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  • Prison Vs Prison

    jails and prisons. Some people may think they are interchangeable. However, while both facilities house individuals that broke the law, each facility houses different types of offenders. One thing that remains the same within both sites is there are violent crimes that take place within the confined walls. The ultimate goal for convicts in prison is to be released on parole. Many people who are found guilty of a crime hope they get probation instead of jail time. Differences in jails and prisons While most people who have not been in trouble with the law confuse jail and prison, they are very different. One of the biggest differences in these two facilities is the length of time an inmate will stay. According to Schmalleger…

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  • Prison Gangs In Prison

    change much from colonial time to now. It is still expensive to build and maintain, but during the colonial time must offenders were not sentence to prison (Gabbidon & Greene, 2013). Similar to today jail is commonly used to hold offenders until their trial or to detain them until they pay their fine or restitution that was given. The earliest data that was recorded of the national correction was in 1850 (Gabbidon & Greene,…

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  • Early Prison Release In Prison

    Federal prison populations have shrank by thousands since November of 2015 due to new sentencing guidelines. The U.S. Sentencing Commission voted in 2014 to reduce the federal drug guideline sentences to try to control prison overcrowding and/or excessive punishments. Releasing these inmates has been a much-debated topic for a long time and many people have conflicting beliefs on the outcome of the issue. Based on my research, early prison release could be a good thing. Half of all inmates are…

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  • Prison Gangs Effect On Prison

    Effect of prison Gangs on the Prisons For members of a prison gang, the family is what matters. These gangs, usually made up of persons of the same race, with members moving in and out of the prison system as a way of life, with a sense of normalcy where the norms on the streets are the same on the inside. These gang members show little regard for the convict code because they feel better protected by the members of their gang, sworn their brothers’ keeper (blood in, Blood out). According to…

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  • The Benefits Of Prison Overcrowded Prison

    In today society, there is more than 2.3 million who are being held in jail and prison. In 2010, there were 330,000 mentally ill patients in jail or prison (Hunt, 2011). In the last two decades the number of people incarcerated has been on an unprecedented rise. The number of people in prison, jail, and Federal Prison are on the rise due to gang violence, the war on drug, the stiff penalty they give first time offenders, and the number of mentally ill people who are in prison or jail. Instead of…

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  • Private Prisons Vs Private Prison

    Because prisons are extremely labor intensive, with approximately 65 to 70 percent of the costs of operating a prison going to staff salaries according to a Global Investment and Business Center report, reducing expenditures associated with operational costs would in turn lead to a more cost effective operation. This is possible as private firms typically use cheaper nonunion labor. The Adler School Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice reveals that the average private prison employee…

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  • Andersonville Prison

    Prisons in the south during the civil war were very brutal towards the inmates, but one of the worst prisons to get sent to was Andersonville. The history being this terrifying building, the people that were killed or barely survived, and the people controlling the prison will make it known that Andersonville was the worst prison you could go to at this time during the civil war. Andersonville prison was founded in early 1864 in Andersonville, Georgia. The prison was surrounded by large pine…

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  • Prison Movies

    Furthermore, although several documentaries display the real events regarding the true life inside of a prison, the manner in which prisoners are treated is also clearly expressed. As I was growing up, my mother used to make me watch such types of movies in hopes of keeping me out of prison. Although I was discouraged from criminal activities, movies do not deter everyone’s behavior, and; thus, movies fail to advance the penal reform agendas. In other words, prison movies that illustrate that…

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  • My Prison

    Every prison has four major purposes retribution, incapacitation, deterrence, and rehabilitation. I think that my prison embodies all of these better than most. When creating my prison I heavily focused on the rehabilitation flaws that most prisons have. The U.S. has close to a 75% reincarceration rate. I designed a prison that I think will lower this and change the way we think of prisons. What makes my prison different is the setup and goal. My prison is a combination of a minimum and…

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  • Faith In Prisons

    history and crime, state prisons host a variety of activities to reform the behaviors of dangerous criminals. Events, such as vocational training, farming, and church events, serve to re-educate criminals and help them rediscover new meaning to their lives. Of these activities, faith-based programs play a large part in the rehabilitating process of criminals. In the United States, sentencing length is a large concern within correctional facilities. According to the National Bureau of Justice…

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