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Angel Mariscal

Why School Should Serve More Food in School Lunches Did you know that 7/10 of teenagers do not feel satisfied, nurtured, and well fed after eating Vanden High School's school lunch? Well, I’m sorry to break it to you, but it’s true. VHS school lunch needs a boost in portioning. Every day I find myself struggling to focus and concentrate due to the lack of sufficient amounts of food. I am positive that numerous other students have the same opinions on the matter. One school day I was feeling particularly hungry, so I made off to lunch and got what they were serving; sweet and sour chicken. Now, when you find yourself at a Panda Express ordering sweet and sour chicken, you are served a sizable amount of chicken, maybe 15-20 pieces. Whereas here at Vanden, we are given four. Yes, that’s right, I was served FOUR minuscule bites of well-flavoured chicken, and an eggroll with some weird cabbage on the side. Do you have any idea how that impacted my academic success? I could not focus on the lesson during math due to the fact that my body was not satisfied with four bites of chicken. Furthermore, during my English class, I came excruciatingly close to passing out because I was starving. How might this affect
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The only way to change the mind of the People is to toss in some cold hard facts, a dash of emotion, and who you are to tell them what to do. I am a student who attends the aforementioned school, Vanden High School, and I eat school lunch every Monday-Friday. I am considered an expert in this area. My academic success rides on my appetite, and if I am not properly fed, then I will have a considerably worse performance in

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