Northern Ireland

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  • The Troubles In Northern Ireland

    The Troubles began because Northern Ireland was divided between the Protestant unionists and the Roman Catholic nationalists. The unionists wanted to remain part of United Kingdom while the nationalists wanted to join the Republic of Ireland. The Catholic in Ireland felt discriminated against by the Protestant majority who made up most of parliament. The conflict began in 1968 and ended in 1998. First, Irish people rioted against British rule, and eventually parted from them creating the Republic of Ireland. Then, the Catholic in Northern Ireland, which continued under British rule, faced heavy discrimination. For example, the Catholic were offered fewer jobs and were then paid less. They rarely held high public offices. Another example…

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  • Conflict In Northern Ireland Essay

    Explain to what extent conflict in northern Ireland has now been resolved. Thy Good Friday agreement Northern Ireland has been subject to much conflict throughout the 20th century, the Good Friday agreement of April 10th 1998 was the latest attempt at bringing peace to the troubled nation. Its aim was to set up a power sharing assembly to govern Northern Ireland, by cross community consent; so essentially, Ireland could run itself again. It was reached after two years of talks, because the key…

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  • Reconciliation In Northern Ireland Essay

    Historical case studies in reconciliation. Background to the Northern Ireland conflict After getting its independence from Britain, Ireland remained united with England, Wales as well as Scotland. When talking of the conflict in Northern Ireland, the division between Catholics and Protestants cannot be omitted. Historically, the Irish nation is a catholic nation. However, the citizens in North Ireland have ancestors who were Protestant immigrants from England and Scotland. Therefore, the…

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  • Trouble In Paradise Research Paper

    Trouble in Paradise Well maybe not heaven on earth the island nations of the British isles offer a unique climate with rolling green pastures, misty mountain crags, breathtaking castles, and cool summer breezes. There is something about Ireland that makes people just want to come back, but however like any place it has not been with out its share of wars and troubles. Ireland has a unique problem that has been around for hundreds of years. A question remains in the minds of many of those…

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  • Michael Dillion's Themes In Lies Of Silence, By Brian Moore

    "Lies of silence" is the title of a novel written by the Irish novelist and screenwriter Brian Moore. The novel was published in 1990, the genre of the book is a thriller, the book has an estimated 192 pages and is written in English. The story takes places in Northern Ireland, mainly in the city Belfast, where there is the war going on between the protesters which also is called (UDA) and the Catholics which in the text also is called the (IRA) which is the Provisional Irish Republican Army,…

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  • The Conflict In Northern Ireland's Troubles

    The conflict between Israelis and Palestinians over territorialism and the establishment of a Jewish land and that of “the Troubles” in Northern Ireland between the largely Catholic Nationalists and the majority Protestant Unionists have many key similarities. Both “Northern Ireland the State of Israel emerged out of war, the breakup of empires, and international agreements.”1 (ESEP 93)The main phase of both the Northern Ireland conflict and the Palestinian-Israeli conflict occurred around mid…

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  • House Of Commons Advantages And Disadvantages

    regional organisations. This process is called devolution. Therefore, a devolved parliament is a recommended system that would give separate decision making-powers to members for voters in England. In the UK, there are three main regional assemblies. They have devolved power and these are the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly. The Scottish Parliament was established by the Scotland Act 1998. It is made up of 129 elected members. It can pass laws without…

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  • Essay Of A Purpose For A Diplomatic Security Special Agent

    I believe I am a good candidate for the Diplomatic Security Special Agent position as I am a highly motivated individual and I am a very hard worker. I am a highly motivated individual and hardworking because I have a Master’s Degree in Law Enforcement from Western Illinois University as well as a Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Police Executive Management. While in graduate school I worked on a couple of class projects regarding the use of Body Scanners and Less Lethal Weapons and the Court…

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  • Easter Rising Leadership

    The Easter Rising is the defining event of the modern Irish republican tradition. Most Irish nationalists regard the Rising as the most important event in twentieth-century Irish history. Without it, Irish politics would have been shaped by the moderate constitutional nationalism of John Redmond’s Irish Parliamentary Party, and southern Ireland may have remained part of the British Empire for much of the twentieth-century. One of the driving forces behind the rebellion was Patrick Pearse, an…

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  • The Nature Of Independence In The Purple Jar By Maria Edgeworth

    During the period that Maria Edgeworth wrote her short stories including the “The Purple Jar,” there was a lot of violence and political unrest in Ireland. Ireland had just lived through an uprising and were forced to live under the rule of the British Parliament, through the Act of the Union. One of the themes that are presented in “The Purple Jar” is the nature of growing up. The narrator highlights the importance between a mother and daughter relationship, as the daughter is growing up to be…

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