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  • Essay On Normal Flora

    Normal flora is the colonisation of human tissues by a diverse mixture of microorganisms. This colonisation begins at birth with pioneer species, depending on physiochemical factors. The normal flora inhibits the skin, oral cavity, upper respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital and conjunctival membranes. They are commensal bacteria; getting shelter and nourishment from the host without causing harm (Gould, 2012). To a healthy individual, most normal flora is harmless, however some have pathogenic potential and to a compromised individual can cause infection and mortality. This pathogenic potential of the normal flora leads to a personal conclusion that it does pose the greatest risk of infectious disease due to the constant exposure to these opportunistic pathogens. There are many opportunities for the normal flora to cause infection, through medical introduction by a catheter giving direct link to the urinary tract or bloodstream, through a weakened immune system or even the smallest breach in the skin such as a paper cut. Endogenous infection is the translocation of microorganisms from one area to a more vulnerable site. If normal flora is moved from one site of the body to another it can…

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  • Crash Dieting Case Study

    dieting has to the commensal microbial community within the gut of crash-dieters. These microorganisms of the human gut microbiome are deeply involved in human metabolism, and hence, human health and wellness. This…

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  • Intestinal Microbiota Essay

    living in the gut it is called intestinal flora although it is now called intestinal microbiota, the human intestinal tract is home to a diverse and complex microbial community that plays a central role in human health, it is estimated that our gut contains the range of 1000 bacterial species and 100 times more genes found in the human genome The composition of our intestinal flora is formed during embryonic development and can be modified by factors such as diet of pregnant women, breastfeeding…

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  • Microbiota Research Paper

    Microbiota are microscopic organisms such as viruses, bacteria, archaea, and eukaryotes that influence human health through a commensal interaction. Location of microbiota can be internal or external such as the gut, mouth, placenta, skin, and vagina. These microbes are classified into four major phyla: Firmicutes, Bacteriodetes, Actinobacteria, and Proteobacteria. Microorganisms in the Firmicute phylum are typically Gram positive bacteria, either rod-shaped or spherical and function as obligate…

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  • Summary: The Gastrointestinal Microbiome

    digestive tract has its own specific colonization of bacteria specific to that anatomical area. In mammals, the predominant bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract changes depending on the location: 1) Teeth- Streptococci and lactobacilli; 2) Mucous Membranes- Streptococci and lactic acid bacteria; 3) Pharynx- Streptococci, neisseria, and gram negative rods and cocci; 4) Stomach- Helicobacter pylori; 5) Small intestine-lactics, enterics, enterococci, and bifdobacteria; 6) Colon- lactic acid…

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  • Microbiome Research Paper

    What is the relationship between oral and gut microbiome and arthritis disease? The term microbiome or microbiota is defined by Joshua Lederberg (scientist worked in genetic microbiome); these organisms are found in the skin or mucus membrane. They have the ability to extract the necessary energy to stay live. The host utilizes them for digestion, production of nutrients, removal of toxins, attacks on pathogens and to strengthen the immune system (Scher and Abramson, 2011). The Human…

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  • Brandy Lauder Case Study

    Normal flora compete with pathogens for microenvironments (Singh and Kapoor 65). Microbial richness is often an indicator of health, with health adults having a vast, richness of bacterial/microbial diversity where as reduced bacterial diversity have been linked to obesity, immune-related, and inflammatory diseases. These benefits include polysaccharide digestion, immune system development, defense against infections, synthesis of vitamins, fat storage, angiogenesis regulation, and behavior…

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  • Summary Of Body Fat Diet Technique

    The connections made in Ding,et al ,(2010) reinforced a clear understanding of each possible cause of inflammation and the connection of inflammation with high fat diet. Unlike Armougom, et al (2009), the reason of GF mice’s less body fat was stated which provided a clear understanding of the metabolism of less body fat. This information helped in building an explicit comprehension of the research biological mechanism. Ding, et al, (2010) provided beneficial information about the role of…

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  • Role Of Gut Microbiota In Therapeutic Effect Of

    Role of gut microbiota in therapeutic effect of metabolic disorder Diet has been known to regulate the component of intestinal microbes in animal and human subjects. Many trials tried to find out the interaction between the gut microbiota and its host metabolism. They attempted to modulate the dietary to alter different kinds of classical probiotics such as Lactobacillus and Bifobacterium strains and prebiotic for helping to explore the role of gut microbiota in therapeutic effects of metabolic…

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  • Alterations In The Gut Obesity Case Study

    Review: Alterations in the Gut Microbiome caused by Consumption of Non-Digestible Carbohydrates Counteractive Effects on Diet-Induced-Obesity For the first time in human, the number of fatalities related to obesity outnumber those caused by malnutrition (World Health Organization [WHO] 2015). This troubling fact is followed by a second, equally concerning one, that being, for the first time in United States’s history, the next generation is predicted to have a shorter life expectancy than the…

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