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  • Individualization Of Climate Change

    The world is in denial, climate change is happening, and the earth is dying because people are killing it. A clear example of this denial is seen in the decline of news coverage regarding environmental change, “in 2007, the three major U.S. networks—CBS, NBC, and ABC ran 147 stories on climate change; in 2011 the networks ran just fourteen stories on the subject” (Klein, 34). People do not want to hear about climate change and decreasing natural resources. Continued denial will be the downfall of human existence if the world population continues on the present path of destruction; positive change to the global footprint must incorporate control of the population, its consumption, and future technological choices. In This Changes Everything Capitalism vs Climate, Naomi Klein presents for the general public a well-supported idea to not only improve climate change, but also create policies to improve lives by creating jobs and reducing the gap between the ultra-rich and the poor. Her ideas are largely presented from an ecological Marxist position. She brings to light in the first few chapters the neoliberal capitalistic society that dominates worldwide and how this societal view conflicts with the environmental movement to improve climate change. In part one of her book she provides simple, easy to understand descriptions of the main causes of climate change, which include: corporate greed, globalization and free market, as well as the involvement of the nation state in…

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  • What If I Shoot The Pat Ehrhart Summary

    The theme of this poem, would be a soldier who thinks of war as beautiful rather than it being a dreadful and sad environment. I would think that the author wrote it in a descriptive style, because he describes what has happened by using tone and imagery. In the first part of the poem, Ehrhart wrote, “What if I didn’t shoot the old lady running away from our patrol, or the old man in the back of the head, or the boy in the marketplace?” (Ehrhart). He uses imagery to paint a picture in your mind…

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  • Regeneration And Border Crossing By Pat Barker: An Analysis

    Abdu Lounici Mr. Grant ENG 4UI Friday December 11 2015 Lending Hand In life, many people commit actions which they later regret down the road, and in turn try changing their morals or lifestyles to compensate for their poor decision making. The novels Regeneration and Border Crossing written by Pat Barker both show that very different problems can have the same solution. In this case, Tom Seymour a child psychiatrist from the novel Border Crossing who is playing a very relatable role to that…

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  • Pentadic Analysis Example

    A Pentadic Analysis When analyzing a pentad, numerous approaches can be taken, depending upon one 's intent. The terms are simplistic and easy to understand, yet their range is far. All terms are necessarily ambiguous, because they overlap into one another. Through the use of a pentadic analysis I will discuss three distinct issues. First, I will define the five pentadic elements of an analysis of the artifact. Second, I will weigh the five elements against one another and identify the…

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  • Why I Am A Writer Pat Mra Analysis

    I read the article in the book Vision Across the Americas: Short Essays for Composition the seventh edition. In the article Why I Am a Writer, the author Pat Mora explains one of the most important reasons why she has chosen to be a writer. It is very surprising that her main point is to help Hispanics in the right place in American society and literature. The fact is that Hispanics are defined not as beautiful and rich as normal people. In addition, this prejudice is broadcast by mediums so…

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  • Informative Essay: How Coaches Have The Power To Change Lives

    Coaches have the power to change lives. I can humbly say this as all my coaches, both good and bad, have taught me in some way what it takes to be a good athlete and most importantly how to be a good human being. They have taught me life lessons that I can only hope to preserve by instilling them into my athletes in my time as a coach. The articles I have chosen to highlight in this essay show how coaches have helped to develop character in athletes, how they pushed them to be the best on and…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Political Cartoons

    This refusal to accept empirical evidence, that can be as massive as a whale, makes the nation as a whole incapable of properly addressing critical issues and in turn dissuades the government from taking action. In addition to criticism, many artists subtly try to persuade the viewers of their artwork to take action. The first image I looked at was a political cartoon by Steve Sack from The Minneapolis Star Tribune regarding the Flint water crisis. This cartoon depicts Governor Snyder on a…

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  • My Pursuit Of Success

    what makes us as success is overcoming the struggles we face. I have overcome many throughout my life, being born with a cleft palate, constantly moving, and my first year of college experience at Texas Tech University. Moving to the land of opportunity with no background or fluency of English at the age of 7, life has not been a smooth road for me. Growing up as a Cleft Palate, I had trouble making friends, which became a struggle especially constantly moving from one location to another due…

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  • Dorothy's Diary Analysis

    probably never put much thought into writing legibly. The structure of the physical diary itself also presents a challenge. On the second, third, fifth, seventh, eleventh, and twelfth, her writing reaches the bottom of the page and is continued in small print on the left margin. As the dates in her diary were pre-written, it’s likely this was the only choice she had for writing more lengthy entries without spilling onto the next page, and therefore date. But it presents a challenge for…

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  • Personal Narrative-Executed For Crimes At Home

    the lucky ones. At least that’s what mother always used to tell me. I wonder what she would say now. Father had a different view on things. He demanded that I never leave the house and that the world know nothing of my existence. I didn’t sneak out of the house till age 13. Who knew that 3 years later I would be on my own? What about your wonderful loving parents, you ask? They’re gone now. “Executed for crimes against The City”. Drifting in the ashes that surround this hellhole I call home. But…

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