Battle of Marathon

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  • The Battle Of Marathon Battle Analysis

    A few days after the Persians left the Spartans showed up and praised the Athenians (Fitzgerald). This is probably for being able to defeat someone with more than twice as much men as them. People heard about it everywhere and it helped them realize that the Persians were vulnerable and could lose (Staff). The battle marked the start of the beginning of the downfall of Persia according to some historians (Staff). This was a major achievement, no one thought the Persians could be stopped. They stopped Persian expansion and made them depressed (Staff). The battle has now inspired people for thousands of…

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  • The Importance Of The Battle Of Marathon

    general of the Athenian forces, Miltiades, was preparing for the first and final attack. This was where he’d make his final stand, going down in history as one of the greatest upsets in military history. This pivotal battle pushed back the Persians for the time being, saved the city of Athens, and bought time for the Greek city-states to re-organize, preventing Greece and the rest of Europe from being subjugated under Persian rule. This unexpected triumph by the Athenians during the Battle of…

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  • Battle Of Marathon And The Compromise Of Rivals Essay

    The Battle of Marathon and the Compromise of Rivals Throughout history, conflicts have arose between different people that had opposing views or ideas. As a result of these conflicts, battles and wars have been fought, in order for one side to declare superiority over the opposing side. However, other times in history, the result of a conflict was a compromise. In the times of Ancient Greece there was often chaos. Ancient Greece itself was a divided nation, and rivals were born from the…

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  • Bobbi Gibb Character Analysis

    On April 19 1966, Bobbi Gibb became the first women to run in the Boston Marathon—disguised as a man in men’s clothing. Growing up, Gibb was always passionate about running. She spent her adolescent and adult years running for her own enjoyment. After she witnessed her first marathon, Gibb felt the desire to participate in the marathon as a runner. Thus, she took it upon herself to train without professional assistance. By the end of her training, she was able to run 40 miles in one stretch;…

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  • Exemplification Essay: The Boston Marathon

    I've never witnessed the Boston Marathon of 1975, but novelist Bill Rodgers and Matthew Shepatin made me feel as if I was running the race the whole time, in April of 1975, when an unknown runner named Bill Rodgers decided to prove his worth to the not the country, but the world by breaking the world record in the marathon with a blazing 2:09:55. The story of how the whole world reacted to Bill’s outstanding performance is told by the Bill himself, and his mentor and teammate Amby Burfoot who…

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  • Podiatric Disorders Case Studies

    This case study follows the management of a 47 year old man who attends a Podiatry clinic presenting with pain and a fusiform swelling on the posterior aspect of the right ankle. The patient states that he has experienced discomfort for approximately the last three months, with the pain exacerbating after exercise. He discloses that he recently joined a local running club with the aim of training to run a marathon next year, leading to a significant increase in his activity levels. The patient…

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  • Personal Essay: Running In Barcelona

    Topic: Running in Barcelona If you are very fervent in keeping yourself fit and active, especially practicing running and you are in the city of Barcelona, then you are in the idea place. The best way to discovering any city is by running around it. There are different fascinating places for you to enjoy running while having a superb view of the Catalan city itself. In this article, we will explore several places for you to enjoy. You relax while we take the pain and hassle in letting you know…

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  • The Importance Of Temperature For Running Marathons

    As far as the dates go, I would recommend 4th Saturday of October 2016. There are several reasons for selecting those dates. The first is definitely the weather. The desirable weather can help speed runners on their way along the desired 26.2 mile course. In their article "Impact of Weather on Marathon Performance" published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, author Matthew Ely and his co-authors concluded that the ideal temperature for running marathons is between 39…

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  • 2013 Boston Marathon

    Thousands of friends, family and fans gather each with pride, happiness, and their cameras to capture the exciting moments of the bright and sunny April afternoon of the 2013 Boston Marathon. Their excitement is booming through the elated crowd and spreading like a wildfire. Sweat and tears are flying from exhausted runners and their long 26.2 mile journey to the finish. Everyone is so caught up in the moment, how could anything possibly go wrong? Needless to say, the detonation of two bombs was…

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  • Personal Reflection On The Kanata Race

    FINAL REFLECTION In 2015 I ran in an organized race .I had participated in the Madd Dash, also known as the Strides for Change run near Earl March Secondary School. I’ve recieved an approximate time of 28 minutes when finished running the 5km run. During the day of the run, it was very cold and in the middle of the run it started to hail. In 2016, I ran in the Kanata Race Day event at Richcraft Community center during May. The run was during good and well rounded weather conditions for the…

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