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  • Collectivism In Italy

    Student Answer: In Italy, the individualism of the people of Italy is that they have to worry about and look after themselves and their actual family. But it is different with the collectivism of the people of Italy because they are belonging to the `in groups` in which that is who they are set to take care of in order to get loyalty back in exchange. Italy is more of a HIERARCHY country than an EGALITARIANISM country. Italy is highly regarded as success oriented and driven. The children are actually taught from a very young age that being in competition with someone or many people is not a bad thing and winning is important to a person's life. Because of this hierarchy mindset, the people of Italy will acquire large houses, nice cars and…

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  • Essay On Italy

    Cultural Project: Italy In America, we have certain customs and traditions that we are comfortable with and what we live by. An example would be the celebration of Thanksgiving. It is an American holiday that we all look forward to. In other countries like Europe, they don’t have the same holidays, traditions or values. They have a very different lifestyle than we do in America, particularly in Italy. Italians eat different foods, listen to different music, and have a different education system.…

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  • The Renaissance In Italy

    This paper accounts for the reason why the Renaissance primarily flourished in Italy. The Renaissance is often described as a certain period in history, yet this periodization is contested by some historians as it is not as linear as the Age of King Louis XIV (Bartlett, p.2). Instead, the Renaissance is a fluid notion that sought to define stself according to the highly admired doctrines of ancient Greece and Rome as “urban, cosmopolitan, and often republican Italian scholars and statesmen”…

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  • Research Paper On Italy

    The culture of Italy is very interesting to me because both my mom and my dad have ancestry there. The towns are very small and most people know each other. They also have many festivals and hundreds of people crowd the streets and have a great time. They also are big on religion they are Roman Catholic they believe in one god. The nation of Italy has very nice landscape as an example Sicily has rugged mountains one of the biggest ones is Mount Etna it is very well known. Many houses are…

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  • Italy Research Papers

    Italy Ciao! Benevento! Italy is a wonderful country that has influenced the world. Their cuisine, fashion, and arts have affected the world. From their many different fabrics used in their designs to the types of art they influenced Italy has effected the world in one way or another. First, Italy is known for their world- renowned fashion. Italian fashion has influenced many countries and cultures. Italy is known for the fabrics used in their designs. The types of fabrics…

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  • Italy During The Renaissance

    The Renaissance was well-known for its brutal politics in multiple countries across Europe including both Italy and England as well as a few others. In a multitude of cases people were tortured, banished, or even put to death in certain cities in Italy such as Florence. You see, in these city-states certain families became more powerful during the Renaissance because Italy was an enormous center of trade at the time and still is today. These families, such as the Borgia’s in Rome, often had…

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  • Italy Research Paper

    Italy, also known as the Italian Republic, is a peninsula located in the south-central part of Europe. Italy’s capital is Rome, which is one of the country’s top tourist destinations, it surrounds the Vatican City. Italy is the forefront of the Roman Catholic Church, home to the Pope, and the Vatican Museums. Italy is a culturally rich, mountainous terrain with a climate that varies considerably from the northern part of the peninsula to the southern. The country’s attractive nature is why…

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  • Operatic Censorship In Italy

    For many centuries, the Italian peninsula was politically divided in many states, ruled by foreign powers, mostly France and Austria. History is filled with examples of censorship and Verdi`s Italy was no exception. Operatic censorship refers to the process of controlling those aspects of a production that might be considered to destabilise the political, religious, and moral fabric of society. The censors were primarily concerned about the scenario and the libretto. Ideas promoting freedom of…

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  • Ostrogothic Italy Analysis

    In his paper, “Law ethnicity and taxes in Ostrogothic Italy: a case for continuity, adaptation and departure”, Shane Bjornlie considers the social status between the Goths and the Romans in Italy. Bjornlie makes the connection between the two by looking at the legal and administrative regime of the Ostrogothic state. Bjornlie argues that distinctions made between the Goths and the Romans were primarily based on one's economic conditions and their land tenure at the time in Italy, rather than…

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  • Economic Issues In Italy

    “Italy is the fourth-largest national economy in Europe, the eight-largest by Nominal GDP in the world and the 12th largest by GDP (PPP)” (“Economy of Italy”). Italy is a wealthy nation, but there is a separation in wealth between the north and the south. The north is a booming industrial area of development that is overrun by private companies (“The Economy in Italy”). The south is drastically different and generates most of its production through agricultural means, is heavily dependent on…

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