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  • The Notebook Comparison

    Why I Think The Notebook is Worth Seeing Never has a film swept me away into a story like The Notebook, and never have I found a truer romance. Author Nicholas Sparks- based this movie on the relationship of his wife’s grandparents Noah and Allie. Sparks captures their love story as both Noah and Allie go through trials as a result of her parents’ displeasure of their relationship, they experienced years of separation, and other love interest. If not for their unwavering love, devotion to each other, and commitment their story would cease to exist. The unshaken love that the actors are able to portray is quite remarkable. Noah took creative, yet alarming measures in his quest to ask Allie out. For example, while Allie and her date were…

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  • The Notebook, By Nicholas Sparks

    A Summary Of The Notebook The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a fictional romance placed in the time of the 1940’s. This story is about two young adults who have their whole lives ahead of them and shows how different family values and upbringings affect a relationship and determine the outcome. As predictable as this story is it comes with some surprises in each of the characters lives and can be very relatable to some readers. The Notebook starts off with two older people one listening and…

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  • My Notebook Artifact

    Notebooks are just pieces of paper with words scrawled all over them, right? Wrong, journals are the physical manifestation of one’s soul. My notebook is a cultural artifact I share with very many people around the world for a common goal: to express and understand myself. People have used a physical medium to express themselves since 40,000 years ago using cave walls to paint (Waldman 1). It’s a no-brainer that people continue to do so today. But why? What’s the significance of personal…

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  • My Classroom Management Pl My Philosophy Of Education

    vital importance in my for good classroom management. When students know what is expected of them daily, their actions and behaviors reflect this in a positive manner. Students enter the room at the beginning of the class. They fill out their planners for the classes they have during the day. All of the assignments for my classroom are already on the board. We take Lunch count, attendance, and listen to the Daily Announcements. After we have completed this, we start with a daily problem from the…

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  • Characters In 'An Abundance Of Katherines'

    hog hunting, cave exploring, and late night conversations. Overall the most influential objects in the story are The Mansion, his notebook/pencil, and his phone. The Mansion is detrimental to the plot and character developement of all three adolescents. Colin and Hassan whilst on their road trip have the uncanny luck to stumble upon their to-be benefactor; Hollis. Hollis is Lindsey's mother and is incredulously wealthy. She lives in an opulent and expansive house, and opens her home to Colin…

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  • Reflective Essay: Adapting Therapy In High School

    Like many of my fellow English teachers, I am an office and school supply addict. My retail therapy after a hard day is much more likely to involve buying colorful new pens, post-its with witty sayings, or notebooks that catch my eye rather than making a trip to a department store. I think these things speak to me because they are full of promises of fresh, new possibilities. Perhaps that is why I have always enjoyed school supply shopping each fall. It is not just a signal of a significant…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Passion For Writing

    even before I could properly spell, I was a writer. Reflecting on my childhood, I find that nearly all my memories have some connection to writing. Because I lived on the skirt of a minuscule town and was homeschooled, I had no interaction with any children and quite happily spent my time alone. That time was largely passed with writing. When I played with my collection of stuffed animals, it was always with intention of telling a story. They were my props, and the minute I finished with them, I…

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  • Should Computers Be Allowed In Class

    there is no need for laptops as the lectures are often discussion oriented rather than simply being fact oriented. This requires undivided attention of which laptops tend to interrupt due to their very distractive nature. In addition, using laptops to write notes do not necessarily enforce the learning process. The tactile nature of writing notes, highlighting important points with markers, etc. generally help students with better grasp the subject material compared to those who use laptops in…

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  • Romanticised Love Analysis

    depicted by text makers as being unrealistic and extreme expressions of feelings and actions of a man towards a woman within a romantic relationship. It is depicted in a manner to seem better or more appealing than it is. Romantic love is characterised by intensity. We experiences intense passion, intense pleasure and intense emotional and sexual desire. However, there is always a negative aspect of romantic love in the form of jealousy, frustration, loneliness, longing and other types of…

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  • Two Wolves Themes

    his criminal father whilst deciding whether to follow his flesh and blood or the law. This treatise will discuss the transformations Ben has experienced during the course of the story due to a certain character, setting and event. The character mentioned in this essay, is Ray Silver, Ben’s criminal father. Nature, including the cabin and scenes which occurred there, has influenced Ben the most, changing his perspective on most occasions. Lastly, the event chosen for this appraisal, was when Ben…

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