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  • AIDS In The Film 'Age Of Aids'

    AIDS is a significant issue that is still continuing on in the world today, effecting millions and adding more to the list. There have been many battles against this disease, which majority have failed, and only a small amount that have found success . The film, “Age of AIDS”, brought up many issues throughout the course of this entire AIDS epidemic, from the past, and some that are occurring in the present. There were many powerful scenes throughout the film, but some scenes particularly stood out to me more than others. 1A The endeavour for trying to find an effective treatment for AIDS was a huge problem. The first drug to ever be discovered for the treatment of AIDS was AZT. This caused excitement and a sense of hope from many AIDS…

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  • AIDS Epidemic

    Marcella Parisi English III HL Pereira 20 May 2016 How AIDS Penetrated Not Only Humans, But Also Their Culture The United States during the 1980s was the hub of the AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) outbreak. This disease would go on to claim the lives of thousands of citizens including numerous entertainers and artists, causing others in those perspective communities to respond with epidemic, politicized art exhibitions, written pieces, music, and plays. (U.S. Department of Health &…

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  • AIDS Confidentiality

    Robert, great job on your post! As you mentioned blanket confidentiality does little to protect unsuspecting individuals yet fully protects those with malice intent to spread the virus. I fully understand that disclosure of positive HIV status has the potential to create turmoil in the lives of the affected as well as their loved ones. Stigma, the potential for violence, and discrimination is the fear that people with positive status live with. The comment, "We can fight stigma. Enlightened laws…

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  • AIDS In The 1980s

    identified as AIDS, caused many deaths and shattered families. This disease caused a distinct homophobia amongst some Americans and destroyed a generation of people. The AIDS epidemic in the 80s was an event that affected the lives of millions of people and still shapes our world today. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome plagued the world in the 1980s and still does to this day. Humans haven't always had the disease AIDS plaguing their lives. HIV originated in Kinshasa, in the Democratic…

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    mass media, business leaders, trade unions, youth and women movement, schools, colleges in the activities for AIDS prevention. National AIDS and STD control programme should provide simple, clear and accurate information about AIDS in order to create public awareness and understanding of the dangers of the disease. Put more effort in the use of newspaper, radio, television, posters, roadside billboards, drama and songs contests to disseminate information about HIV and AIDS to the general public.…

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    HIV/AIDS is an immunodeficiency virus that attacks the body 's cell. HIV/AIDS are not two separate diseases, they are just two different stages of the same disease, AIDS being the more severe of the two. HIV or human immunodeficiency virus affects and attacks specific cells within the human body, weakening the immune system. AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is the final stage of the HIV infection, and not everyone progresses to this stage of HIV. “AIDS is the stage of infection that…

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  • The Effects Of Aids

    What is Aids? The full form of aids is (acquired immune deficiency syndrome). This is not a disease by itself but when a person contracts HIV (the human immunodeficiency virus) the body starts getting weak. This disease is contracted through blood and sexual fluids. HIV affects the immune system called the immunodeficiency. The person with HIV gets frequently ill from disease that would not generally affect normal person. HIV starts to affect the immune cells called the CDT4 cells and slowly…

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  • AIDS In Africa

    HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus responsible for causing AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The virus leaves the human immune system weak and renders infected individuals vulnerable to other illnesses. HIV has been thought to have originated on the African continent and is becoming an increasing medical issue there. The documentary AIDS in Africa details the rise and impact of the rate of HIV infection and AIDS throughout the African continent. In the documentary, various…

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  • HIV And AIDS

    Throughout history, HIV and AIDS have influenced the American society. Once HIV was transferred to the United States from chimpanzees in Africa, there was a new outlook on diseases. Many people did not know what the disease was, which caused difficulties for the people infected at work, in relationships, and in their daily lives. There are many complications that add to having an immunodeficiency disease because these people are at a higher risk for contracting other illnesses that will cause…

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  • The AIDS Pandemic

    Evolutionary Origin of the AIDS Pandemic In modern day Congo in the capital city Kinshasa, formally known as Leopoldville, a group of professionals in a laboratory, collected samples that inadvertently changed the origins of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This virus since its emergence has spread throughout the entire world, causing the rise of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) pandemic. There are many different theories on the origins of the HIV infection that caused for…

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