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  • Will Davis Early Life

    Growing up in Kentucky, a love for Kentucky basketball comes naturally. Will Davis has been a die-hard fan since he was just a baby. He loved Kentucky basketball more than anything, it was his life. Nothing made him happier than Kentucky winning, and nothing hurt him worse when they lost. He watched every game with his dad. When he was just a young boy, he vowed that he would one day wear those eight letters across his chest and play in front of the 23,000 rowdy Kentucky fanatics in Rupp Arena. Not many people work as hard as Will does, his work ethic is practically unmatched. Even as a kid playing little league basketball, he practiced every practice like it was his last and played every game like it was his last game. Day in and day out he left it all on the court. Will’s father, Steve instilled this work ethic in him since day one. Steve was a pretty good basketball player himself. He never played college, but he excelled at the high school level. Steve and Wil both shared the same dream, to play at the University of Kentucky. It didn’t work out for Steve, so he decided he’d do everything in his power to help his son reach that elite…

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  • The Glory Road Analysis

    team together by showing them that they should not allow racism to get to them, because of their rooms and belongings being vandalized. He simply accomplishes this by having the team leave and continue onwards to their next location not looking back thus strengthening the team emotionally. Although Haskins was a great example of an instrumental and expressive hybrid leader, I believe a different character viewed as an antagonist also took on a authoritarian type of leadership. This was the…

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