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  • Essay On Robotic Surgery

    Nicholson Center have created a robotic curriculum. The support of these two grants provides funding for the effort put forth of those participating in all surgical specialties performing robotic surgeries. As mentioned above the number of robotic cases are increasing having the support of leading surgical societies will implement outcomes of measurement and a proper curriculum for training and certification. We are still in the development stages of this emerging technology and there is a lot of information and obstacles to go through as it is implemented over the years Economic Let’s look at an econometric analysis around robotically assisted hysterectomies. There was a study of women who underwent robotic assisted hysterectomy versus women who underwent a laparoscopic hysterectomy. It was concluded the robotic assisted hysterectomy was higher in cost however as the volume increased the cost differential decreased; if the surgeon performed less than 5 cases the robotic assisted surgeries were $1,761 more versus having more than 50 cases the amount declined to $688 (Wright et al, 2014). Above is a bar graph where the blue bars represent robotically assisted and the red bars represent laparoscopic. Graph A is the cost based on previous surgeon volume and the B graph is the cost based on previous hospital volume. The reasoning behind why robotic assisted surgeries are more expensive is based off of a number of factors such as capital cost, maintenance, cost of…

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  • Pre-Op Nursing Case Study

    My first case was a 45-year-old women who presented to the WSC for an abdominal hysterectomy and a cysto-stent placement to be done by Dr. Obritsch, MD. She consented to receiving general anesthesia and had an 18-gauge IV placed into her right hand. She was accompanied by her husband until she was taken into the surgical room. The second case was a 46-year-old women who was to have a vaginal hysterectomy completed by Dr. Hutchens, MD. She opted for the spinal anesthesia versus the general…

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  • Essay On Hysterectomy

    b. Procedure: As far as procedures of hysterectomy are concerned, there are two common approaches used by surgeons, these two approaches are; Abdominal hysterectomy (Open surgery approach) and MIP hysterectomy. [3] Abdominal hysterectomy is an open surgery approach. In this surgery, the surgeon cuts a 5 to 7 inch cut in the belly region and removes uterus or the part of uterus through that cut. The cut is later on sealed. MIP hysterectomy is a Minimal Invasive Procedure (MIP). MIP hysterectomy…

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  • Summary Of Hysterectomy: A Case Study

    during an annual Pap smear. After describing the symptoms she was experiencing to her gynecologist, she underwent a transvaginal ultrasound, which confirmed the presence of the polyps. She also underwent hysteroscopy, so her doctor could gather a polyp sample and send it to the lab to see if it was cancerous. The lab results determined that the polyps were cancerous. Since the cancer was still in the early stages, her gynecologist recommended a hysterectomy to prevent further progression. After…

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  • Case Study: Robotic Hysterectomy

    The patient feels healthy except she is extremely tired of passing large clots for two weeks out of every month. She presently has nearly stopped bleeding. There was a 15 minute discussion on alternatives of retrying the hysteroscopy D&C and performing an endometrial ablation. The option of going to University of Virginia for referral for possible robotic hysterectomy. The patient does not want an IUD at this time. Her exam at the last visit the os of the cervix could not be sounded and was…

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  • Hysterectomy: The Greatest Decision Day Of My Life

    of labor, the shock of hemorrhaging, and the devastation of a hysterectomy. It was August 8, 2007, when the first contractions begin. I was in the middle of getting ready for my eight-hour shift at Kroger's as a bagger. Imagine a nine-month pregnant lady belly so perfectly round bagging your groceries. The pain was so small like a muscle cramp that I ignored it to go about my day. As my day progressed the cramp began to intensify like a splinter festering. By the end of my eight-hour shift,…

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  • Ashley X The Battle Of Growth Attenuation Analysis

    Ashley X: the battle of Growth attenuation Ashley X is nine years-old and is severely disabled due to a disorder called static encephalopathy. Because of this disability her brain is affected leaving her to be physically and cognitively impaired. Ashley’s mindset is the same as a 3-6-month-old baby. To treat her disease her parents decided to use a treatment that’s normally used to stimulate the growth of an individual called Growth Attenuation. Along with the growth attenuation, they decided to…

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  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

    between HRT and breast cancer in menopausal women is very controversial (de Villiers et al., 2013). The incidence of breast cancer in women using combined HRT is more prevalent in lean women with a body mass index less (BMI) than 25 (Hou et al., 2013). The journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), has published results of a recent study of women receiving HRT treatment (Wise, 2013). This study involved 27,000 postmenopausal women aged between 50 and 79. The results from the study…

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  • Nursing Case Study Placenta Percrete

    Normal foetal growth and well-being were noted on arrival. Ultrasound at 33 weeks initially revealed placenta accreta and previa. She was scheduled to have a caesarean section and a total abdominal hysterectomy at 37 weeks. Further ultrasound revealed an anterior placenta which prompted an investigation with MRI of the in-utero foetus and placenta, which revealed placental percreta with invasion of the anterior aspect of the urinary bladder. The urology and gynaecology-oncology surgical teams…

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  • Causes Of Endometriosis

    Retrograde menstruation is one possible cause where the menstrual blood flows back into the fallopian tubes and into the pelvic cavity instead of its normal route out of the body. As the blood flows back into the body, it distributes the endometrial cells contained in the menstrual blood to other organs. Another possible cause is embryonic cell growth where the embryonic cells that line the abdomen and pelvic cavities become endometrial tissue and thus, cause endometriosis to develop. The Mayo…

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