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  • The Importance Of Lunch

    Lunch. The time in school where students converge on grey tables and metal chairs to chomp down on your microwave noodles with a cold sweet tea and a bag of doritos. Lunch is an important time in the school day. In fact, if you asked me, lunch is my favorite time of the day besides dismissal. It is at the lunch table where life’s biggest questions are asked, and we attempt to answer them. Why are we constantly at war? Is there life beyond Earth? When is the second coming of Christ? Why does Bryan Potter play a Munchkin in The Wizard of Oz if he’s 6’4”. All very important questions. One day at lunch, I proposed a riddle to my lunch table. I had seen this riddle on YouTube a couple of weeks prior. The riddle goes as follows: if…

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  • Open Campus Lunch

    We all know that school provided lunches aren’t very good, so why not leave school for lunch? Students are always complaining about how bland as well as small school lunches are, so the best option to fix these complaints is to have an open lunch. Food isn’t just a basic component of survival, it’s also one of the many things that makes life enjoyable; but school lunches are neither nutritious or pleasing to eat. Open lunch should be allowed in Augusta High School because there are many benefits…

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  • Argumentative Essay On School Lunch

    The term “school lunch,” has had a negative connotation ever since I can remember. There’s much more to school lunch than gourmet salads or mystery meat. All over the United States schools serve lunch to a variety of different students, with different backgrounds, age groups and income. Just in one school the systematic arrangement of the lunch ladies and the policies set in place are just tiny specs of a much larger picture. The fact of the matter is, as children are developing they are being…

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  • School Lunch Persuasive Speech

    time. Most of the school lunch food does not satisfy the grumbling stomach of a hungry high schooler. Many students choose to not even eat the school lunch. Also, school lunch does not hold you for the rest of the day. It barely holds for the next period after. Everyone knows it is hard to stay focused on an empty stomach. After being in class for hours, sitting in a drab cafeteria dawdles the day. If students were allowed to leave the school for lunch, then they could eat what they like, enjoy…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Off Campus Lunch

    Being Allowed for Off Campus Lunch Do you think cafeteria food is appetizing? Because I don’t. We deserve more food choices. This issue is relevant because schools nowadays serve food that don’t match a kid’s cravings. Since the new mall is opening up in the next upcoming months, we should really consider letting students go across the school and purchasing lunch there. I personally don’t like eating school food for its lack of taste and almost no choice of what to eat. You get what’s served to…

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  • Fed Up With Lunch Analysis

    Sarah Wu’s book, Fed up with Lunch, discusses the horrendous problem outcomes found inside of a lunch system in a large Elementary School in Chicago that may include the true time that is given to eat the lunch, the unexpected nutrition found inside of every dish given, as well as the truth of keeping all the nutritional facts away from the public. Looking at the statuses of each school around the nation, it can clearly be stated that each school is different, however looking towards the fact…

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  • Unhealthy Lunch Choices In Public Schools

    these openings. But one thing that has bothered many students’ and parents was lunch choices they have to offer. The Socorro District plans what the schools will be serving every week. These meals are previously packaged and frozen. The only thing the cafeteria ladies have to is heat up the processed foods. Even though these schools distribute these types of lunches for their students ' they teach about upright eating habits. The schools are contradicting their own actions. These school’s…

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  • School Lunch Program Benefits

    As you know, The National School Lunch Program (NSLP) has come under critical examinations due to increase in the cost of public schools around the whole country. The National School Lunch Program is promoted by Michelle Obama, who is the first lady of the United States of America. This research will cover areas of this topic like how the National School Lunch Program affects a school’s budget, benefits of the National School Lunch Program, some concerns with the National School Lunch Program,…

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  • National School Lunch Case Study

    program on National School Lunch, created in 1946, is the oldest and largest child assistance and food nutrition program. It was created with the aims of being a national security measurement for safeguarding the well-being and health of the nation’s children while encouraging the consumption of nutritious agricultural goods is also importance as it sets the standards for the foods offered to the school children. Students should learn this since it’s a major program that takes…

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  • School Lunch Program Analysis

    as a school’s dream. Funding for the school on the case that students become healthy and become prosperous successful human beings. These are claims that are made by government officials to promote the benefits of the school lunch program. The school lunch program is designed to help improve the health and well being of students, while unintentionally sacrificing on the taste and attractiveness of the given meals. School lunch regulations was created by the USDA to improve the health in…

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