North Korea

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  • Corruption In North Korea

    North Korea is perhaps the most corrupt country in Asia. North Korea’s government picks and chooses what the people are allowed to see and hear. The objective in doing so is to control the people and keep them submissive. While this is working out for the leaders of North Korea, the people are being manipulated into thinking that their lifestyle is the only way to be living. According to an Economic Freedom Snapshot, North Korea’s economic freedom status is repressed. There are 24.7 million people living in this crooked country. The global ranking is 178th and regional ranking is 42nd in the Asia-Pacific Region. This year, North Korea received an economic freedom score of 2.3. Some concerns of the country: Rule of Law, Open Markets, and Regulatory efficiency. Property rights and freedom from corruption rates have decreased…

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  • North Korea Violations

    The lives of North Koreans are embedded with the fascist policies of their leader Kim Jong-un. There is absolutely no freedom within North Korea and being a citizen of his regime. The lives of these people are being harmed every single day due to the policies of the regime. No internet, prison camps, public executions, and food shortages are just to name a few. The country of North Korea has been faced with scrutiny and allegations regarding the mistreatment of their own citizens. According to…

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  • Neighborhood In North Korea

    The North Korean Population Since the 1990s, North Korea has faced several significant economic crises, as well as famine, that has significantly affected its inhabitants. Furthermore, despite the nation’s ability to maintain stability within the regime, North Korea’s economic and political climate has not improved since its initial downfall in the 1990s. This situation has caused several of its citizens to seek refuge in neighboring and other foreign states. More specifically, while many…

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  • Religious Freedom In North Korea

    Religious Rights Brittanie Haight Campus High School In North Korea citizens are allowed no religious freedom. Providing no religious freedoms in a country is against human rights and every citizen should have equal right to freedom of religion. In North Korea people do not have the right to express their personal faith or do simple things like teach about God or carry a bible. Juche religion is very different from most religions but relates to other to religions. Compared to most…

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  • North Korea Case Analysis

    Mark Bowden attempts to answer whether there is a clear way of dealing with North Korea in his article. He begins by discussing North Korea’s advances in their nuclear warfare program and how it has impacted the United States. In the past the United States has tried to control North Korea by threatening them as well as relying on China to intervene when tensions arise, and committing cyber sabotage. Due to North Korea paying little to no attention to these warnings, the United States is being…

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  • North Korea

    in North Korea The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, commonly known as North Korea to the United States, has effectively existed as a hermit kingdom since the end of the Korean War in 1953. A cease-fire was signed and the DMZ of the 38th parallel became the tentative boundary dividing the North from the South. South Korea has enjoyed economic prosperity and liberal democracy in the past several decades, but the North Korean government exercises strict totalitarian rule over the nation’s…

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  • North Korea Documentary Analysis

    North Korea, the country whose leader is now referred to as “Rocket Man” has held a oppressive regime for more than seventy years, and now thinks that it can threaten the UN and its members. The country is and has been threatening the United States with not only ballistic missile but now they also threaten with Hydrogen bombs (Winsor). US government officials claim that they have tried to negotiate with North Korea, but the foreign officials refuse to listen (Winsor). While President Trump’s…

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  • North America Vs North Korea Essay

    The country of North Korea has been a very curious subject for the people of the United States countless other governments in power throughout the world. Many factors of North Korea have remained a secret over the last few decades, but some have become more open over time to the outside world. The United States and North Korea are both made up of an extreme difference in views within the power of government and also policies that follow their rule, but surprisingly share common virtues that…

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  • North Korea And Political Violence

    The issue of political violence is an important subject within politics across the globe. We face political violence within our own country, such as police brutality. North Korea has had history of being victim to political violence while on the other hand Iceland has very low violence levels at all. I will be exploring why North Korea struggles with political violence and how it affects political freedom and general equality within the state in comparison to Iceland. Iceland has historically…

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  • Role Of Censorship In North Korea

    Jordan Guthrie Ms. Garrett English 12 4 Feb 16 Why Censor Religion in North Korea and China? Censorship is a hard thing to explain and why people would censor religion is just crazy. Certain countries will censor everything and not let them use the internet or talk to people outside of their country to learn about, or even hear about things going on in the world. North Korea will not let people who live there use the internet, because they do not want people who live there to find out how…

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