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  • Bad Things Happen To Good People Analysis

    I believe that bad things happen to good people. Better yet, I believe that terrible things happen to the most innocent of people. Nothing bad ever happened to Hitler; the millions of innocent jews he killed did not deserve their gruesome deaths. Orphans as young as children do not deserve a life without a parent to guide them through it. A lot of times I ask myself, Why? Why do things like this happen to good people, why don 't I ever see bad people suffering? A lot of times I turn to God and ask him this rhetorical question which I know will have no answer to. It 's hard not to blame someone when such tragedy occurs. Unfortunately, I admit that I do blame God sometimes for tragedies and, unfortunately, I have many stories to base my belief on, but here is just one of them that affects me most. A while ago when I was just 2 months old my brother Ilan, an angel gifted from God to my family passed away. A gift to short to be returned. A terrible tragedy can 't even describe this horrific event. When my mother gave birth to me it was the happiest day in her and…

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  • Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People

    emotional harm to something or someone. So one might ask the question, if God is all powerful and all knowing, how can that same God allow evil to exist in the world? Most importantly, why do bad things happen to good people? In our textbook it states that “when such questions are raised in connection with belief in God or gods, we may describe them as issues of theodicy, or “divine justice” (Cunningham, pg. 102) The definition for theodicy in our text explains it as being “the attempt to answer…

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  • Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen To Good People

    Why does God let bad things happen to good people? A question that will be asked until we meet our Father in heaven and get to ask Him directly. I think we need to unpack a few things in attempt to answer that question. First, where did evil come from and when did it begin? Has there always been evil in this world? Did God bring evil into this world or did we? To get a baseline for this question I think we need to establish “bad things” and where it derived from. Secondly, do we have freewill or…

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  • Guantanamo Bay Reflection Essay

    learn more information about all these topics I was kind of ignorant on. While on the topic of these essays, they also need to be worked on to fix mistakes throughout their essay. Why College Athletes Should Be Paid, to me was a very good written essay. I felt as if the author of this executed the topic very good. I loved the facts that the author gave about the money the NCAA makes just from march madness. The author throwing this in here makes the statement that the NCAA are making a lot of…

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  • Volunteering Reflection

    A few extra things that I can mention about my overall time spent at the ASANTE hospital is that it is very difficult. There are times where I did not know what to do, or who to call to fix certain problems and/or to get extra assistance. For instance, I had an incident where someone threw up all over outside of the South Lobby where I was located, encountered a disfunction with one of the toilets here that had people coming to me over and over to complain to and many angry people who took their…

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  • The Importance Of Quality Of Life In Venezuela

    started to be chaos in the country. Queues just to buy basic goods. Citizens started to leave their jobs to buy food and if being lucky get two or three products. Needs began to consume the country. The quality of life began to fall. Insecurity could take place at any time of the day; thieves could attack, or even worst kill.…

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  • The Outsiders Character Traits

    gang, but he “was a good fighter and could play it cool, but he was sensitive and that isn't a good way to be when you're a greaser” (88). Ponyboy knows that Johnny could fight if he needed but Johnny says “fighting’s no good. . . .” (148). He believes that fighting does not answer the problems the greasers and the Socs have. Before Johnny died he wrote a note in Gone With the Wind and left the book for Ponyboy. His philosophy on fighting is the opposite of the average greaser, and instead of…

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  • Violent Media Is Good For Kids By Gerard Jones

    media. Jones argued in his essay “Violent Media Is Good for Kids” to discuss several good reasons that violent media is beneficial to kids. In Jones’s essay, he talked about many good reasons that led me to be certain of his reasons why violent media are helpful to kids. Jones believes violent media assistances children to be more courageous to face their obstacles. Jones gave a very good example of his son, who was not able to play with his peers at school, because he was afraid to climb a…

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  • Examples Of Utilitarianism In The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas

    “The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas” is a short story by Ursula K. Le Guin. It was published in 1976 and is set in an ambiguous time period and location in a utopia called Omelas. This story discusses the idea of whether or not it is acceptable to destroy a small amount of people’s happiness for the good of the majority. The ethical theory behind this notion is utilitarianism: “that conduct should be directed toward promoting the greatest happiness of the greatest number of persons”…

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  • Example Of The Envious Compliments

    ENVIOUS COMPLIMENT Don 't waste too much time wishing, hoping, and being envious; it 'll make you bugnutty. – Penn Jillette The envious compliment is when one tells another individual that they wish they could be like them or dress like them. I have a friend who is constantly telling me things such as, “I wish I owned your closet – I wish I could pull off that look like you – I wish I was your weight.” These statements are considered compliments in the world, but why? They are individuals…

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