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  • Cheroke And The Bear Analysis

    dropped to the ground and disappeared into the great forest.” First, a bit about the Cherokee. The Cherokee Nation originally hails from the Great Lakes region, but in ancient times migrated south to modern day Tennessee and Georgia. Unfortunately, the Cherokee are perhaps best known in American history for being forcibly removed to Oklahoma in the infamous “Trail of Tears”. Today, the Cherokee are the largest federally recognized Indigenous tribe, with over 314,000 members. Now, why is this story a myth? Drawing from our class definition, a myth has a few defining characteristics. It is a meaningful story, passed from generation to generation, that explains why the world works the way it does, from a perspective of a specific group of people. We also defined three categories of myth: “classic myths”, “legends”, and “fables”. This Cherokee myth falls squarely into the “fable” category. It lacks the creation aspect of most classic myths, and scale of most legends. This is a personal story; it only really effects the hunter and the Medicine Bear. It does, however, involve animals with human traits(the sprit bears) and a moral: two traits we attribute to fables. Whether or not the story is literally true is secondary to it’s purpose. However, this myth shouldn’t be taken as the tortoise and the hair; The bear man myth still encapsulates important details about Cherokee culture. So, what does this fable detail about the Cherokee worldview? Primarily, it seems to emphasize…

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  • African Americans In The 18th Century

    these Black Seminoles as an ethnic minority within the Seminole Nation with all the rights that come to any citizen. Assimilation is a risk in being recognized as a member which often creates a disappearance of a people as was the case of many other Native American people who simply disappeared in the white population. Conclusion Who is a Seminole and who decides? Today, Abraham may not qualify to be a citizen of his own nation, one he fought so hard to create. The modern practice is for the…

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  • Creek Indian Social Ball Game Poem Analysis

    Through story and its ability to transfer an experience to those who hear it, that truth of the murder is passed along to the people of the village. Ceremonial quality to the performance, mixture of dance and narrative paced with the energy of atmosphere, nature, and people. "I talk about the qualities of the woman, whom the man sees as a walrus" (104). This line conveys the mistake the hunter made, which was in seeing the woman not as a fellow human connected to himself, but as something for…

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  • Summary Of The Novel 'Voices' By Betty Louise Bell

    the foundation of understanding Native culture through the diffusion of ideas and history through themes, as well as give guidance to the role of women as protectors of culture and values (Smith). The depiction of oral storytelling is first introduced in the beginning of the novel, “I was raised on the voices of women. Indian women. They spent their lives telling stories. The same stories, sitting in the same places, warning the children with a shake of the head and the tease of memory” (Bell…

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  • Seminole Influence In Florida

    southeastern Indian tribes, driven out of their homelands including escaping wars and colonial expansion, migrated to Florida. Although many other Indian tribes previously inhabited the peninsula, European diseases and wars devastated Florida’s Native population. Those few who survived: Timucua, Apalachee, Oconee, and Yuchi, among others, for the most part, assimilated with the more recent arrivals. Migration and the passage of time contributed to the spread of Muscogee language dialectal…

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  • Essay On Life Lifelong Learning

    I had noticed that a lot of the Hmong men and women wore a bracelets or anklets that were made from cloth and they were placed on so the person was unable to remove it without it being cut off. The men and women would become really upset and sometimes even combative when the officers would cut them off. I assumed they were important to them because maybe their children had made them, I was wrong in assuming that. My Hmong friend wears the same bracelet that the Hmong people were wearing when…

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  • Was William Mcinntosh Assassination Justified

    Although credible sources acknowledge the death of William McIntosh as an assassination commandeered by rival Chief Menwana; Creek law divulges that Chief Menwana was not only justified, but also encouraged by Creek law to kill Chief McIntosh. Chief McIntosh was a controversial Creek leader whose strong relationship with the United States government cast suspicion about his loyalty to the Creeks. “McIntosh was related by blood or marriage to several prominent Georgians...These marriages helped…

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  • Cherokee Relationship

    There have been many instances in which the Cherokees and the Americans have demonstrated a great, amicable, and mutually beneficial relationship. From the introduction of the Christian religion to the increased literacy due to the printing press, the Cherokees relationship with the whites have produced numerous benefits. Although there is no reason for this favorable relationship to change, the circumstances presented to us at this point in history have necessitated an adjustment in the…

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  • Cherokee Indian Removal

    the people who assisted in the relocation of these Native Americans. He noted this experience and…

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  • The Role Of Puritans In New England

    didn’t like the Protestant church is back home. When I was in England I heard about a group of people who called themselves the Puritans. They were a group who also believed that the Protestant Church was not complete and was corrupt just like the Catholics. The Puritans wanted to clean up the church and society, and believed that they could make a change within the community by modeling the right way to live life. I decided to join them, but I still didn’t like living in such a corrupt society.…

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