History of Greece

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  • Ancient Greek History

    Greeks Ancient Greek history starts around 2000 BCE and with the arrival of Indo-European settlers in the Aegean Rim. These are the settlers that the Ancient Greeks take for their ancestors. The Ancient Greeks have a deep and expansive history. The Greeks rose from individual settlers to developing entire armies and colonies. Ancient Greeks also developed some of the first philosophers and saw a deep passion for the arts and humanities. It was the Ancient Greeks who founded the powerful cities of Sparta, Athens, and Miletus. The history of Ancient Greece is long and prosperous, and is one of the most fascinating times in history to study. This topic is interesting to me because I have always enjoyed the Ancient Greek…

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  • Characteristics Of The Greek Heroic Period

    Laila Tatum Mrs. Beachler World History 09 March 2016 The Greek Heroic Period The Greek Heroic Period spans roughly from 1200–750 B.C.E(Thirlwall).Greek heroes were, and continue to be, an important part of Ancient Greece, because of their supernatural accomplishments, mental, and physical strength. In addition to that, heroes are significant because they served as role models for the Greeks, but also expressed their own personal struggles; like private doubts, and accepting fate. The…

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  • Great Greek Thinkers: Ancient Greek Medicine

    that the earth rotated around the sun, not the other way around, although this theory seems to have been largely ignored for many years. This scientist was also the person who figured out the accurate order of the planets. Greece, not Egypt Since the Egyptian culture developed long before Greek, it would have made sense that the Egyptians made many of the discoveries that the Greeks ended up making. However, although the Egyptians are credited with some major things, they were still far behind…

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  • Competitiveness In Ancient Greece

    What forces shaped the Greeks ' attitudes to competitiveness? Social performance played a crucial role in the life of any Ancient Greek and the result of this constant performance was that the agôn became essential to the social dynamics of Ancient Greece. Agôn had a variety of meanings throughout Greek history, at first the term was used to define a space in which people compete however later on it was used to denote any kind of competition whether it be in an athletic contest or a…

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  • Reflective Essay: Knowing Difference Of The History

    Knowing Difference of the History History is the most important thing to know in our life; from the past, we know what is the present time and also from the past events we know in the present events might happen the same as what happened in the past. Each of us might know the different history of their country that might be American, Mexican, Greek, Egyptian or even Multicultural history that knowing your values from your own culture and from the culture that you live in. For me, I…

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  • Ancient Greek Olympics Vs Modern Olympics

    athletes the opportunity to compete at the highest level, while representing their countries proudly. This event would not be what it is today if it weren 't for the Ancient Greeks getting it started in 776 B.C.E. Since getting it start back then, it has evolved into one of the most popular events in the world and continues to evolve with the growing population and fan base that it has gained throughout history. Modern-day Olympics and the Ancient Greek version are vastly different…

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  • Fallacies In Ancient Greece

    In World Book Advanced it explains in Ancient Greece, successful unique city states emerged like Athens and Sparta. Some of these city states, most notably of which is Athens, encouraged democracy. There was disunity among these city states until the Persians initiated war. The Persian Empire was one of the greatest of ancient times and was expanding rapidly. It was the Spartans and Athenians united that the Persians were able to defeat the Persian forces. It was their finest hour when they were…

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  • Cultural Differences In Ancient Greece

    On earth, in this universe, there are seven continents and in these seven continents, there are 196 countries. 196 different cultures that are vastly diverse in religion, apparel, and way of life. The thing that links all of these countries together is religion, or the belief in some superior being. All countries can trace their history back to one major religion. Greece believed in the gods, such as Zeus and Hades. Chinese citizens held several regions practices, depending on the dynasty, but…

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  • My Greek Heritage Essay

    “If you don’t know your history, you don’t know yourself” (Samuel). I am not as familiar with my heritage as I would like to be. I feel as if I have done myself a disservice by not taking the time to learn more about where I came from and the experiences of my ancestors that helped shape who I am today. My father’s side of the family originates from Greece, Norway and Germany. My mother’s side originates from Germany and Norway. Even though I am more German and Norwegian than Greek, there has…

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  • Greek Debt Crisis Research Paper

    The debt crisis in Greece officially started in 2010; however, it can be argued that this was going to happen two years earlier. When Wall Street imploded because of the recession in the United States, Greece became the center focus of the debt crisis in Europe. To make matters worse, Greece announced one year later that they had a bigger deficit then they had originally thought. This event led to many questions asked on how Greece handles their money. To understand the crisis in Greece, it is…

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