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    While art in general or attending art museums doesn’t really interest me, especially having to attend on my much needed day of rest from work and school. For my creative personal response paper, I chose to attend the Dallas Museum of Art this past Sunday. I came across numerous works of art. From paintings to sculptures, and drawings. Most of everything I came across in my opinion, were meaningless. Mostly because I could not decipher what the artist is portraying or the message behind it, while others were just ok. Until I stumbled upon a painting located in the Impressionism Gallery on the 2nd floor by Gustave Courbet. The painting I chose to write about is called the Fox in the Snow by Gustave Courbet. I stumbled upon this piece when I was walking aimlessly through the European Artwork, it was not hard to miss this masterpiece. It was mounted on a dedicated wall all by itself with two large black vases on either side, with a couch in front. It is almost set up displayed like you would mount on your own wall in the living room at home. The medium used to paint the Fox in the Snow is an oil on canvas. The painting shows the perfect proportion and color. The realistic color of the brown combined with a hint of black shows this fox within his own natural habitat. There is great emphasis on his size and detail in killing his prey directly located in the center of the painting. The background is cold and white with the presence of snow on the ground and in the naked lifeless…

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    I feel like the painting is messy with color and lacks light where it needs it. It’s very hard to see the black cat on the bed as it blends in to the background. Cons, lacks light, messy brush strokes, and dim in certain areas. Pros, not idealized beauty, and first none idealized beauty to be painted. I feel like Manet strike out a lot in this painting needing improvement in some areas. Like how he rendered the black cat, the cat is so black you can hardly see it and he has painted it to the…

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    School is dismissing soon, which means summer is almost here. I would enjoy going on a vacation and visiting a city on my bucket list. Given three thousand dollars and a week to travel, I have planned two potential vacations that are alike and different in many ways. While both cities are influenced by art, one trip is historic, and the other one is modern. As a young artist, I have always been inspired by paintings and architecture. These two cities offer many fun attractions, delicious…

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