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  • The Notebook, By Nicholas Sparks

    A Summary Of The Notebook The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is a fictional romance placed in the time of the 1940’s. This story is about two young adults who have their whole lives ahead of them and shows how different family values and upbringings affect a relationship and determine the outcome. As predictable as this story is it comes with some surprises in each of the characters lives and can be very relatable to some readers. The Notebook starts off with two older people one listening and another reading a story of two young people in love. Once the story progresses it shows how Noah and Allie the two young people fall in love for a summer and once Allie leaves for the city they promise to write to each other wich comes up later in the…

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  • Nicholas Sparks: A Brief Analysis

    But there were four specific events that highlighted this historic day. First starting off with the President of the United States trying to find a way to get cancer pills to their patients faster. Secondly a instant classic game between the Lady Huskies and the Lady Volunteers that would be a rematch of last years national championship game and would go down in dramatic fashion. Next we will be talking about one of the greatest love stories to come out between to young lovers who lose each…

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  • Synopsis Of The Story 'Safe Haven' By Nicholas Sparks

    Safe Haven is a place in which a person can seek safety and be given a chance to start over. This story is about a young woman named Katie, who’s life has been changed by an abusive and egotistic ex-husband. This story is proudly named “Safe Haven” by Nicholas Sparks because Katie goes seeking a new place to start a new life, where she would be forever safe from her ex-husband. Throughout the story, Katie changes by learning to overcome being abused, adapting to a new environment, and developing…

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  • Nicholas Sparks

    The movie opens up with the charming atmosphere and nature in a small town in North Carolina. Beautiful scenery and natural beauty make the viewer immediately fall in love with the romantic scenery. Upon watching many cliche Nicholas Sparks movies the beginning has one thinking that this is just another cheesy love story turned into a cinematic failure, however I was highly mistaken. As the film fades from the natural beauty of North Carolina it starts to focus on a more peculiar and boisterous…

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  • Nicholas Sparks's The Tree House

    “Beth stopped short suddenly and faced him. All at once, Clayton noticed her anger had been replaced by something more close to terror. The tree house” (Sparks 314). Coming home provided no leisure for Logan Thibault. Not even a quaint fishing trip to Minnesota allowed him to escape Death’s longing for him. All that stood between Death and Logan was a Simple Picture. Logan’s new life revolved around that single picture, which he would spend the rest of his life trying to repay that debt. Logan…

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  • Nicholas Sparks Influence

    As one of the well-known modern day writers, Nicholas Sparks’ writings make such a personal connection with many because he uses experiences of the common man while adding a mystical touch to entice the reader. Nicholas Sparks was heavily influenced by his life experiences, and experiences of others. The Lucky Oneand Dear John are two of Nicholas Sparks’ books that expose realities of war, a prevalent event in Nicholas Sparks’ life at the time he was writing these novels, while adding a sense…

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  • The Notebook Comparison

    Why I Think The Notebook is Worth Seeing Never has a film swept me away into a story like The Notebook, and never have I found a truer romance. Author Nicholas Sparks- based this movie on the relationship of his wife’s grandparents Noah and Allie. Sparks captures their love story as both Noah and Allie go through trials as a result of her parents’ displeasure of their relationship, they experienced years of separation, and other love interest. If not for their unwavering love, devotion to each…

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  • Romanticised Love Analysis

    longing and other types of emotional suffering. Three texts with well known representation of unrealistic love are, Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice (1813), Nicholas Spark’s Notebook (1996) and J.F. Lawton’s Pretty Woman (1990). Each of these texts represent and demonstrate unrealistic ideas of love, however differ in the impacts they have on each individuals life. Throughout The Notebook a number of key scenes portray a love which is unrealistic causing many expectations for audiences. The…

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  • Street Dance Research Paper

    The dance takes the vocabulary of ballet, the story line of The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and lyrics of Youth by Daughter and blends it into this immaculate presentation of my all-time favorite love story. The floor work resembles the struggle that those with Alzheimer’s face as they live daily without recognizing a bit of who they are nor what to make of the world around them. Jim’s part in the dance resembles the role of Noah in the book based on how he brings the life that they had back to…

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  • 'The Notebook' By Nicholas Sparks

    A 1996 novel, The Notebook written by Nicholas Sparks, the center of attention is on the romance, as it opens over half a century, between Noah Calhoun and Allie Nelson, two young Southerners who meet for the first time as teenagers. The lovers overcome many complications, including Allie’s criticism family of them being together. At the time of its release, the novel received diverse critical reviews but was extremely popular with readers and later in 2004 made into a movie, starring Rachel…

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