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  • History Of Pizza Essay

    a while for the rest of the society to be on board with the idea that tomatoes were in fact harmless, but once they did Italian cuisine was changed forever (Demetri, p. 1). What most articles have in common is that pizza was truly made famous when King Umberto I and Queen Margherita visited Naples in 1889. The legend has it that after Italy unified in 1861 King Umberto I and Queen Margherita traveled Italy to take an inspection tour of her Italian Kingdom. The story says that the King and Queen began to become bored of the French cuisine they have been having. The King and Queen had met a lot of people on their travels, especially peasants, they saw these peasants eating the large flatbreads, and became curious enough to order one (Vergilio, p.1). Queen Margherita ordered her guards to pick her up one of these flatbreads from Pizzeria Brandi, founded in 1760 (Turim, p. 2). The Queen instantly loved the pizza and decided to eat it every time she went out with people. People began to be angry that the Queen kept eating pizza because it was not fit for a Queen to dine on a peasant’s food. The Queen combatted their snide remarks by hiring Chef Rafaelle Esposito to come to her royal palace and cook her a selection of pizzas for her pleasure (Vergilio, p.1). Rafaelle decided to make a special pizza for the Queen; he topped the pizza with the colors of the Italian flag, soft white cheese, red tomatoes, and green basil (Turim, p.2). The pizza Rafaelle created became Queen…

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  • Favazza's Case Study

    For an appetizer, the St. Louis based restaurant will be sure to have the famous toasted ravioli. Their toasted ravioli is hand breaded, and made to order, served with parmigiano and their rich meat sauce. Although Favazza’s is classified as an Italian restaurant, they have to bring a bit of St. Louis to the table. As for the full menu, Favazza’s has a very wide variety of food, suitable for all guest. Their menu includes a lunch menu, dinner menu, kids menu, and even a gluten free menu. Oh, and…

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  • Migration Interview Essay

    In the 1910s [she didn’t know exactly the year], Renee’s great-grandparents immigrated to America from Italy by boat. They lived in New York, had kids [one of them was then Renee’s grandfather], and opened an Italian family restaurant. From what we have learned about global flows, people migrate around the world for many reasons; and that seeking economic opportunity was what both Renee and I believed why her great-grandparents chose to leave Italy for America. Apparently, they made the trek to…

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  • Modern Italy Research Paper

    Before I took Italian 1, I did not know much about the modern Italy. I knew that Italy was a world super power during the Renaissance and rise and fall of the Roman Empire, but I never thought of it to be a modern power. I was very wrong. Italy is still one of the most advance and culturally influential nations on the planet. They are a nation of swift innovation, bold design, and cultural influence. Italy is a nation that historically, and still today, pushes the boundaries in almost every…

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  • Risotto Research Paper

    favorite dish that my mom, strictly following her father’s recipe, would make. Today, risotto has become an innately Italian dish. In most Italian restaurants, you will find at least one type of risotto on the menu. Strangely, despite it’s inherent Italian-ness, rice and risotto are relatively new introductions to Italian cuisine. Rice has a long history of domestication in Asia and was not brought to Italy for several thousand years after being domesticated (P. Huang et al. 2012, X. Huang et…

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  • The Importance Of The Italian Culture

    I chose to immerse myself into the Italian culture. Choosing this culture was not difficult because I am, according to AncestryDNA, 75% Italian and would love to learn more about where I come from. The only exposure that I have gotten in relation to the culture was when I traveled to Italy in June of 2017 and by living at home with my extended Italian family. After extensive research, I learned a hefty amount of information on Italian culture. For the course, I was required to download two…

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  • Spiaggia Analysis

    Spiaggia is an Italian fusion restaurant hailing in the vivacious city of Chicago, Illinois. They take traditional Italian dishes and give them a creative and zany twist that brings in people from all over. Not only are they the only Italian restaurant in Chicago to be four stars but they are also marked as a must see destination for celebrities and higher ups. While the cuisine never loses sight of its Italian roots it still manages to be wonderfully modern. Not to mention they offer and…

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  • Personal Experience: The Italian Culture

    The Italian culture has been one of the oldest and one of the most significant culture in this country. This is due to the fact that a lot of European migrated to the United States long ago. Like it is stated by the book Food and Culture by Kittler and Sucher “Today there are approximately 14 million Americans of Italian descent, most of whom live in or around major cities.” (pg 136). One of those major cities with a large population of Italians is New York City. Migrating to a new country with…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Meatpacking District

    the hanging warehouse pendant lights and the metallic components throughout, however Fig and Olive also has a calm Mediterranean feel to its decor. The industrial aspects are balanced out by their clay walls, sky lights, and olive plants throughout. There are also modern characteristics woven into the restaurant's design with their full wall shelves of wine and olive oil. Those olive oils are Fig and Olive's brand that offers high quality varieties of oil and they are abundantly used throughout…

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  • The Influence Of Pizza In American Culture

    According to the USDA, on any given day, 13% of Americans will have consumed pizza (Rhodes). Be it the sauce-on-the-top deep dish of Chicago, the "pizza on a cracker" from St. Louis, or, God forbid, frozen—the United States loves this Italian entrée. However, it seems that many people do not consider the science behind the creation of this popular cuisine. But I have. I worked in an Italian eatery for almost a year-and-a-half and made more pizzas than any human should be subjected to. Because of…

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