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  • Jury: The Failure Of The Jury System

    Juries The jury system has been a part of our society for hundreds of years. It was first created to give all defendants that option to be judged by their peers for their charges instead of by solely a judge. This provides an excellent opportunity to those who feel that their peers can give them a verdict that is not decided by the professional judge. However, this means that there may also be a prodigious amount of room for mistake in convictions. Therefore, the jury system is not as effective as a bench trial due to it not being judged by a professional on the subject of law, the manner in which the court selects jurors is unfair, and the way that the jury is forced to decide can cause some poor judgment. Judges are given the powers they have because they are professionals on their subject matter; however, a jury is not quite the same. A jury trial is a trial that has twelve randomly selected citizens coming to a verdict instead of a judge. While this may…

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  • Importance Of A Jury

    A jury is an important part of the American Courts System. Having a jury of peers is important because having multiple people decide consecutively on a case makes the ruling more legitimate and free of any biases. As a juror, it is important that you understand that you will only be deciding on the facts of the case, not the law. The judge will decide on what the law is and you simply must apply it to the facts of the case. You will not know the facts of the case until you get there. If you…

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  • Jury Intuition

    Almost every case has been won or lost, when the jury is sworn. Clarence Darrow Overview Successful investors, gamblers, and coaches play the odds whenever they can. Whether that involves charting economic trends, knowing the odds when playing craps, or selecting plays and/or players based on their “stats”, it is understood that these methods are an improvement over intuition. Intuition currently guides most trial lawyers confronted with the task of selecting a jury. In 1990, Kleinmuntz…

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  • Jury Roles

    news during the 1800s. Since the early 19th century when the Magna Carta was established Americans had the constitutional right and duty to participate in the process of justice by law. In the constitution American has the right to judge other own liberties against the government institution. When women were not allow to participate in the jury process, the jury was consisted of 12 white male Americans. Using a form of outside source to be involved in a criminal case allowed for people to have…

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  • Jury Nullification In The Jury System

    trial by jury as the only anchor ever yet imagined by man, by which a government can be held to its principles of its constitution.” Thomas Jefferson said this when talking about the jury system. He is saying that the jury process is one of the few ways that people can make sure that the government is following their own rules. People have been questioning the government system lately with everything that has been going on. For instance, Edward Snowden gave up his life to show the people of the…

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  • Effects Of Jury Nullification

    There are many controversial issues in the United States criminal justice system. In recent years, the contentious issue of ethnic discrimination has been in the forefront of several trials. There are some individuals who believe that jury nullification should be used by minorities on juries to acquit defendants of color. Jury nullification is defined as a process where a jury acquits a defendant, even though the members of the jury believe the defendant is guilty of the charges. The concept is…

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  • Argument On Jury Nullification

    Nicole Barak PHI 115 003 John Garcia August 26th, 2017 A recent episode of Radiolab, titled “Null And Void,” discussed the issue on jury nullification. As the podcast progresses, it explained that jury nullification is when a defendant is in clear guilt of breaking the law, but the jury feels the defendant is not guilty and the law is unjust. Throughout the episode, a variety of emotions were displayed on whether jury nullification is beneficial or dangerous to our court system. Some may defend…

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  • History Of The Jury System

    A Short Guide to Jury System for Canadian Citizens Origins of the jury system: There are many origins of the Canadian Jury system; however many may say it to be founded in England by the Norman Kings (1066-1154). Originally, jurors were chosen from the local community and were a source of information. The system was meant to replace barbaric methods of trial. Later during the reign of King Henry II, (around the 12th century), the jury functioned as both witness and adjudicator. Throughout the…

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  • Essay On The Jury System

    Jury Systems in Three Different Countries The world is a large place and it has many countries. For each country to survive, there must be laws and sometimes the law calls for a trial by a jury system. However, not all countries use the jury system but a few do and this paper will show how the jury system works in the United States, Greece, and Japan. The jury systems of these countries are similar in some aspects and different in others as far as the people involved and what their job is. …

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Jury

    States a courtroom is divided up into two main parts, the Judge and Jury. It is one of the better systems because it provides a relatively unbiased system that uses a group of people to judge a peer. It, however is not without flaws. There is a possibility of the jury becoming biased due to the media coverage of a case. There are multiple ways around this such as replacing the juries in favor of a panel of judges. Next would be using a set of professional juries instead of the common people.…

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