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  • Airline Airlines Case Study

    C. Education and skills development: (CSI as a tool to improve education and skills in society) RESEARCH QUESTIONS RESEARCH OUTCOME EDUCATION AND SKILLS (Posed to current and former SAA employees) o Where is SAA’s biggest shortfall in terms of skills? How does that affect the airline? o How does the airline build and source those skills at the moment? Looking 10/20 years into the future, where will SAA come short in terms of skills? o What are the foundation skills that need to be built at school level to get students to get into aviation specialist areas? o How did the airline do in its last recruitment for pilot training candidates? o How can SAA use its capabilities to assist teachers and what support should they seek from industry?…

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  • History Of Delta Airline

    Pre-Delta Airline Years The name Delta is traced back to Telulah, LA in 1909 as an agricultural lab, the Delta Lab. Scientists were working on a control for boll weevil insects that were attacking cotton crops across the Mississippi Delta. The entomologist Dr. B.R. Coad was hired by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to head the Delta Lab and was assisted by C.E. Woolman. Woolman was a young college graduate of the University of Illinois who had been hired by the USDA through the…

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  • Armed Airline Pilots

    2016 Is There a Need in This World for Armed Airline Pilots or Not? In today’s world, most people have vivid and detailed thoughts when it comes to the dangers of flying on commercial airlines. The events of 9/11 will continue to flow through the minds of people for eternity. A great debate has begun in regards to the airline pilots being allowed to carry weapons on board the aircraft in which they control. Questions were asked from both sides of the debate in hopes of…

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  • Alaska Airlines

    Overview. Financially, Alaska Airlines is a strong performer in the modern airline marketplace, having come a long way from its storied Alaskan bush plane roots. Today, Alaska Airlines is the 7th largest US air carrier and is ranked 5th for overall performance among the top 12 carriers for 2014(Alaska airlines: Company facts.; Bowen & Headley, 2015). Notably, in 2015 Alaska Airlines carried 21 million passengers on 173 thousand flights resulting in 27.768 billion Revenue Passenger Miles (RPM)…

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  • Southwest Airlines

    Company Overview: Southwest Airlines was founded by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher. The airline serviced Dallas, Houston and San Antonio which made a triangle. The airline started as Air Southwest Co in 1967 and then changed the name to Southwest Airlines Co. in 1971. The more dominant airlines at that time initiated a series of litigations against the airline in an attempt to prevent them from launching their first flight. The low-cost, no-reserved seats approach to air travel throughout the…

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  • Delta Airlines

    Fuel is an essential segment of the airline industry?s value chain. As the article suggests, fuel accounts for a third of airline?s operating costs. On this premise, Delta chose to diversify, through backward integration, into the refining business by acquiring Trainer Refinery. Applying the framework that we discussed in the class?by subjecting this diversification to porter?s three tests?we will test if the Delta?s corporate strategy meets the standards. Attractiveness test Refining industry…

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  • Awaiian Airline: A Case Study: Hawaiian Airlines

    Hawaiian Airline Service Hawaiian Airlines is all about ease. On an average approximately 212 jet flys from Hawaiian island. We provide non-stop flights to the "United States". We Additionally provide airline service to Australia, Philippines, American Samoa, Tahiti, Korea and Japan. Free excellent food meals and bites are provided on every South Pacific, Trans-Pacific, and Asia flight. Travellers Point are a group of highly talented individuals which are keen to add possibly the best airline…

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  • Factors In The Airline Industry

    High Costs and Small Margins Thanks to technological advances, the airline industry boomed in the second half of the twentieth century. As the industry grew, operating costs grew with it. In 2014, the global airline industry spent over $699 billion to make a profit (Cros, 2015). High operating costs have reduced the profit margin for carriers and left them scrambling to find ways to expand their margins. To ensure effective and efficient operations, globally airlines will spend $174 billion…

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  • Airus Airlines Risk Analysis

    Airus Airlines Safety Management System February 9 2015 ABOUT US File Contains only Safety Policy, Non-Punitive Safety Reporting policy and Quality Assurance Policy CONTENTS 1 Safety Policy Statement 2 2 Non- Punitive Safety Reporting Policy 3 3 Airus Airlines Quality Assurance Policy 4 SAFETY POLICY STATEMENT The Airus Airlines Safety Policy Statement completely reflects the company’s obligation to safety in the workplace, during operations, and cultivates a…

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  • Kingfisher Airlines Case Study

    inverse relationship between fuel prices and airline stock prices has been demonstrated. Moreover, the rising fuel prices have led to increase in the air fares. 4. Declining yields: LCCs and other entrants together now command a market share of around 46%. Legacy carriers are being forced to match LCC fares, during a time of escalating costs. Increasing growth prospects have attracted & are likely to attract more players, which will lead to more competition. All this has resulted in…

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