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  • Court Cases: The Court System

    The court system, also known as the judiciary, is a structure that interprets and applies the law in the name of the state. As such, there are multiple divisions and even more types of cases. The classifications of cases that are typically seen within the courts are: debt, contract, property, corporate, torts, criminal, public law, and family and estates. Over the years, different types of cases have appeared before the court, some most often than others. In Herbert M. Kritzer, Paul Brace, Melinda Gann Hall, and Brent T. Boya’s research, they looked to study the trends of case type over time. Within the article, “The Business of State Supreme Courts, Revisited”, the composition of cases from the 1870s is characterized as a focus of lawsuits…

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  • Juvenile Courts

    “You can study government and politics in school, but the best way to really understand the process is to volunteer your time.” This quote by Rob McKenna, the former Attorney General of Washington, has guided my experience with volunteering. I have a passion for law and government and am preparing to attend college in the hopes of becoming a lawyer. So when I heard there was an opportunity to volunteer inside of my city’s court system, I jumped at the opportunity. The program I volunteer…

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  • Land Court Reflection

    Massachusetts Land Court is located, I had the opportunity to speak with the security officer outside of the building. Prior to entering I wanted to confirm that I was in the correct place, if for no other reason than to ensure I was not walking into somewhere I should not be. After explaining to him why I was there, he described to me that I needed to first go through security, and then take the elevator up to the fifth floor where the Recorder’s Office is located. Walking into the large…

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  • Provincial Court System

    In Canada, there are many rules and regulations that are followed by the citizens and members of the courts. The laws are practised in the provincial, federal and supreme courts. The provincial court is the lowest court in which cases are heard. “The court is an important place where public and private issues are resolved” (McCormick 1994, p.2). The justice system is based on an adversarial system in which the disputes that occur are represented by people who study the law. There are many…

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  • Interdependant Court Case

    questioning can confuse the judges and the jury's psychology. The jury must decide the case base on the facts of the case, and to do that opinion of the accused whether the witnesses are telling the true or not is irrelevant. The opinion of the accused is not going to prove their innocence, rather it can confuse the judge or jury. Therefore, this kind of questioning should not be excused, even if it is the nature of the crime. 6. No, because trial judge should have rejected the opinion of the…

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  • Court Narrative Essay

    1) Narrative of Student/Court employee discussions: 1. I know people have different attorneys, but that one lady has defended multiple people here for different things today. What is her job title? And what does she do? - Her job title is a Public Defender. If the defendant does not have a lot of money, they can hire her and she will defend you. 2. Right before the judge walks in, one of the bailiffs says, “All rise Court is now in session.” Why do we have to stand up when the judge walks in?…

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  • Openness Of Court Essay

    The openness of courts brings the society and its justice with invaluable benefits. First of all, the openness of court is in line with the Article 14 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (McLachlin, 2003). In practice, given the access to the operation of the court and the implementation of justice, the public is able to be informed and educated about how their civil rights, individual liberty, and social rightness could be ensured by the social justice system. Meanwhile,…

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  • Court Reflection Paper

    When heading into state court, I was unsure of what to expect. I have always been a fan of movies with cases and most recently I have found a large amount of interest in the OJ Simpson case through activity watching the show The People v. OJ Simpson released this past year. However, the large cases seen on television and the cases often uses for television shows or movies show a dramatized version of what was actually experienced during my visit to court in New Haven. A friend in another section…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Court Hearing At The Lancaster Court House

    In this following paper I will discuss my court visits on September 30th and October 19th at the Lancaster Court House. The first hearing I saw was an estate hearing in courtroom six on the third floor with Judge Jay J Hoberg. The hearing was only an about an hour long but to me it was very informative. As I mentioned earlier it was an estate hearing for a petition to have will moved to New Jersey, there was a jurisdiction error. There was no defendant, the party in contradiction of a claim that…

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  • Essay On Court Observation

    This court observation was my first time ever stepping into a court house let alone watching an actual trial take place. Like a lot of people, I assumed it would be just like the shows about criminal justice on TV such as Law and Order. I would come to find out that though there were multiple similarities between the two, there were also many differences and things I did not expect as well. Through this court observation I was better able to understand how the official court system works in…

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