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  • Dermoid Ovarian Cyst Case Study

    Dermoid ovarian cysts, or mature cystic teratomas, are a nonfunctional type of cyst that forms on the ovary. This type of cyst is the most common type of germ cell tumor (Mo et al. 2013). This disease was of interest to me because I have had an ovarian cyst before, although mine was a different type, I had similar complications that normally follow a dermoid ovarian cyst. Causes of the disease and symptoms Dermoid ovarian cysts develop when totipotent germ cells become over stimulated in women of childbearing or reproductive years, usually women within twenty to forty years of age. Although some cases have shown women as young as fourteen with a dermoid ovarian cyst (Mo et al. 2013). There is no direct cause for dermoid ovarian cysts. Majority of women have a type of nonfunctional cyst like follicular cysts or corpus luteum cysts that develop on one or both ovaries around their menstrual cycle, however they tend to go away on their own without causing any pain. Totipotent germ cells can cause cells to create, hair, skin, fat, teeth, sebaceous glands, and neural tissue. These contents form a clump like mass. Although dermoid ovarian cysts are rarely cancerous, if they grow too large they can cause serious complications. Many individuals with dermoid ovarian cysts are asymptomatic and find out they have a dermoid cyst during a routine pelvic exam, or during an ultrasound during pregnancy. For individuals that do have symptoms, some may include: abdominal pain, pelvic pain,…

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  • Pcos Case Study

    • PCOS carries with it body changes that may be more troubling for a female than the actual cause of these changes. What body changes may affect the female? How does the nurse practitioner address these with the patient? What education and counseling does the nurse practitioner offer? Patients with Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) have a multispecialty hormonal disorder presenting with irregular menses or anovulatory and body changes resulting from signs of hyperandrogenis such as acne,…

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  • Sample Case Study Of Immunizations

    Case Summary Savannah is a 16-year-old healthy student female who came with her mother for a routine pre-participation softball sports exam. The visit is to promote and establish professional interaction between adolescent patient and healthcare provider. The immunizations are up-to-date and an interview conducted. Unfortunately, during the assessment was revealed that Savannah is engaging in unprotected sex. Therefore, counseling for birth control was given, and Savannah scheduled to return…

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  • Obstetrics/Gynecology Case Study

    The field of obstetrics/gynecology faces many ethical issues as it goes through both some of the most difficult times with patients, as well as the most rewarding times. The ethical stress comes from being put in situations such as abortion, STI’s, uninformed patients, financial issues, rape, incest, or unwanted pregnancies. With all of these issues, how do health care providers in obstetrics/gynecology properly approach situations such as these without making ethical violations? To help with…

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  • Senior Portfolio

    Which allow bachelor degree to pre-medicine track to prepare for medical school course such as, genetics and physics. Medical school for the first two year is laboratories such as practicing diagnose and delivery and last two year are hand on under supervised by obstetrics and gynecology in hospital and clinic. While be in program of residency rotation in both area in obstetrics during pregnancy and gynecology after pregnancy and counseling female on safe hygiene’s. However after meeting all…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of A Male OB-GYN

    main instruments in this study. They would be working on the construction of the data gathering materials as well as the collection of information and further analysis on the data. The information was obtained from the key participants who are licensed male OB-GYN. The material which was used in material used in gathering information was an in-depth interview guided by a questionnaire structured to yield information useful for the study. 2.2. Sampling Procedure The researchers used the…

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  • Left Ear: Case Study

    She uses Sprintec. She had been seeing a gynecologist in Massachusetts, but now is either looking for her gynecology up in Maine, where she is living or would like to do her care here. She has had no problems with the birth control pill. No side effects to it at all and is pleased with the pill that she is on. She would like to get a three month supply, if possible. She is just about due for her physical, pelvic and Pap smear and would be willing to get those records for…

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  • Primiparas Case Study

    related literature of current study local &international, using text books, articles and scientific magazines .Then the tool was prepared based on this literature and it was reviewed for validation by supervisors. Pilot study After preparation of the questionnaire, it was pretested on 10% of cases (52) postpartum women to test the clarity of the questions and to detect any further problems or difficulties that help in making the necessary modification. There wasn't any modification on the tool…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Facilitator

    establish existing knowledge and build on it. Timekeeping, following an agenda, and evaluating group dynamics are all skills of a facilitator. I did know my objectives as a student by organizing my time. I knew that the basis of medicine was all built by foundation. Learning the location of one nerve in anatomy class set a foundation for neuropathology, which set a foundation for Neurology. I had to use what I learned in Medical School and manage the emotions of all my family members. It was…

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  • Robotic Surgery Research

    Table of Contents Introduction 3 History of Robotics Surgery 4 Applications of Robotic Surgery in the recent years: 5 General Surgery: 5 Cardiothoracic surgery: 5 Cardiology: 5 Colon and Rectal Surgery: 6 Gastroinestinal surgery: 6 Gynecology: 6 Neurosurgery: 6 Pediatrics: 6 Literature Review 6 Disadvantages of Robotic surgery 9 Time 9 Cost 9 References 10 Introduction What is Robotics???? It is a branch of engineering (mechanical, electrical and computer science) that deals with…

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