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  • Carl's Jr.: Gender Stereotypes In Advertising

    “[Carl’s Jr. advertisements] are really more like soft porn rather than food promotions” (Bisbing). This may seem like a gross exaggeration, but unfortunately, it isn’t far from the truth. The Carl’s Jr. franchise is infamous for portraying women as purely sexual objects through advertisements in order to make their burgers look better. ‘Sex sells’ is possibly the most common excuse for this type of advertising, though humans don’t naturally crave sex in the form of a 30-second commercial idealizing a dangerously underfed model. This is a lesson the media repeatedly teaches to the masses that contributes to sexist ideologies that are harmful to people of all genders, not only women. Carl’s Jr. uses grotesquely hypersexualized advertisements…

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  • Social Media Advertisement Analysis: Cook Out

    This advertisement features a picture of a Cook Out restaurant sign, with the caption “Every day is a Cook Out day”. This post received 80 comments. There was a wider variety of responses on this advertisement. Just as with the previous post, the majority of posts were of people praising the company for it’s food and service. Some people responded with pictures. One picture was of a styrofoam cookout tray with fan art on the lid. Another picture was of a crowded drive thru line, with a comment…

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  • The Definition Of Leadership And Moral Leadership: Mohandas Gandhi

    a person who can be trusted, and a person who has deep morals and a sense of core ethics. There was a shy young boy, who was not courageous that paved the way in history all the way till today. Growing up as a young boy Gandhi would not be able to speak to anyone and would run home from school. This young boy I am referring to is Mohandas Gandhi, who became a leader of non-violent civil disobedience that changed the world. Throughout the 20th century, Gandhi’s life displayed discipline, honesty,…

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  • Direct Action In Martin Luther King's Letter From Birmingham Jail

    “Non-violence is the greatest force at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier than the mightiest weapon of destruction devised by the ingenuity of man.” This quote has been said by Mahatma Gandhi when he used non-violent protests in order to free India from Great Britain in the 1930’s. Many have followed his ways, including an important figure in civil rights history, Doctor Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. King, who not only followed many of Gandhi’s beliefs, but also dealt with racism and…

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  • Examples Of Mass Incarceration

    Mass Incarceration: Mass incarceration is a criminal sanction carried out by the justice system that results in nearly invisible punishment including the diminution of rights and privileges of citizenship and legal residency in the United States (Mauer & Chesney-Lind, 2002). Mass incarceration provides one of the largest and most influential examples of institutionalized racism in the contemporary U.S. because of the way that african americans are systematically singled out to be searched,…

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  • Martin Luther King Birmingham Jail Rhetorical Analysis

    Martin Luther King was arrested and taken to jail in Birmingham for protesting for their Birmingham campaign. While in prison he got to read a newspaper which had a letter that several priests wrote about him. In this letter they were judging King and his actions. King then wrote them a letter back trying to persuade them about how discrimination towards them should be stopped. In this letter King used many techniques to persuade his readers like emotional, logical, and credible statements. …

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  • Whitman, Charlotte Perkins Gilman And I Hear America Singing By Walt Whitman

    All people in this world were put on earth to make a difference whether it is a big or small accomplishment. Social issues have been a problem for many years in society. Many people have gone through hardships themselves and eventually helped shape the world into a better place because of the interesting knowledge they have gained throughout history. So many people have tried to help make the world a better place by trying to correct or solve social issues. Six poets and authors who have…

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  • Social Problems In Martin Luther King

    How does it feel to know that your purpose is rightful, yet be criticized? How should one feel? One is convinced of one’s purpose for doing something for the general good, yet, instead of receiving support from those who are closest to one, one receives rejection, criticism, and judgmental responses that change the spectator’s opinion negatively towards, whatever it is that one is rightfully doing. This is a social problem that has become a trend throughout time. When members of society see that…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Disobedience

    Introduction Whether it 's an adult or a five years old kid, humans have always had to make decisions of whether to obey or disobey authority. In the beginning of time in many religions, the first two humans, Adam and Eve, had to decide whether to obey or disobey God. This decision has consistently shaped history. For example, when the first humans disobeyed God, they were made to leave The Garden of Eden and come down to Earth. Though disobedience has been thought of a vice, it is a normal…

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  • Martin Luther King Jr Research Paper

    Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther once said, “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity” (KING). This quote explains that ignorance and conscientious are the most stupidity things ever. Martin Luther King Jr. before his death was a baptist minister and he also was a social activist he led civil rights movement in united states on the mid-1950s until the tragedy of his death happened and it occurred in 1968. (Martin) The great king was born…

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