Nicole Brown Simpson

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  • Nicole Brown Simpson Case

    Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder of Nicole Brown Simpson, a human being.” The courtroom was filled with gasps, tears, cries of joy, and many hugs.“We the jury in the above entitled action, find the defendant, Orenthal James Simpson, not guilty of the crime of murder of Ronald Lyle Goldman, a human being.” More weeping and celebrations followed the second verdict. The final decision had been made. After nearly a year and a half of watching the Bronco chase, reading the papers, following the trial, and, overall, waiting, the nation heard this verdict and was left in shock. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman had been brutally killed and almost all of the…

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  • Kant's Moral Judgement

    would not create a better good because of their moral rights and it would be completely wrong. However when it comes to O.J, like I stated before he obviously had different moral rights than most people and he believed what he did was right. When the investigation staff could not find sufficient evidence O.J Simpson believed even more that he was not guilty. When he felt he had the jury on his side believing him he also believed he had done nothing wrong and maybe did the right justified…

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  • The Stalking Law: The Cause Of Domestic Violence

    In January of 1989 Nichole Brown Simpson made a 911 call claiming that she was being attacked by her husband, OJ Simpson. In the police report, the authorities were called to their home. When they arrived to the home, the housekeeper told the police they were not needed. After that Nichole came sprinting across the lawn and collapsed on the ground letting them inside. She was bruised and screaming: “He’s going to kill me! He’s going to kill me!” It was revealed that the police had been called to…

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  • The O. J. Simpson Domestic Violence Case

    Simpson murder case. O.J. Simpson was a star running back for the Buffalo Bills, and popular on television. He married Nicole Brown in 1985 and reportedly abused his wife on a regular basis. In 1989 he plead no contest to a charge of domestic violence. Unlike most victims of domestic violence she was able to leave him and she filed for divorce in 1992. On the night of June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Nicole’s new spouse) were stabbed to death in the front yard of her…

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  • Mockingbird Vs Simpson

    brilliantly depicted the prejudice and segregation in the fictional town of Maycomb. Orenthal James Simpson was also an African-American and he was convicted of a double murder in…

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  • Analysis Of The Rape Capital, By Jon Krakauer

    Jon Krakauer tells of how a close friend of his wife and himself had been twice sexually assaulted by someone they knew. Shocked Jon Krakauer seeks to find out more about these occurrences and this leads him to Missoula, Montana, the titular town of the book and how it came to be known as “The Rape Capital” of the United States. He begins by explaining the importance of college football to this community and how the pride they took in the sport led to the veneration of star athletes. He…

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  • The Simpson Case: State Of California V. Orenthal

    The Simpson Case showed the World what not to do in a Crime Investigation Some would say that the people of the state of California v. Orenthal James Simpson was the most controversial trial ever. Orenthal James Simpson was a highly decorated football player and later became a well-known football sports anchor. In all accounts, OJ Simpson was well liked and seemed to be a model citizen. Even with his football and professional success, the former football star was tried on two counts of murder.…

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  • Oj Simpson Research Paper

    His story is amplified throughout the entire nation, affecting more than anyone could have ever thought. His stardom, his football career, the murders, the rumors, and the trial, ost people realize who this is by the first sentence. This is Orenthal James Simpson, or mostly know as OJ Simpson. You have seen him on the football field, in moves, in commercials, and in all likelihood, in court. But the better question is: Did he do it? Some of the things that occur through his life may be affected…

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  • Why Was Everybody So Fascinated With The Oj Simpson Trial

    Why was everybody so fascinated with the O.J. Simpson trial? When we hear the name Orenthal James Simpson we don’t think of his Heisman trophy or his first overall pick in the NFL Draft. We think about the trial of the century, the double murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. The O.J. case was one of the first cases nationally televised; being televised people got to see what happened and therefore, started the fascination with the case. But what made it so fascinating? Was it…

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  • Analysis Of The O. J. Simpson Trial

    The O.J. Simpson trial is one of the most infamous trials in this country’s history. The jury’s decision of the trial completely shocked the people of the United States and across the world. People were glued to their televisions as the trial carried on. The verdict of the O.J. Simpson trial was wronged by many factors. Starting with the race of the suspect, to the selection of the jury, concluding with the prosecution’s failure to collect all of the substantial information and evidence to prove…

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