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  • Causes Of The Arab-Israeli Conflict

    Palestine, the Balfour Declaration in 1917 and the British Mandate of 1920, had raised the tension between Arabs and Jews. One of the most significant changes was the establishment of the Jewish State of Israel. “On 29 November 1947, thousands of people jumped out of their beds and rushed out onto the streets when the reports were broadcasted on the radio.” It was the day the UN proposed the partition of Palestine, between Arabs and Jews. On 14 May 1948, the British high commissioner for Palestine left with his staff, and twenty-eight years of British administration for Palestine was ended. These events, led to a major conflict between two races.…

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  • Essay On Palestine And Zionism

    Palestine and Zionism: The Thin Line between Hatred and Justice In 1947, millions of Palestinians lost their rights to their land. They were wiped off the map, abused in their own homes, and forcibly removed from their country. Children were slaughtered fearlessly, fathers were run over with tanks as they stood guard in front of their homes, and mothers were sexually and mentally assaulted in prisons. A nation once known for its beauty, kindness, and hospitality was entirely destructed and…

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  • Sahar Khalifeh's Analysis

    From the mid-19th century to present, strong tensions have existed between the Jewish and Palestinian peoples of the middle east due to the existence of the Israeli state in the majority of the area that formerly consisted of Palestine. Historically, tensions have been centered around the displacement and perceived mistreatment of Palestinians, who have lived in masses as refugees throughout the Middle East since the War of 1948 ended with the formation of Israel. Sahar Khalifeh is a Palestinian…

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  • Palestinian Rejectionism

    Problem is Palestinian Rejectionism,” by Yosef Kuperwasser and Shalom Lipner and “Israel’s Bunker Mentality,” by Ronald Krebs attempt to dissect and solve one of the most complex geopolitical conflicts in recent human history, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yosef Kuperwasser and Shalom Lipner discuss that the one thing that’s stopping this conflict from being resolved is Palestinian reluctance to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. On the other hand, Ronald Krebs argues that it’s in Israel’s…

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  • Nakb Palestine, 1948, And The Claims Of Memory Analysis

    This summary of Nakba: Palestine, 1948, and the Claims of Memory by Ahmad H. Sa’di and Lila Abu-Lughod will provide an examination of the Palestinian Diaspora in relation to the Palestinian exodus of 1948. Part One of this book is entitled “Places of Memory”, which consists of historical perspectives of scholars, such as Chapter 1’s article by Susan Slyomovics, related to Nakba through the memories of refugees in the town of Qula: “A different history historiography, grounded in testimonial…

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  • Palestinian Nationalism

    arise in opposition to some internal or external nemesis is historically accurate and continues to be true. The mandate for Palestine was formally confirmed on Britain by the League of Nations in July 1922, which officially marked the beginning of Palestinian nationalism. Both Zionism and Palestinian nationalism defined themselves in relation to what they opposed and eventually identified the motives of their movements with the same geographic location. Jewish immigrants…

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  • Yasser Arafat: A Story Of My Search

    Have you ever wondered how Palestine became occupied? How people suddenly started calling it Israel? I was shocked to see that because of the occupation in my country, Palestine, my grandparents had to flee the country, and how some people refer to it as Israel instead of the true name Palestine. Yasser Arafat was the founder of the Fatah. He spent most of his lifetime fighting Israel and that is why many Palestinians admire and respect him. Arafat died at the age of 75 from a mysterious blood…

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  • To Any Would Be Terrorists Nye Analysis

    Israel/Palestine for this part of the world. The past conflicts of the situation between Israel and Palestine have been happening for a while for the last decades for example the Palestinian war in 1948 when five Arab nations which were Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt who invaded the territory of former Palestinian mandate, which lead the United Nations to declare Palestine and Israel there own country. Another example in 1967 would be the Six Day War and that consisted of the…

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  • Necessary Freedoms

    against radical Islamic terrorism. You are not losing freedom to assemble or freedom of the press, the only thing you lose out of those two things are freedom to riot and call it an assembly. You ask "You think ANY religion is bad? How many monks do you see murdering others? What about jews? Christians? Do you hear about the radical Jehovah witnesses? No?" If you took the time to graduate or attain the comprehension skills of a 5th grader than you would realize that religion is the…

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  • The Zionism Movement: Poem Analysis

    Zionism is defined as the national movement of the Jewish people to re-establishment and maintain a Jewish State. The word Zionism is derived from the word Zion, which is another name for Jerusalem. The new Jewish state would reclaim all that the Jewish people lost over the years. The movement was founded by Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann, and has received both support and criticism from various nations. Over the years the movement has made significant progress despite the opposition and…

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