Lydia Fairchild

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  • Chimera Essay

    Karen and Lydia both presented as much evidence as possible, proving their maternity, including birth certificates and testimony from an obstetrician, but the courts persistently relied on the DNA evidence and found their stories unbelievable” (Granzen, 2014). With DNA testing being infallible in court cases the legal system is potentially being shaken with the possibilities of chimeras rattling the judicial system. Although these two cases where only affecting government assistance and pre-operation testing, the possibilities that chimeras can have in any case relying on DNA can be thrown out of court. With the word getting out on the possibilities of chimeras and the difficulty confirming it has opened the eyes of many criminals. For instance, a man named…

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  • Elizabeth Fairchild Pride And Prejudice Analysis

    In Elizabeth Fairchild’s article, “Any Way You Slice It,” Fairchild admires how Jane Austen was able to immortalize her most popular work, Pride and Prejudice. Not only does Fairfield admire the immortality of Pride and Prejudice, she admires the witty tone and the romance in the novel that continue to inspire present day authors. Fairchild cleverly credits Austen’s success to two things: love and onions (Fairchild 43). Fairchild is right, in that Austen’s use of “love and onions” helps Pride…

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