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  • The Exponential Growth Of Today's Culture

    people communicate and have had a notable influence on forms of cultural expression. Memes are defined as, “an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from one person to another in a culture and often altered in a creative or humorous way (i.e. images, phrases, snapshots, gifs, etc.).” The rise of the meme culture in a fragmented landscape has no doubt exercised the idea of “cultural formations.” According to lecture, a cultural formation is a ‘complex action, object, event and the cultural texts that come to surround it.’…

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  • Creativity Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

    advance the world and communicate different perceptions of an idea, has gradually declined since 1990. Original ideas are vital when it comes to problem solving, technological advancements, communication, and much more. If the public worldwide stops creating new ideas, the world will experience a plateau rather than growth in development. In order to boost creativity in the population, it is best to start at the foundation of all skills, school. Supported by a scientific study and personal…

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  • Personal Narrative: Student Internship

    beginning of the school year. However, Pat was so intrigued by my e-mail of inquiry that she did not wish to lose me as an intern. After about a month of trying to generate a spot for me, we had an extensive collection of project ideas, but we finally decided on implementing an intergenerational program that would bridge the local, Glen Ridge Cooperative community and the youth of Mansfield, Connecticut. I was extremely impressed and appreciative of Pat’s determination to find a placement for…

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  • Comparing Ockham And Aquinas

    Scholastics is the bringing together into a system, the study of revealed religious truths and the philosophical writers of the past as a way to know, worship and serve God. Education was moving outside the cathedral and priest’s home and into a formal setting cities like Paris. The establishment of theology as a topic to be debated rather than a pathway to the heart of God is arguable the greatest disservice of this time in history. Attempting to resolve the questions of faith with the logic…

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  • Louis H. Sullivan's Thoughts: The Power Of The Human Mind

    it exists already, it’s called Rainbow Six Siege.” This sparked some curiosity into my mind about original ideas even being possible at this point in time. Over the course humanity 's history, roughly 107 billion humans have walked the Earth and currently there are over 7 billion alive currently, all whom are constantly thinking of stuff in their mind. Therefore; any thought that we may can simply not be original, not something the thinker created, but a mere replica of accumulated thoughts…

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  • Rule-Based Thinking: My Personal Code Of Ethics

    For instance, I could tie my shoe a way that is different than my peers. If everyone appears to tie their shoes a way that is different from the way I tie my shoes, I am going to feel not only different from the rest, but I am going to think I am tying my shoes incorrectly. The dilemma of untied shoes can be solved in multiple ways, but because there is a common way to solve the untied shoe, I am going to think that is not only the normal way but the correct way. A lot of the times the idea of…

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  • Definition Essay On Creativity

    something we can touch or capture, yet we all understand what it is and how it has shaped everything throughout human history. So what exactly is this mysterious force, what it is to feel creative? Throughout centuries of history we believed creativity to be a rare gift seen only in small groups of elite individuals such as artist, musicians, actors, craftsman, architects and engineers. During my educational stay in Italy in 1992, I spent my time off helping my uncle start his antique shop. I…

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  • Discovery Learning Theory Summary

    The Discovery Learning Theory Summary of Article: This article briefly discusses the history of Discovery Learning , what it looks like in practice , and a few positives and negatives about the theory. According to Coffey, this theory was founded by Jerome Bruner, a psychologist and cognitive learning theorist, in 1967 (2009). The author details a few of the goals of the Discovery Learning theory and one that stood out was to promote “a ‘deep’ understanding.” As an educator, I strive to instill…

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  • Athens And Sparta Comparison Essay

    more as a laid back city that did worried about working with foreign ideas. One of the better things about Sparta beside their overwhelming army was that they gave women an education. Athens was quite opposite from Sparta because they did not require that men join the military. They also did…

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  • The Loss Of A Creature Analysis

    The Loss of an Idea Walker Percy introduces the idea of individualism in his essay “The Loss of a Creature” by challenging the reader to question authority and find beauty in an object without having a preconceived idea about it. Percy contends that it is almost impossible, to see an object for what it is because of what has been formed in the sightseers mind. The author’s purpose of this essay is to expose the reader to new ideas about thinking for one’s self, and disregarding all preconceived…

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