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  • The Importance Of Prisons In Prison

    Breakfast might consist of eggs, bacon, cereal, fruit, juice, and coffee. Also, at jails and prisons prisoners have an open courtyard, where they have access to weights, basketball, and other recreational activities. While there prisoners can earn their GED, access books and computers, this is wrong. These prisoners are getting three meals a day, a roof over their heads, warm beds, cable television, recreational equipment, jobs that pay, and opportunities. Who could ask for anything more? There are homeless people on the streets, people who are not able to have three meals a day as well as all of these other luxuries and they are law-abiding citizens. So why should somebody who lives in a prison or jail be taken more care of than some one who is a law-abiding citizen struggling to make ends meet. There are laws in which we must follow to protect individuals from being mistreated or having cruel and unusual punishment inflicted upon them. However, what does this say about our system, that it is ok to treat our criminals better than our law-abiding citizens? Sure jail and prison may not exactly be the greatest place to some, but to many of the inmates, it is considered a better alternative than some other…

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  • Prison Issues In Prison

    On a typical day, prison officials and inmates alike deal with a myriad of problems that include violence and overcrowding; however, transgender inmates face additional issues. Negative effects of isolation, access to healthcare, and stereotyping by legal official are just a few problems that challenge transgender incarceration (Giresi & Groscup, 2006). Most of these issues result from the way effectively all prisons in the U.S. classify and house transgender inmates. Some are placed in male…

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  • Prison Diversions In Prisons

    mental illness is at a rise. There is a wide range of questions about the treatment of the mentally ill in the justice system and wether prisons are a suitable place for the mentally ill. When a person commits a crime or breaks the law, they are usually taken into custody and sent to jail or prison without being evaluated properly. Instead of being sent to a hospital or a mental health facility to receive the proper treatments, individuals are sent to prisons where they receive little to no…

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  • The Importance Of Prison In Prison

    prisoners are incarcerated, punished in jail under our prison system, which makes them realize their fault and reflect deeply. It seems that our prison system can really protect the stability of our society outside the jail; however, as a matter of fact, sometimes it ignores most of the prisoners’ feelings inside the jail. Our prison system sometimes doesn’t show enough…

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  • Essay On Prisons In Prison

    Angela Davis, a 1960’s political activist, once said, “Jails and prisons are designed to break human beings, to convert the population into specimens in a zoo – obedient to our keepers, but dangerous to each other.” When compared to prisons in other countries, America is failing severely behind in all pertinent categories: the amount of inmates incarcerated, the number of inmates that return because of lack of rehabilitation, and the racial stigma that follows the amount of black men in prison.…

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  • The Importance Of Prisons And Prison

    outsiders should be allowed to tour prison and jails to mostly analyze for themselves to see if touring an environment such as an incarcerated facility is a good idea. I understand that many scholars do not agree that people should tour due to the danger and other circumstances of the jails and prison but I do feel it would give those a better understanding on how staff and inmates perform in such as hostile setting. Without a doubt, your always gone hear bad things about being locked up but in…

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  • Effects Of Prison Abuse In Prison

    made in 1821 that the new penitentiary was going to be built. The new building was made to hold around 250 inmates at one time. John Haviland was the head architect on the job, and groundbreaking on the project started in 1822. Although Eastern State Penitentiary’s forms of punishment and way they ran their prison were thought of revolutionary, they have negatively affected how prisons are run today. The idea for…

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  • The Importance Of Prison Food In Prison

    Also, prisoners get little care in prison (bad food, little health care, etc.) The food is really bad, but they have no choice but to eat it. Some get medical help, but most of the time not as fast as they need it. "How much of a security risk could a terminally ill, physically weak 65-year-old man really pose?" (Allison and Hattenstone 2013). Michael Tyrrell, 65, was sentenced to 29 years in prison for drug smuggling. He served 13 years because he passed away from throat cancer. Even when he…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Prisons In Prison

    As we look at some of the key facts of what happens in prisons and why they happen I am really not surprised. One of the key facts is that the prisons are extremely overcrowded and lead to poor living conditions for prisoners, which leads to unfair treatment of prisoners also (, n.d.). These people are not watched over and taken care of as well. When you look at the numbers of countries that are overcrowded it is ridiculous. They have said that 115 countries are overcrowded…

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  • Prison Life In Prison Essay

    life of an inmate in prison is like. I want to be able to lay it all flat on the table and express the bad and sometimes the good that can happen inside of those walls. Prison life for these individuals is not a walk in the park because they are no longer in charge of what they were on the outside. My project topic is the prison life for inmates of both male and female offenders. My definition for the life of a prisoner is someone who has been convicted of a brutal action and will now serve…

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