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  • The Murder Of Adnan Syed's Case Of First Degree Murder

    Adnan Syed, my client, was convicted of first degree murder in 1999. He was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Hae Min Lee. Her cause of death was manual strangulation and her body was buried in Leakin park, Baltimore. Adnan was convicted because of one sole witness, Jay Wilds. He testified that Adnan killed Hae and forced him to help bury her body. His details on what they did with the body and what he and Adnan did that day were striking. Because of him, Adnan was convicted even though Adnan insisted otherwise. Now, we have even clearer evidence that points to Adnan NOT being the murderer. Firstly, Jay Wilds' inconsistent testimony. Secondly, Jay's timeline and the cell tower evidence. Thirdly, the witness Asia McClain. The defense…

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  • The Murders Of Jack The Ripper

    If you thought watching a couple seasons of NCIS or SVU, or any crime show for that matter, could help you solve a case, think again. The job is tough enough for those well qualified to work in the field, and even now, with all of the technological advancements and improved investigative methods, many murders go unsolved and killers escape. Can you imagine the difficult task authorities faced when Jack the Ripper loomed large in London? In the fall of 1888, otherwise know as the “fall of…

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  • Conclusion Of Manslaughter And Murder

    manslaughter and murder. Many believe they are one in the same; however this is not the case. These two terms actually differ greatly. Those who are not familiar with criminal justice, though, understandably get them confused. The key word when deciphering between murder and manslaughter is intent. Although intent is needed in both, the placement of the intent is the question. One may intend to cause physical harm, but not kill; on the other hand, one may intend to kill. These are the types of…

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  • Essay On Justification Of Murder

    but on a much larger scale comparable to countries going to war. Now don’t go thinking that you can go off murdering whoever you want; your reason for murder has to be in the interest of others. This is often times a last resort for resolving many conflicts,…

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  • Arthur Holmes's Murders

    On November 17, 1894, the notorious H. H. Holmes was arrested for the murder of B.F. Perry (Cipriani 1). What was first thought to be a case of insurance fraud quickly spiraled into a murder investigation, prompting the discovery of Holmes’ “Murder Castle” and the numerous bodies found within its walls. To this day, it is still unknown how many murders Holmes is responsible for. After his arrest, he confessed to the murders of 29 people; however, authorities believe that he may be responsible…

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  • Memories Of Murder Analysis

    assault and murder cases targeting womenfolk occur in this secluded and peaceful countryside, the village gets terrified at strange panic called 'serial murdering incidents’ detective Paul has neighboring hoodlums assembled and urges them to confess to recent crimes, but fails to get any remarkable outcome. By means of neighbor circumstances and personal connections, detective Paul, often believe in his own sense to identify who is bad or not, when he stares usual suspects in their faces. While…

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  • Justified Murder Essay

    Justifiable Murder n after by sentencing over 72,000 to death in his reign. ()By the 1700’s English established that over 200 different crimes that would seem nearly insignificant today were punishable by death. For example, execution was a reasonable punishment for cutting down a neighbor 's tree. ( ) In the days of monarchy few doubted the morality of executions. Most believed that king had the divine right to do so from God himself. Going further in a christian perspective, Paul writes in…

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  • Hunting: Hunting And Murder

    Hunting is the killing of animals, while murder is the killing of humans. Why do people hunt? To many people, hunting is a way to "get in touch" with their ancestors. Others are hunters for survival. For example, if someone hunts and kills a buffalo, they can use the animal's hide, bones, and meat for essential items. On the other hand, why do people commit murder? Murder is used for vengeance or for personal gain. Often, murderers kill for the feeling of power and superiority. Hunting is…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Murder

    does you get out of it? When you think of murder you think of a person killing another human being. Which can be unlawful and lawful depends on the situation. Murder is the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another. To start with not all homicides are crimes. Homicides include all killings of humans. Many homicides, such as murder and manslaughter, violate criminal laws. Others, are as a killing committed in justified self-defense, are not criminal. In 2014, I did some…

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  • The Case Of Maria Santiago's Murder In The Murder Of Allison Santiago

    When presented with a difficult and heartbreaking case, it may be hard for one to reach a verdict. To decide whether one is innocent or not, one must evaluate all given evidence and testimonies. As a juror on the case of Maria Santiago, I was given the opportunity to find if Santiago was guilty in the murder of Allison Santiago, her six month old daughter. After evaluating all the evidence given, I have come to the conclusion that I have formed no reasonable doubt towards this case, therefore my…

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