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  • John Wooden's Definition Of Success

    John Wooden is a teacher and a legendary coach who led his team to a record-breaking number of wins and NCAA Championships. In 2001, he gave a TedTalk focused on his experiences as a teacher and a coach and how they have changed his definition of success. During this TedTalk Wooden gave his own definition of success and talked about the events that led to his forming of this new definition. Wooden also quoted different poems and verses that he felt accurately described what he had come to know about life and what it means to be successful. The comments that Wooden made and the sources that he quoted in his talk interested me in one way or another. A couple of the comments made me doubtful, other comments caused me to stop and think, and some…

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  • Reflection Paper On Oppression

    Other people who I’m close to fell into this category by making racist and classist comments. I feel these individuals didn’t know they were committing oppression, because when I brought up my comments it made them really think. I fell into this category as well. Before I started writing down my journal responses, I hadn’t noticed how some of my thoughts and comments are labeled oppression forms too. What I noticed between me and my friend’s comments is that what was said happened to be smaller…

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  • Social Media Advertisement Analysis: Cook Out

    This advertisement features a picture of a Cook Out restaurant sign, with the caption “Every day is a Cook Out day”. This post received 80 comments. There was a wider variety of responses on this advertisement. Just as with the previous post, the majority of posts were of people praising the company for it’s food and service. Some people responded with pictures. One picture was of a styrofoam cookout tray with fan art on the lid. Another picture was of a crowded drive thru line, with a comment…

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  • Charles Blow Sexual Fluidity And Attraction

    himself is bisexual. Stating in the article, “... identifying as bisexual because in addition to being attracted to women, I could also be attracted to men.” So Mr. Blow is closely related to the topic, so I didn’t expect to hear many counter arguments to his position on sexual fluidity and attraction. So I looked to the comments. Thinking if I was going to find any good argument against sexual fluidity and attraction it would be in the comments. When I got to the comments I was delightfully…

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  • David Brooks Dignity And Sadness In The Working Class

    Brooks’ Article causes Political Comments David Brooks’ “Dignity and Sadness in the Working Class” clarifies a portion of the unfairness that the working class is subjected to in today’s society. David Brooks’ essay was published on September 20th, 2016 in The New York Times in the Opinion section. The New York Times is a highly-respected newspaper site which delivers “high quality news and information” (“Standards and Ethics”). Brooks starts off his essay by including an anecdote about a…

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  • Negative Arguments In Social Media

    promote their brand. It is one of the easier ways of advertising. Posts are re-tweeted, shared, or liked which provides companies with even more free advertising. The down side to being that publicly available is the negative attacks to the brand, and it happens on both Facebook and Twitter. Negative comments can really affect a brand and can damage a company’s reputation. The important thing companies need to remember when confronted with negative comments in social media is to respond…

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  • Literacy Comment: IPC In The Classroom

    Kanisha Daulatani Literacy Comment: Kanisha understands that sentences begin with a capital and end with a punctuation mark. At times, she struggles to place the appropriate mark at the end of her sentences (ex: period, exclamation point, question mark). She has met our classroom goal of reading independently for 15 minutes. She has shown improvement since the beginning of the year on how to express herself suitably among her peers and with adults. She does occasionally still need reminders…

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  • Comment On Mulligan's Influence On Social Media

    ESSAY 1: In a Wall Street Journal column by Joseph Rago (dated Sat/Sun—Feb. 8/9, 2014), respected economist Casey Mulligan is quoted as predicting Obama Care will lead to large numbers of Americans leaving the workforce. Comment on Mulligan’s logic, whether you agree or not, and whether this reduction in workforce size is good or bad for the country. The health insurance and the employment is directly related to each other in America. During World War II many insurance companies used the tool of…

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  • Economics And Economic Analysis: Comments On The Model

    Comments on the Model 1. Authors use the AIDS to derive the expenditure share in good j for individual h, which is given by equation (10); s_j (p,x_h )= α_j+∑_(k=1)^J▒〖γ_jk lnp_k+β_j ln⁡(x_h/(a(p))) 〗 Here a(p) is the cost of the subsistence basket of goods which is independent from nonhomotheticities, that is, it is assumed that a(p) does not vary with the level of income. Though this is a plausible assumption within a country, across countries it is more like to vary given the differences in…

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  • Comment: Absurd Decision On Obama Makes A Mockery Of The Nobel Peace Prize Analysis

    The year Barack Obama was voted in as president was a momentous moment in the United States’s history. One major event that marred Obama’s first years as the President was the inaccurate awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize according to Michael Binyon, author of “Comment: Absurd Decision on Obama Makes a Mockery of the Nobel Peace Prize,” which appeared in the London Times and Tom Toles, the creator of the cartoon “Heavy Medal,” which was published in The Washington Post. They feel as though the…

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