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  • Northwest Passage Essay

    Throughout history, the search for the Northwest Passage brought many explorers to the Canadian Arctic. The English seaman, Martin Frobisher, was the first explorer to make this journey. In 1576, he arrived on Baffin Island, part of the modern day territory of Nunavut. After arriving in the arctic, he made contact with a group of Inuit. Due to their isolation, this is one of the first contacts the Inuit had made with outsiders. Of course, as word of the Northwest Passage spread, a large number of explorers and whalers made their way north. By 1840, many whalers made it as far northwest as Pond Inlet and Cumberland Sound. (refer to figure 1) The Inuit are an indigenous group, native to the Arctic regions of the world, including Greenland, Siberia,…

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  • Analysis: The Discovery Of America

    The first was Giovanni de Verrazano. He was commissioned in 1524 to discover a Northwest passage through North America to India. Not far behind him was Jaques Cartier who explored the St. Lawrence river as far as present-day Montreal. Jean Ribault headed an expedition that explored the St. Johns river area in Florida. France’s last explorer was Samuel de Champlain. He built a fort in Quebec and explored the area north to Port Royal, Nova Scotia, and to south Cape Cod. All the explorations France…

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  • Captain James Cook: English Explorer

    James Cook: Captain James Cook was an English explorer in the 1700s who was in search of the “Southern Continent” which he didn’t believe really existed. He went on three big expeditions; the first was from 1768 to 1771, when he sailed from Plymouth, England to Brazil, around Cape Horn, Africa, and to Tahiti where he stayed for a while, then to New Zealand, Australia, and Java to prove they weren’t part of a larger southern continent. His second expedition took him to Antarctica and many of…

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  • Characterization, Courage, And Consequences In A & P By John Updike

    In the story, “A&P”, John Updike introduces a young boy, Sammy, who is employed in an A&P grocery and finds his awareness towards maturity, which leads to consequences. The author illustrates this through the use of detailed characterization, bravery, and consequences brought from one’s actions. The passage starts off with Sammy working when he sees three girls wearing nothing but bathing suits and labels each one individually. Later on, the girls walk up to Sammy to check out when Lengel, the…

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  • A Doll's House Passage Analysis

    This passage is found at the end of the play and shows an intense conversation between Nora and Torvald, in which Nora finally finds the courage to tell her husband that she will be leaving him and the children to go back to her home town. There is a distinct change in Gender roles in this passage, compared to the previous parts of the play, as Nora takes on the dominant role which in the nineteenth century would usually belong to a male. There are rapid switches in mood and tone throughout the…

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  • Walk In The Fall And The First Snow Analysis

    Carmen is in second-grade student, she is currently having challenges reading and is performing at a kindergarten reading level. When starting the assessment with Carmen, based on previous assessments, I knew her reading level was below second-grade reading level. Her reading over assessment has seen improvement and she is able to apply skills she has learned. Carmen was able to read Walk in the Fall and The First Snow. She demonstrated improvement in her reading based on the reading techniques…

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  • Shakopee High School Expansion Case Study

    This passage uses a lot of numerical data to clearly point out some possible influences that may be caused by the project. (e.g. “Development of the athletic complex will disturb approximately 68.5 acres and create 8.29 acres of new impervious surface.”). There is a bullet point list in this passage, which makes the modifications of the project on existing structures more straightforward and clear to readers. 3. A) I think section 11.a.ii is a fairly effectively written passage. The passage…

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  • Song 2 8-17 Analysis

    Literary Meaning of Song 2:8-17 Verse 8. The passage begins with an interjection hinnē (Look!), an excited call by the young woman to the daughters of Jerusalem (as well as to her audience and readers) to focus on the present moment about the man whom she loves (and probably about to marry for the young man in this passage has not yet called her bride as he does in 4:; 5:1. She invites the audience/readers to partner with her—to watch and listen with her as she awaits her beloved…

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  • Who Is The Narrator In The War Of The World's By H. G. Wells

    The narrator shows his irritation with the curate by saying “nothing i could do would moderate his speech”, which means as the curate began to speak louder the narrator tried to keep the curate calm and keep him quiet but nothing he could say or do would make him quiet. As the text continues the narrator becomes more irritated with the curate because the curate starts exclaiming “It is just, O God!” over and over again. The curate is feeling guilty about his life and how he has treated others.…

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  • Short Summary: The Diary Of My Sister's Life

    suggested I spend time with her in Alabama. The day prior to my arrival, I lost contact with her. Devin has kept a close eye on me. He cannot be trusted. He has tried to conceal his intention, but his actions had me guarding any news concerning my sister. Steven Egret works for the Speaker of the House and I am certain the government does not pay him. I suspected the person he wanted to find was Samantha, but my sister 's whereabouts can lead him to her. In the safe, I found a key. I…

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