History of dance

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  • History Of Dance

    multiple dances throughout the life of man. Some are used in rituals. These could include the Haka, the Morris Dance, and Rainmaking dances. Others are used to interpret a person’s emotions and feelings. It has more of a modern feel and began in the 1900s. However, that isn’t the dance of focus at the moment. Ballet; an artistic dance form performed to music using precise and highly formalized set steps and gestures, is the center of attention. The first form of ballet that was performed was in the early 1700s. 1735 would be a closer estimate. It is a French type of dance, so in turn, all terms for positions and movement are in the creator’s native tongue. The people who performed these dances were companies that traveled to…

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  • Deer Dance History

    A dance originated from Sonora Mexico that is now popular in many other parts of Mexico named la danza de venado also known as the deer dance. A native Yaqui dance that is used to dramatize deer hunting in the honoring of the natural world we live in and especially those white tailed deer which were the providers for the hunters and their family’s essentials. The dance was designed to portray a deer’s graceful and active movements. The dancers wear deer heads and dress in an Indian manner as…

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  • Flamenco Dance History

    In a dark, desolate Spanish cave, music comes to life as you enter in. The sudden claps from castanets make the whole room hush. Eyes follow the swift movement of the dancers. Such emotion fills the room; jubilation, bliss, anger, fear, and love. Spanish culture comes alive when the flamenco dance begins. The history of this dance brings together the melting pot of people, traditional music, Latin dancing, and mystic surroundings. Tourists with their cameras ready for action, stare at the…

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  • Merengue Dance History

    There were two dances combined in Merengue, which were African and French Minuet from the late 1700’s- early 1800’s. In addition, the original Meringues was not danced by individual couples but a circle dance. At that time, each man and woman faced each other and holding hands at arm’s length. However, they did not holding each other closely like today we do. The original movements for this dancing was only shaking the showers and swift movement of the feet, and they didn't move the hips…

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  • Greek Dance History

    an exact time period that dance evolved, it is estimated that it was approximately 9000 years ago; at around 6000BC, as shown from the Bhimbetka rock shelters throughout India. The paintings depicted tribe members celebrating after a successful hunt. That was later followed with other cave drawings throughout the Western World such as in countries as Spain and France. Modern Indian dance was actually based on a very early manuscript, 'The Natya Shastra', which was written between 200BCE and…

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  • Modern Dance History

    Three Artists: Throughout this mass world of dance, there are many extraordinary choreographers, dancers, artists, and innovators that impact young artists. Sometimes we tend to forget the different eras of dance. For example, the early to mid twentieth century, 1960s-1980s, and of course the twenty-first century. It is important to understand the evolution of how modern dance evolved. It provides us a history and background, so we can grasp a better understanding on what it is we are learning…

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  • History Of Dance Essay

    Dance is considered by many to be an essential element of human behavior. This behavior was first demonstrated by the early movement of the Earth’s most primitive human civilizations. It has evolved over the years to create a variety of traditional ethnic and folk styles, as well as classical ballet, jazz, tap, ballroom, and the modern and contemporary dance genres that are popular today (Anderson). Although the origins of dance choreography can be traced back to prehistoric times, modern and…

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  • Lindy Dance History

    1929. With people losing their homes even a cent could not save a life. The 1930s was known to be the hardest times of America. Despite the grim decade, music ruled the young and old. In 1938 a traffic of young teens stood in line in front of Paramount Theater to see the ultimate song, “Sing, Sing, Sing” from Benny Goodman (Hard Times, the 30s 136). With music and dance, icons to entertainment, and famous literary works influenced the nation to keep on fighting strong even in those grim time.…

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  • Ghost Dance History

    19 September 2016 ‘The Ghost Dance’ It is true to say that different communities in the world became rebellious to the European civilization especially on religious matters. In this case, also the Indians in Western America had to have a rebellious cult that would enlighten their struggle from the hands of the European invader. The Indians of America and mostly from Western Great Basin hence began a cult that was known as ‘the ghost dance’ or Natdia in native America (Weiser). The ghost dance…

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  • Ballet Dance History

    The word “Ballet” itself is French in origin, ballet is a classical dance form with flowing patterns to create expression through movement. It’s a form of art just like how artists express themselves through paintings, ballet dancers show passion through dancing. Over the years ballet has changed in every way. In the early 1400’s an Italian man named Domenico described theatrical dances called Balletto. Luxurious pageants of music and dance would be done, women and men both would attend these…

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