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  • Dialogue Essays: The Adventures Of Ginny And Lissy

    “Ginny, Nelly, and Lissy, come downstairs at once! I have someone who I wish you to meet!” Mother called from downstairs. Ginny sighed and rolled out of bed. She hated when her mother woke her up by yelling; though she hated it when her mother woke her up by shaking her. Frankly, she just hated it when her mother woke her up. Ginny looked at her sisters and saw they were being just as sluggish as her. Neither of them seemed either to drag themselves out of bed. “Now!” Mother called from downstairs. Ginny grabbed her robe off the chair as she hurried downstairs. Whoever could Mother want them to meet? Mother stood at the foot of the stairs with a woman Ginny had never seen before. She was a shorter woman, leaning more towards the larger side. She wore a calico dress that was bright yellow and almost made Ginny want to shield her eyes. Her eyes were bright and her brown hair flowed freely down her back. Ginny thought she was quite pretty despite her older age. “Girls, this is Emeline Ecker, and she is going to your governess,” Mother said, addressing the three girls. “A governess? Why do we need a governess?” Lissy cried her anger showing. Lissy did not like the being controlled by anyone and a governess would probably be a very controlling force. “It is time you girls learn to be proper women of society. Ms. Ecker is here to help you learn to do that. Ms. Ecker is quite a brave soul, agreeing to take on the three of you, since, heavens know, you can be quite a handful.”…

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  • Eunhyuk's Pov: A Short Story

    Eunhyuk 's pov It has been a crazy couple of days I 've been having. I went into the studio to check on things and clean up around the place a bit, I clean everything myself mostly. I do not like having someone in the studio when I am not there, even more so when I do not know the person. while doing my walk through I find junhong in one of the rooms. I grabbed his hand along all of his stuff and took him home with me, I am guessing he was trying to runaway from home but I am not too sure. I…

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  • How To Write A Short Story: The Scion

    Short Story The Scion gazed from his secluded position, high above in a grove, watching as the puny humans went about their day in blissful ignorance of his presence. He liked it that way sometimes, just watching as time went on around him; it calmed him somewhat. To those, he looked like he was a part of the mountains and hills, blending in with the scenery. His earth green and dirt brown palette hid him to such a degree that travelers of all kinds who would walk about his scales were woefully…

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  • My Plans After High School

    fter High School (A) I am a senior in high school at BTHS. most seniors graduate in May of 2017 , however for me it will be in December of 2016. The reason for this is because I had enough of the credits one needs to be a December grad.My plans for after high school aren 't set in stone. For example, I know that I don 't want to go to a regular college. Having said that, I think that I may end up going to some sort of technical school or community college. This part of what I 'm doing after…

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  • Positive People

    In life there are people you love and get along with and there are people you just don’t get alone with and you choose to not be around. Most people are more likely to keep the positive people and learn positive messages from them. But you learn to stay away from the negative people and you learn to be positive from things they did wrong. Asking people about who is positive and negative in there lives was very interesting because everyone could point out the positive people but finding the…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Boston Marathon

    Boston is my home “Haymarket, doors open on the right.” I quickly rose up to get through the cluster of people flooding the doorway. The orange line has become my go-to form of transportation Been living in Metro Boston since day 1, so I was destined to use the T. As I walked out of the subway, the familiar atmosphere that makes up Boston began to set in. Almost like I was walking into my own house. When I’m in Boston I already know I’m at home. Just as I have grown in the same house from…

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  • Respect For Intellectual Property, Give Appropriation From The Internet

    should probably look up different meanings for words to not use the same exact sentences and phrases that is on the internet. When you do use the same sentences and phrases then you have plagiarized, and that is illegal and not good. So to save yourself from that hard ache of all that stuff just look up different meanings and different expressions that mean the same thing as the word your trying to define for example. Do not do the easy thing and just copy and paste because that will get you in…

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  • Abellona-Personal Narrative

    “Screw you, Abellona!” My mama shouted, scolding her with an anger so primal, so intense, that I had never seen anything like it ever come out of her before. It had frightened me and yet made me proud. I looked down at my mama’s feet where Midnight now stood, her back arched, fangs drawn and letting out a seething rear aimed squarely at Abellona. Not far from her was another cat as equally angered and ready for a rumble. Off to my right, Tucker and Owen still struggled with subduing…

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  • Describe Maggie

    Tall, blonde, skinny, whinny, clingy, dependable, understanding, kind, emotionally unstable, and the greatest friend I could ever have. That sentence is what you would find if you looked up the definition of Maggie. When I first met Maggie I wasn’t a fan she was snobbish and had an “I am better than everyone else” air about her that got under my skin and made me want to stay away, which I did as much as I could. She was friends with two of my closest friends so I was around her more than I…

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  • Leo And Calypso Summary Chapter 2

    was when he smelled cinnamon; he looked down at his plate. It was heaped high with churros, Leo felt like laughing and crying at the same time. Then he realized everyone was staring at him with a strange expression on their faces. He picked up one of the churros, took a bit and begged the gods to send something to distract them. And that 's when his phone slash walkie-talkie thing that he made for Reyna, Nico and him started ringing. The music filled the room. "Is that the Avengers theme song?"…

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