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  • Hodgkin Lymphoma Essay

    Hodgkin 's Lymphoma Hodgkin 's lymphoma (also known as Hodgkin 's disease) is a cancer that develops in the lymphatic system called lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are a type of white blood cell that helps the body fight infection. All other lymphomas are classified as non-Hodgkin 's lymphoma. Hodgkin 's disease is distinguished by the presence of large abnormal cells, called Reed-Sternberg cells. The disease is less common than non-Hodgkin 's lymphoma (Simon, 2013). Hodgkin 's lymphoma affects approximately 9,000 new patients in the United States each year. Notably, there is an increased incidence in young adults as well as in patients 55 years and older. There is no clearly defined risk factors for the development of the disease, and the cause…

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  • How Does Lymphoma Cause Homeostasis

    Infections that causes lymphoma indirectly by the immune system that is over stimulating include: •hepatitis C virus (HCV), which people with marginal zone lymphoma and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma develop. •Helicobacter pylori, this is a bacteria that causes stomach ulcers and inflammation and this is found in people with gastric MALT lymphoma. •Chlamydia psittaci, this is linked with people who have MALT lymphoma in the tear gland and around the eye. •Campylobacter jejuni, this is…

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  • Glaucoma Research Paper

    Lymphoma cancer is a cancer that starts in the cells that are apart of your body immune system, which can affect most of your treatment options. The immune system works to fight off sickness. Thomas Hodgkins discovered lymphoma cancer in 1832 and it was named after him. The main types of lymphoma are hodgkin's -lymphoma and non- hodgkin's lymphoma. Lymphoma cannot be spread from one person to another person. Although there are specific groups of individuals that have a higher risk than…

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  • Rituximab Case Study

    murine genes cloning and recombinant DNA technology. This antibody has an IgG1 kappa immunoglobulin comprising heavy and light chain variable region arrangements of murine and constant region arrangements of human. This biosimilar encompasses two heavy chains made of 451 amino acids and two light chains made of 213 amino acids. Its Compound formula is C6416H9874N1688O1987S44 and the normal mass is 143859.7 Dalton with the following structure: Proposed Indication The biosimilar of Rituximab is…

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  • Cervical Physical Assessment

    palpable and often may be tender or painful to touch, though not in all situations” (McCance, & Huether, 2014). “Localized lymphadenopathy usually indicates drainage of an area associated with an inflammatory process or infection (reactive lymph nodes). Generalized lymphadenopathy is generally a result of malignant or nonmalignant disease, particularly in adults. Palpable nodes, however, do not always indicate serious disease and may indicate only a reaction to minor trauma or infection of a…

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  • Follicular Lymphoma Essay

    1. What is the most likely diagnosis of the underlying disease in this patient (5 marks)? Follicular Lymphoma. 2. Describe the process of autologous transplantation for the treatment of this patient’s disease. (5 marks). Stem cells are removed from patient and stored in a freezer. Patient will then receive high dose chemotherapy with or without radiotherapy to get rid of circulating tumor cells in the blood. The removed stem cells are transfused, replacing the destroyed tissue and…

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  • Burkitt Lymphoma Essay

    The first type of Burkitt lymphoma to arise was endemic. This type has a large presence in underdeveloped countries such as central Africa and Papua New Guinea. This lymphoma was first discovered by British surgeon Denis Parsons Burkitt, which is where its name comes from (Gera, Saah, & Scott-Emuakpor, 2012, para. 2). He studied tumors in jaws of young children in African regions and found them to be caused by this unique type of lymphoma. It was in 1961 after more extensive research that he…

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  • Hodgkins Lymphoma Essay

    Lyphoma According to the American Cancer Society more than 8,500 americans are diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma each year occurring in people aged between 16 and 34 years of age and those over the age of 55. Lymphoma is a term defined as a type of cancer that develops in the lymphatic system which is part of our immune system. Hodgkins Lymphoma starts off by first developing in the white blood cells, developing in the lymph nodes and then spreading to any organ which includes the skin and bone…

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  • Hodgkin Lymphoma Classification

    While 10% of lymphomas are Hodgkin lymphoma, the other 90% are non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Because lymphomas are so common, most specialists have found at least one in their career. And due to the different types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, it is difficult to diagnose it correctly. Although there are a wide variety of non-Hodgkin lymphoma, they are very treatable and curable (Shankland, 2012, 848). A lymphoma is classified as a cancer in the lymphocytes, which help make up the immune system. Due to the…

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  • Refractory Follicular Lymphoma Case Study

    Relapsed/Refractory Follicular Lymphoma Response Evaluation By Liji Thomas, MD Relapsed or refractory follicular lymphoma (FL) is a condition that requires a careful selection of treatment options. It often occurs in older people, who may have significant comorbidities, or who may have more advanced grades or stages of the cancer. Various treatment schedules are thus used in relapsed or refractory lymphoma, which must be evaluated for evidence and amplitude of response. This may begin with…

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