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  • Narrative Essay On Pinky

    Pinky I woke up on the right side of the bed this morning, I don 't know why but I had a feeling that today would be a great day. I was up at eight sharp, I checked on Lyric and decided to throw on my workout clothes and run on the treadmill for a little while before getting my day started. I turned the music on low so I could hear if Lyric called me and got ready to sweat. I was done and sweaty after thirty minutes my butt has gotten so outta shape. I showered and threw on some white booty shorts by PINK, my pink and white polka dot knee high socks, and a matching tank that stopped right above my navel, I wanted to be super comfortable because I was kicking it with my day one today, mommy/daughter day was gonna be in full effect. I made cheese toast and bacon, Lyric’s favorite, for breakfast and took out some chicken breast for lunch. When the bacon was finished I made our plates and went to serve my baby breakfast in bed. We ate and made plans to do our nails and hair after we watched Frozen, Princess and the Frog, and Rio 2, my baby loves those freaking movies and I promised to hide Frozen every…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Privacy And Security

    society are quite expansive, every piece of technology always brings with it concerns and questions. Much like the French Philosopher Paul Virilio who stated, “When you invent the ship, you invent the shipwreck,” [1] the introduction of distributed ways of sharing and storing data have introduced the potential for it to be compromised. The question becomes whether or not the gains outweigh the costs. As a user and future member of the Information Security industry, I would have to say that…

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  • Eleanor Longtooth Character Analysis

    Eleanor Longtooth or Claudius Clatwitt, if one is such a person, then one might suspect a third side. A reality apart. A place parallel to our own. Longtooth theorized that magic itself leaked from this place to ours. She called such soft spots ‘portals’. Clatwitt disagreed on the name, he preferred ‘thresholds’, but agreed on their function. He went on to theorize that thresholds inhabit the ‘tween’, as in places "in between", so that they’re not really one place at all, like a hallway,…

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  • Farming Career Research Paper

    I’ve researched this career because I have been interested in farming since I was little. One day when I was feeding a baby calf and I looked into her eyes, I knew then I wanted a career with farming. I decided to research this career and it makes me want to do this career even more. After researching the career of farmers and farm managers, I have decided to pursue this career. Concerning typical daily tasks, farmers and farm managers are require to do plenty of work everyday. Farmers are…

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  • Conflicts In Marriage In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

    argue; but Elizabeth stepped up by saying, “She wants me dead. I knew all week it would come to this!” John begins to be highly upset because he thinks that isn’t the way things are coming to, when in reality that is what it’s coming to. John committed adultery, and Abigail wants to take Elizabeth’s place as John’s wife. They’re…

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  • Fight Club Case Study

    people in the IT industry and also gave him a good idea by contacting clients about how the IT performance level for them, as he is the new CIO not as loan operator. 2. The Kid was a key player as well by giving Jim Barton an opening lesson figuring out what he can do as new CIO at the Bar. Furthermore taught him how to know when he does not know something. Likewise the Kid told him first in order to be successful leader you will need to know your strengths and weaknesses. In which…

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  • Paraprofessional Roles

    I would make sure that my paraprofessional is well aware of what his or her role are within the classroom and also what they are responsible for and whom. Some roles that they could help take a part in, within the classroom is that they can help find resources to implement within the room, but it is ultimately, me as the teacher’s ultimate decision. It is good to get other ideas too, because they are a part of the room as well. A responsibility, that I could let them know that they are in charge…

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  • Personal Learning Habits

    challenge I think. I feel as though the term “learning” is not just one straight forward definition. If I had to explain it to someone who hasn’t taken this class, my old definition would have been simply any information gathered and stored in the brain through the use of our five senses. Taking this class, and critically reading the text given, has made me realize that my explanation of learning was only partially correct. After conducting a comprehensive analysis of my own personal learning…

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  • Vacation In C. E. Mason's Where In Venezuela

    “¿Dónde no lo puedes encontrar ni devolverlo a EE.UU?” Where you can’t find him or take him back the U.S.? The man reverted to his lie. This answer displeased Roger Nelson who applied more pressure to the man’s wrist. The man grimaced more,“ ¿No se dónde se lo llevaron?” The poor man didn’t know where C.E. Mason was taken. Although a bit more pressure encouraged him to blurt out: “Creo que a Venezuela.” To Venezuela. “¿A que lugar en Venezuela?” Where in Venezuela? “A esta dirección?” the man…

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  • Howard Gardner's Eight Intelligences

    Many people grow up wanting children and starting a family. I didn’t grow up only wanting a family, I grew up wanting a classroom of children as my family. In early childhood education there are many mile stones that children need to be at a certain age. Have you ever wondered where those mile stones came from? Well the different mile stones came from all different people, but the theories behind those mile stones did come from specific people. One of the theorists were Howard Gardner, he came…

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