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  • The Pros And Cons Of Political Cartoons

    Political cartoons are frequently made by artists to express their frustration with certain issues, politicians, and sometimes even the public as a whole. What initially appears to be a simply humorous cartoon is actually so much more. In these two cartoons, two completely unrelated issues are addressed: the Flint water crisis and global warming. Yet, both topics are discussed by displaying criticism that natural disasters are frequently disregarded until one’s career is at stake and even then, issues are ignored. When looking at these two political cartoons side by side, one can observe that these cartoons are not only used to show clear turmoil stemming from current natural disasters in our nation, but also they are used to criticize both the public’s and the government 's inability to see issues until they “rise from the surface” and can no longer be ignored. This refusal to accept empirical evidence, that can be as massive as a whale, makes the nation as a whole incapable of properly addressing critical issues and in turn dissuades the government from taking action. In addition to criticism, many artists subtly try to persuade the viewers of their artwork to take action. The first image I looked at was a political cartoon by Steve Sack from The Minneapolis Star Tribune regarding the Flint water crisis. This cartoon depicts Governor Snyder on a rowboat next to some measuring spectrum and a buoy that is labeling “Flint water supply”. The characteristic of this image that…

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  • Political Cartoon: Donald Trump

    America is on the cusp of a modern revolution, a revolution that has been bubbling under the surface for decades, but has recently come to light due to the election. Before the election was over, it was obvious that no matter who won, history was going to be made. If Bernie won, he would have been our first Jewish president. If Hillary won, she would have been our first woman president. When Trump won, election history was made, and he is still making it. Controversy surrounds Trump and his…

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  • Tale Of Two Cities Caricature Analysis

    Caricature is a description of a person or even an object in which certain characteristics are exaggerated. Caricature is used quite often by Charles Dickens in A Tale of Two Cities. Many say that Charles Dickens created characters that are “flat” or one dimensional when using carituature in his writings such as in A Tale of Two Cities. Many say when Charles Dickens uses caricature, it leads to his characters being meaningless. The characters that he describes turns out to be “flat” or one…

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  • Physical Exaggeration

    much more detail than with just one picture (McPhee 2011: 20-21). This further extended the tradition of showing a procession, as commonly used in the sixteenth century, either a method to record current events, or a large number of people involved in a certain aspect (McPhee 2011: 21). Later, however, the procession of figures became a tool to not only caricature the negative associations with the simple procedure of a procession itself and its context, like pride or arrogance, but also a…

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  • James Gillray Essay

    therefore Gillray would naturally be drawn to this language of human expression in his satirical cartoons. This essay however, will investigate the level of significance physiognomic thought had on the way he depicted those he satirized. The politically tumultuous late eighteenth and early nineteenth-century left Gillray with a multitude of potential subjects to lambast, however, due to his extensive portfolio of drawings, this essay will focus on two sets of recurring caricatures. Firstly…

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  • Stereotypes In The Film Ethnic Notions

    In the film Ethnic Notions, African-Americans were poorly portrayed in many different forms of negative stereotypes from the past. These stereotypes were that of a mammy, coon, Uncle Tom, sambo, pickaninnys, and the brute. Even though these racist caricatures were popular in the past unfortunately some forms of them still exist today. The mammy was portrayed as black older woman who was fat, obedient,eager, and loyal. Furthermore, she was not the most attractive lady “never evoked sexual…

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  • Duality In Hagar's Daughter

    question of racial hegemony. The question of racial hegemony in Hagar 's Daughter the concept of the double as a narrative remedy for burling the American concepts of race. The use of doubleness continues until the conclusion, with the death of Jewel and the reemergence of the interracial romance of St. Clair and Hagar. The audience use this double ending to foresee the future predicament of the nation, with either doom illustrated with death of the main biracial character or hope the…

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  • Katharine Brush's Short Story: The Birthday Party

    In the short story, "The Birthday Party" by Katharine Brush, she uses caricature, analogy, mood, theme, to developed the major purpose in the story. She also uses this because it delivers many main points to the story. Right from the start of the short story, the author states, "The man had a round, self- satisfied face, with glasses on it; the woman was fadingly pretty in a big hat. The author used this because it was describing the main characters and gave a verbal description and to a point…

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  • Comfort To The Corns Analysis

    James Gillray’s piece, Comfort to the Corns, is a very intriguing work of art. Gillray is known for creating social and political cartoons and caricatures. He did the majority of his art work in the style of etching and was active during the end of the 18th century—1792 through 1810. In the artwork, Comfort to the Corns, James Gillray depicts an elderly hag attending to her feet satirically, adding subtle humor and life to the piece. The piece that I believe speaks to me is James Gillray’s…

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  • Humor And Satire In Everyday Life

    Humor and satire are a part of our everyday lifes. Without humor and satire our lifes would be boring and dull. I would define humor is anything that makes me laugh. I think humor is anything that is unexpected, witty, amusing, etc. Humor is important to me because it is a way to forget about what is going on in the world right now and just relax. We need humor in the world because without it the world would be dull and life would be too serious. I would define satire as someone making fun of…

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