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  • Dorothy's Diary Analysis

    Chicago. On November eleventh she mentions taking transportation to Wilmette to go to the bank, and then walking home. On the same day she also attends a Northwestern University football game, going to Noyes Street, and taking the L home. And finally, on the twelfth she writes that she walked with a friend to Highland Park. All of this evidence suggests that she lives, works, and shops to the North of Chicago near Wilmette, as she would need to be in walking distance of downtown Wilmette and near Highland Park. In the diary there are also some clues as to Dorothy’s age, although she does not explicitly mention it. On November seventh she writes about casting her first presidential vote for Hughes. The voting age in Illinois at the time was 21, so if this was the first time she was able to vote she would have had to be between 21 and 24 so as to have been able to vote in this election but not in the last. On almost every day, Dorothy mentions what she did for fun in the evening. On at least eight out of the fourteen diary entries, she writes that she read before going to bed, often by the fire. Additionally, she writes the she sewed on the evening of November fourteenth. She also writes about some activities she does with friends or coworkers. On November eleventh she gets asked to go to a Northwestern University football against Iowa, and on the same day she mentions going to a concert in the evening with a Wagner program. On a few days, she also mentions going out to…

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  • Case Study: Should College Athletes Get Paid

    Even though there are a majority of people with this movement, many argue that paying athletes is near impossible. There are opposing sides that claim colleges and smaller colleges could not afford to pay these athletes. It would be hard to imagine how these schools wouldn’t be able to pay these players. Karaim writes in his article about how the NCAA is a multibillion dollar industry. He claims that the NCAA should be able to afford and assist these colleges with the billions of dollars that…

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  • Summary: Corruption In Chicago

    The city of Chicago has faced controversy for quite for time. Many claim the city has become so corrupt, that the trail leads all the way up to the city’s mayor, Rahm Emmanuel. Corruption is one of the major problems Chicago faces and Mayor Rahm Emanuel is the face of the corruption that plagues the city. In an article written by Judith Valente, Can Chicago offer a path away from gun violence? She states “More than 2,800 people were shot in Chicago last year, and by December 2015 there had been…

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  • Essay On The NCAA Amateurism System

    athletes themselves) are allowed/permitted to be represented by an agent, receive benefits from an agent/prospective agent, contact professional teams, as well as receive “prize money” above (many times well above) their actual and necessary expenses. Each, and every one of the aforementioned claims are directly prohibited to NCAA athletes due to the amateurism clause. I see this as a large double standard being portrayed by the NCAA. Another example of just how much money is coming into…

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  • Black Workers Discrimination

    In wildcat strikes, workers didn’t bother to go through the UAW at all and ignored the grievance procedures that were in place by the UAW because they knew that the only way they could press their demands would be to strike and negotiate at the gates of the industry instead. The way they organized outside of the workplace was by use of media. The workers realized that not only material was needed but also cultural means to make a change. They recognized that there needed to be media that was…

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  • Why College Athletes Get Paid?

    Have you ever been watching a college sporting event on television and wondered how much the schools actually gain on having these sports? Well the answer to that question really is not that much. In 2010 the average net revenue of division one college football was 3.15 million, but 43 percent of the schools in division one had an average net revenue of 2.87 million in losses (Chua). This is because the schools that play in the bowl games end up spending more to play the football games then what…

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  • Should College Athletes Be Paid

    Larry Brown for Rules Violations”). Every year, college’s misconduct the NCAA rules for academics. Why do college athletes receive everything free in college, if they never participate in academics. Colleges provide materials that the athletes need, such as cleats, jerseys, and equipment that can cost over thousands of dollars. College athletes receive equipment that they need for athletics for free. For example, if you were recruited to the University of Oregon for football, you would…

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  • Should Athletes Get Paid Essay

    Playing extreme physical sports, like football, can cause major injury. This not only includes the body, but the brain as well. Brain injury is very common. Brain injury can lead to mental illness and physical illness. Brain injury is caused by concussions. Each time a football player gets hit they receive the equivalent of a thirteen pound bowling ball going twenty miles per hour at their body, and head. Not only is this dangerous to the player, but also to the family. The meaning is the…

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  • Should College Athletes Be Paid?

    This is why athletes should not be paid. Meaning, college athletes should focus on studying academics, rather than practing on the field. In addition, they can stay in school and keep their academics up for 4 years toward their degree (Cooper). Subsequently, the National Basketball Association and National College Athletes Association requires this from the athletes. In order to be drafted, they must fulfill these requirements. One: attend a university for at least 1 year or 4 years. Two: Have…

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  • Toronto Raptors Case Analysis

    Pricing Limited Supply, High Value Positions: Toronto Raptors 2015 Executive Summary July 2015 marks the time when the Toronto Raptors will have six free agents on the team. In light of the fact that the center position is considered the most important position combined with the fact that the two center players that have been signed are rookies, there is an implicit problem facing Dwane Casey as well as the managers of the only Canadian basketball team in the NBA. That problem is what to offer…

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