countries do not even allow anybody to own a gun unlike in America where the second amendment allow the people of USA to own guns. Nevertheless, there has been controversies and discussions…

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  • Gun Control: The Second Amendment To The United States

    Gun Control Amber N. Arnold American Politics 210 Dr. Rob Mellen 12/30/15 Gun Control 1 The Second Amendment to the United States recites that citizens have the right to possess and bear arms. The constitution was signed on September 17, 1789 and federalists declared that the new government would only have a finite amount of power delegated…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Stricter Gun Control

    Some opponents of tougher gun control legislation say that criminal activity is very likely to occur when there is no force of protection present between a criminal and a defenseless target. Criminals will prefer to commit their diabolical acts in highly populated “gun free” zones, where citizens are not armed and are subjected to the villain’s will. According to John Lott Jr., former chief economist for the U.S. Sentencing Commission, every mass shooting since 1977, other than the 2011 Tucson…

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  • Gun Sales And Gun Control Essay

    Gun sales and gun control Name Institution Guns and crime tend to be used synonymously. But are the two different aspects really associated? Do guns really cause crime and if they do are there laws governing gun sales, usage and control? These are some of the questions that pop up when tackling the issue of gun sales and control. The debate on the same topic is not something new. In 1924, Robert La Follete, who was a presidential candidate, stated that it was the American people’s…

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  • The Beliefs And Effects Of Gun Control

    With praises for an oligarchy government, a government with all power, the Greek philosopher Plato favored the withdrawal of arms from citizens and desired the holding of weapons to be enforced in his state. He was also known for his preference of imposing obligatory military training and having military operations once a month, as mentioned by Earl R. Kruschke in his book Gun Control: A Reference Handbook. The policies that Plato once respected are much like policies that are in place and are…

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  • Politics Yesterday Today And Tomorrow Analysis

    Politics - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow 1. The principle difference between of the liberties and rights. Both words appear in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. The capability between the two has reliably been clouded, and today the thoughts are routinely used on the other hand. In any case, they do suggest different sorts of guaranteed securities. Common freedoms are protections against government activities. Social equality, on the other hand, imply positive moves of…

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