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  • Socio-Economic Ladder

    Throughout My position of the debate, is climbing social-economic Ladder still attainable; I felt I was very strong in my argument. The reason for this was based on my research and also my strong rebuttals. I felt that I made strong domineer to my opponent. In doing my research for the paper it starts out to be positive. At the beginning of debate topic, my partner and I made a decision to do the negative side of the argument. Therefore, I started researching the reasons why the socio-economic ladder was not possible to climb. My research was very straightforward because of the topic. There were many claims I could have chosen from, but I decided to stick with two. The claims I was going to use for the topic were racial inequity and college debt. These claims I had pick were top main focuses that were strong enough to win the debate. During my research process, I explored many different websites that made my topic more. I used websites like Huffington post, CNN, and Brooking to all help me find more evidence about the negative side of the topic. The website that seemed the most useful was Brooking. In this website, it helped me understand the racial equality and college debt. They explored the many reasoning why a student of color has a trouble climbing the ladder. They explained that because of the different circumstances of poverty, community income, and violence African-American would always be stuck at the bottom of the ladder. In continuing research we had a minor…

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  • Relationships In Ayn Rand's Anthem

    In the book, Anthem, by Ayn Rand, one of the main themes revolves around relationships. The relationship between Equality and the Golden One is very special because in their society they are not allowed to talk to the opposite gender, let alone look at one another, but they feel a connection so strong they try making it work. Equality knows how special the Golden One is and tries to forget about her, but he knows he can’t and needs her in his life. Throughout the course of the text, the theme of…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Moving Changed My Life

    It was the repetitive cycle that I certainly started to notice. Coming home day after day packing boxes for the big. After a few were packed I stored them in the moving container. It was so repetitive I got to the point where some days I just didn’t know what to put in the boxes anymore. At this point I just stuffed them full and got on with my night. For me, one thing that I saw that made a big difference in my life was when I moved. Prior to moving I was living in a nice house, in a small and…

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  • Leigh And Her Mom Analysis

    I will be going to analysis Leigh and her mom by Karla Klarin in 1994; I found this painting in the CSUN Art Galleries. There are many paintings in the CSUN Art Galleries, this painting attracts me the most. The size of the painting is 56 inches by 60 inches, this is a painting that is not small nor big. This painting was painted in 1994, so there doesn’t have a lot of high technology, like cell phone or iPad in those days, so it’s easier to analysis. When I first saw this painting, it very…

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  • Little Emily Monologue

    The warmth from the apple crisp colored walls welcomed me as i take my first steps on to the deep lavender church carpet, as angels hang from the ceiling and play their mini hearps, my heart is enlighten and tears of joy are brought to my eyes. Michael looks stunned as i waddle down the altar, in my lace, white dress with my face covered by my mother's old wedding veil. Little Emily is truly a bundle of joy. Every step i take she kicks and i've began to think that she's more excited than me. I…

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  • Faulkner's Narrative-She Doesn 'T Cry'

    Boom! The bullet shot through the air. My legs automatically bolted forward to the sound. It was the start of the 800 meter run, my favorite. While I was running I looked behind to see Lily, my best friend, a few feet behind me. She was a exceptional runner, just not a great sprinter. The second I turned back around, I heard a laugh and a fall to the ground. It sounded as if boxer threw his opponent against the ring. I spun around just in time to find Sarah sprinting past Lily, who was…

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  • Analysis Of The Ghost Of My Lost Lenore

    The Ghost of My Lost Lenore It was a bitter and gloomy midnight, as I was thinking of the death of my lost Lenore. As I was nearly dozing off, I heard a beating on my mansion door. Then, vibrantly remembered that it was the bleakest time in December. Greatly, I mourned the loss of my love, Lenore. I sought for the morrow, which had never come so slowly. As the chandelier swayed side to side, my fear drew stronger. I began to speak to myself. I spoke, “Someone is knocking on my door! Who is it…

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  • Compare And Contrast Self Rule And Independence Descartes

    Self-rule and independence may seem quite similar, or even the same, at first glance; however, I believe them to be two different things. With the support of Descartes’ Discourse on Method, it is evident that Descartes also agrees that self-rule and independence are quite different: one implies ignorance, while the other implies a knowledge and understanding of principles. I believe that Descartes agrees with the argument that independence implies ignorance and self-rule is knowing certain…

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  • Ocean Tide Change With Time Analysis

    Since tides change with time, tides are also something that cannot be changed. Ocean tides can be extremely dangerous, especially with Maine’s rocky coast. When bad things happen due to the tide it just goes to show that people are victims of things they cannot change. “He gauged the level of the water. To the eye it was quite stationary, six inches from the shelf at this second. The fisherman did not have to mark it on the side of the rock against the passing of time to prove to his reason that…

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  • Deborah Tannen's Argument Cluture

    The two articles Agonism in the Acadamy Suriving Higher Learning’s Argument Cluture by Deborah Tannen and The Better for My Foes The role of Opposition by Elouise Bell are both well writien articles. They both have very diffrent views but at the same time have some similaritys. One thing that I noticed when reading that they both talk about heated debate/ agurmnet. When i see those two words togther i think they are similar, as they both result insomething that you are talking about with…

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