My Classroom Management Pl My Philosophy Of Education

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Classroom Management Plan My philosophy of education is that every child should have the right to learn and can get a quality education. All students can learn, some learn in different ways. All children that come into my classroom should feel safe and comfortable. My room may be their safe place. My room should be a nurturing environment that applies a variety of approaches to the learning a disciplinary process. Students should have well guided individual instruction that is necessary to provide an environment will they will learn and become influential members of our future generations.
Room arrangement: My room is arrangement different from most classrooms. I usually have more than one subject being taught during the hour. There
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However, we follow their behavior plans. It is different for each one of them.
Classroom Procedures:
Consistency is something that I feel is of vital importance in my for good classroom management. When students know what is expected of them daily, their actions and behaviors reflect this in a positive manner.
Students enter the room at the beginning of the class. They fill out their planners for the classes they have during the day. All of the assignments for my classroom are already on the board. We take Lunch count, attendance, and listen to the Daily Announcements. After we have completed this, we start with a daily problem from the lesson the day before to review. Then we begin our lessons. At the end of the hour, I give them time to make sure their planners are accurate and they mark the assignments finished or unfinished and put them in the correct subject area in their notebooks.
Assessing student learning:
Students will be assessed by written tests, oral tests, and classroom projects. Most lessons are structured in my classroom with the exception of Study Skills class. We sometimes have students going in and out of the classroom to finish other classroom

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