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  • Otzi Murder

    And according to an article called World's Oldest Murder Mystery: Scientists Finally Track Down Iceman Otzi's Killer from the United Kingdom, Otzi was murdered when the arrow shot into his body. He also had blunt force trauma to the head, which probably finished the job. They left his copper axe and took out the arrowhead, which meant he didn't want to be convicted of murder and perhaps executed, which also meant he knew Otzi reinforcing the theory about the murderer being his brother, who connived to be with Otzi’s wife and abhorred Otzi. According to the New World Encyclopedia, levirate marriage is when the husband dies and his brother marries his widowed wife. Otzi's culture could've been one of the first cultures to practice it. Otzi’s brother was in love with Otzi's wife, who fell in love with Otzi, and used his culture’s levirate marriage system to be wed to the love of his life. He sends his gang, disguised as opposing clan members to kill him…

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  • Murder Vs Second Degree Murder

    considered murder.The state and national laws makes it hard to join specific definitions to words that speak to the several types of manslaughter. What takes after is a general action of these terms. In the case of murder the definition states the deliberate and illegal killing of a human being.US law recognizes "first degree" and "second degree" murder. What institutes these degrees ,varies from state to state. First Degree Murder: a murder that, because of the statuses surrounding it, deserves…

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  • Raskolnikov Murder

    Murder in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment are a somewhat confusing topic. On one hand, murder is a moral transgression for Raskolnikov. But he seemingly justifies it if it for the benefit of humanity. A rather unclear picture is painted by Dostoevsky as he condemns and redeems Raskolnikov’s actions throughout the book. Raskolnikov himself is a man of contradictions and likewise be seen justifying his actions and at the same time being doubtful of his nobility. I personally think that this is…

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  • Was Bob Ewell To Blame For Murder Or Murder?

    When Sheriff Tate chose to say that Bob Ewell fell on his own knife it was the right decision to make. Boo saved the children from being murdered by Bob Ewell. Mr. Ewell was out to seek revenge because Atticus defended Tom Robinson. Mr. Ewell and his daughter lied and put an innocent man behind bars just because they needed someone to blame. He ended up causing an innocent man´s life to end. Yes, Sheriff Tate lied, but it was to protect an innocent man. Boo Radley was an extremely shy person…

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  • Joanna Dennehy Murders

    being arrested (Smith, para. 1). Dennehy, born in 1982, was arrested at the age of 30 and convicted for three murders and the attempt of 2 additional murders in the year 2013. From a cute baby-faced angel arose a murderous Joanna Dennehy. Alongside her accomplice Gary Stretch, age 42, Dennehy committed a heinous crime; murder. In the stretch of nine days, Dennehy along with the help of Stretch, murdered three men: and old friend and roommate Lukasz Slaboszewski, another roommate John…

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  • The Hall-Mills Murder

    The Hall-Mills Murder Who knew one of the most weirdest mysteries of the 90’s would be one of the affair with the priest and the choir woman? Reverend Edward Hall was a 41 year old married white man who was cheating on his wife with choir woman Eleanor Mills who was 34. They were sending love letters to each other for the past 2 years. The mystery behind the Hall-Mills murders an be made up in two theories: The pig lady had the gruesome defense and the close family murdered them all. While the…

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  • Dick Clutter Murders

    4. Did Dick really not commit any of the Clutter murders? Did Dick receive the appropriate punishment for the crime he did commit? Even if Dick did not physically commit the murders, the entire plan was concocted by him and attributable to his mind. His control over Perry allowed for him to murder while keeping his hands clean, and that makes him just as guilty as if he had been the one to shoot the gun. Long before their attempt to rob the Clutters, “Dick must have said it a million times: ‘No…

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  • Murder Monologue

    As if the world around me had fallen at once I stood there hearing the words that came out of the woman that stood before me as if she was looking down the barrel of a shotgun. I can’t keep but hearing the words “he” ... “killed” ...” her” on repeat in my mind like a cd stuck on replay, each and every one shooting at me in my head at all hours of the night, telling me that this can’t be true, there has to be some other explanation as to why someone would do that to my dear Helen. There was…

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  • What Is Bloodsworth's Murder?

    On March 8th, 1985, Kirk Bloodsworth was arrested based off of an anonymous call telling police that he was seen with the victim of a murder that occurred on June 25th, 1984. The victim was a 9 year old girl that had been found dead in an excluded wooded area. She had been beaten with a rock, strangled, and sexually assaulted. The anonymous call stated that the killer was 6 feet, 5 inches, and that he had curly blonde hair, a mustache, a tan, and was skinny. Bloodsworth was 6 feet, had red hair,…

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  • Jake's Murder Summary

    This story begins in Cedar Rapids Iowa in the autumn. The CRPD has taken in a suspect in the murder of Jacob Fulton. Jake Guckenberger is the suspect, the two officers that picked him up were officers Lindsay and Adam picked him up two blocks from the murder he was winded from running but wasn't wearing running clothes or shoes, he was wearing a pair of boots similar to to boot prints found at the crime seen. When they finally took Jake to the police station where he was taken into an…

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