History of Jordan

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  • Organisational Agility Case Study

    However, few studies discuss the organisational agility in Jordan. For example: one of the studies focused on the role of agility and knowledge sharing on competitive advantage, investigation in manufacturing companies in Jordan (Almahamid, 2008), another example is Bataineh et al., (2015) in which a study of the role of Information Technology capabilities in capitalizing market agility in Jordanian Telecommunications Sector. The real drivers and challenges for organisational agility were not covered in any of the literature I found relating to Jordan or the Middle…

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  • The Impact Of Syrian Refugees On Jordan's Water Resources

    Gluck, Caroline. "Syrian Refugee Influx Adding to Jordan 's Water Worries."Oxfam Policy and Practice. N.p., 11 Apr. 2013. Web. 18 Sept. 2016. North of Jordan’s urban city areas lies the Mafraq farms which are filled with growing vegetables and olive trees. The farm also acquires one of the largest water producing wells in the Jordanian valley. However, the area is currently facing several water disparities due to the increasing number of Syrian refugees migrating into the region. Approximately…

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  • Causes Of The Syrian Civil War

    countries. Many people who follow current events are aware of the civil wars in Syria and Yemen or have a general idea of what’s going on, as it is all over TV and internet. When people grew tired of their failing dictators they began protest. Peaceful protesting soon became violent when government officials attempted to suppress it. This eventually led to a full scale civil war. Two years into the war, it became an international issue when countries such as the U.S. and Russia began taking…

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  • Problematizing A Palestinian Diaspora By Juliet Peteet

    The article “Problematizing a Palestinian Diaspora” by Juliet Peteet, outlines the origins and development of the Palestinian Diaspora during the post-colonial period in the Middle East as one of the most unresolved and controversial conflicts in human history. The year 1948 marks the beginning of the Palestinian al-ghurba (exile) as well as the establishment of the Jewish state of Israel. The founding of the new state is often described as Al-Nakba, meaning “the catastrophe or disaster”,…

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  • Summary Of Joshua's Farewell Of The Promised Land

    First of all, Joshua bid farewell to the eastern tribes. As the campaign in the Promised Land came to an end, the eastern tribes comprising of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh returned to their territories in the Transjordan area (Josh 22). Before they crossed the River Jordan, they built an altar at Geliloth as a memorial to remind the future generations that they were also a part of the commonwealth of Israel (Josh 22:24-27). The second farewell took place when Joshua gathered the leaders of Israel…

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  • Middle East Democracy Goals

    It wants their oil. It wants cooperation in finding a solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. The United States cannot afford to antagonize the very regimes whose cooperation it 14 seeks. The United States must work with existing regimes toward gradual reform—and this is a good thing. In conclusion, the lessons from the U.S. experience in postwar Iraq are being derived while the postwar history of the country is still being forged. Even with all the mistakes made by the United States—in…

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  • Water Crisis In The Middle East

    Water is essential for any living organism to thrive in the environment. The problem the world is facing today is the water supply According to the World Economic Forum, a water crisis is the #1 global threat based on impact to society. The world’s population is predicted to increase to 9 million by the year 2050. This has already put pressure on local water resources resorting to decreased water for food, energy, and industrial production. One area in particular who’s suffering from water…

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  • Arab War Essay

    During the time of the British rule a few of the Arabic countries came together and created the Arab League. The Arab League consisted of five countries which included Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Iraq. The League came together to help Palestine gain its territory because they also believed it was unfair to let the Jews have the larger part of the land than the Arabs. This scenario gave birth to Arab Nationalism for the first time. Arab Nationalism was born out of the fact that these…

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  • The Importance Of The Arab Spring

    Iraq with Mosul. In 1920 he proclaimed the independence of Syria. Lebanese Christians wanted independence. The French have reduced Syria, but created the Great Lebanon, with the Christian domination. Faisal was exiled; Lebanon has become unstable country while Syria left as a country dissatisfied with the resulting territory. Iraq has been “made” from various territories. Gertrude Bell, a British historian and secret agent, at first assisted Faisal, who nevertheless wished to rule alone, and to…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Climate Change

    Immediate solution has to be taken wisely with the help of history and previous society 's failures. Some manifestation of climate change that we have seen on television is a strong hurricanes and severe heat waves, this is a life threatening situation that no being would like to experience. However, as the earth keeps on getting warmer, the negative effects are expected to outweigh the positives. The more we learn about how climate change and how it will affect people and the environment, the…

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