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  • Personal Fitness Essay

    warmup I ran a mile to get my blood flowing. I ran my mile in 8:45. Since my goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of the semester I need to make sure I work on my cardiovascular health. After our warmup we hopped on the elliptical. We did the elliptical for 8 minutes. After we finished doing the elliptical we went in the sauna for 10 minutes. Starting weight is 245lbs. - On September 17, I decided to go to the gym before I had to work at 5:30. I got to the gym around 3 and worked out for about an hour before I had to go home and get ready for work. The workouts I did at the gym was running a mile as a warm up and then following it with doing the stair master for five minutes. After finishing the stair master, I felt like I needed to lift some weights so I lifted weights for about 20 minutes. - On Tuesday September 20, I went to the gym in my home town. I usually do not go to the gym on Tuesday due to the fact that I use that time to work on my assignments. However, I am all caught up on my assignments so I went to the gym. As usual I ran a mile as my warm up. I ran my mile in 8:40. - On Friday September 23, my friend Isaac and I went to the gym around 6 o clock. I…

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  • Mudding Short Story

    his truck. They went and got his truck but neither leo or adam told their parents that they were going mudding. They headed off for the woods where they were going to go mudding. They enter the woods and drive slowly for about a half mile looking for mud. After they have driven a mile and still no mud they see a clown watching them. When they see the clown they take off covering to clown that was watching them in dirt and gravel. They escaped the clown but now they were down in the woods…

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  • Jazz Music: Music Analysis

    process of musical expression begins in the mind, then through the appendages and instrument before released into the air. In an improvisation class conducted by maestro vibraphonist Gary Burton, he equates playing an instrument to speaking.…

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  • Jazz-Rock History

    labels began to abandon Jazz in order to pursue Rock ( Jazz-Rock began to appear on the radio in the 1980s and the 1990s, and soon it began to abandon Jazz elements and started using a little improvisation ( Jazz artists had begun to seek opportunities abroad and the fusion of Jazz and Rock began to be diminished by smooth Jazz ( Soon, many artists and critics started to believe that the fusion styles of Jazz were not real and were not genuine…

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  • Wind Patterns Lab Report

    differences between wind patterns in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres alongside with explaining the major wind belts. Material: • Map of North America with longitude and latitude • Drawing compass Procedure: 1. View the map from the lab given. The map represents the barometric pressures at 5000 feet in North America on a precise day in February. 2. Use the Web to get another map of North America that covers the same approximate area shown in the map given in the lab and is noted with…

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  • Industrial Revolution Theories

    The Industrial Revolution and Its Accompanying Theories Around 8000 years ago the world shifted to the Agricultural Revolution where we had at last achieved a surplus of food and goods. This had been done by harnessing the power of servitude through animals and slaves. Now that this boundary had been crossed, mankind was once again thirsty for more and 250 years ago, with the invention of engines and machinery, the Industrial Revolution was born. Although child labor was in effect prior to the…

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  • Exemplification Essay: The Role Of Improvisation In Music

    Although while he is playing in the moment, his concentration is less on what he was playing but more on the technique and strategy of how the music was delivered to his audience. The musical development and growth of Miles Davis stems from the many years of practice and performances with jazz greats of his time. His high level career performance was constructed through the combination of these motivic strategies such as repetition, embellishments, inversions, transpositions, and more that…

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  • Kratom As A Spiritual Journey

    Spiritual Journey For my paper, I will be covering and exploring scientific theories that are then applied to my personal life experiences to form a sort of hybrid story/academic research paper, which I feel suits perfectly my strong character traits of constant hesitation. I will bring to mention my personal philosophies, past/present dependency problems, acute depression, and individual spiritual experiences which were able to defy my understanding of science, and thus exist without…

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  • Functionalism In Education Essay

    An Example of Functionalism: Education One example of functionalism happening in the world today is public education. In the United States, education is a State and local responsibility. To illustrate, the Department of Education was created “In 1867 to collect information on schools and teaching that would help the States establish effective school systems” (Anon 2012). According to the article of the U.S Department of Education (Anon 2012), it states and communities as well as public and…

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  • Emile Durkheim Suicide Summary

    Throughout history, suicide has not only been seen as a sin, a crime, and more recent, as a result of a disease. Nonetheless, there is more to just committing such act, there are societies, social factors that influence and push individuals to take their lives. The book, Suicide: A Study in Sociology by Emile Durkheim examines suicide and its social causes. With this in mind Durkheim makes the claim that in order to understand suicide we have to understand the social factors that lead…

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