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  • Analysis Of How To Tell A True War Story

    The six men are sent to listen for enemy movement in the mountains for a week, but instead of enemy movement, they start hearing strange noises coming from inanimate places such as the fog. After the men cannot cope with the noises anymore, they call in airstrikes and burn all of the mountains. The men still hear the noises after the barrage; so they march back to camp and are questioned abut the airstrike by the colonel. However, instead of answering, they give the colonel a blank stare and salute him. In this story, the colonel is the figure that does not listen. The blank stare the soldiers give the colonel represents the madness that war brings. While on the listening patrol, the soldiers lose touch with reality and hear imaginary noises. “The rock-it’s talking. And the fog, too, and the grass and the goddamn mongooses. Everything talks. The tress talk politics, the monkeys talk religion. The whole country. Vietnam. The place talks. It talks. Understand? Nam-it truly talks”(74). The men believe that all of Vietnam is talking to them as a result of madness from the…

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  • Asymmetrical Warfare In Najmah's War

    explosions… My mother lies on the ground nearby with her legs splayed at odd angles… Habib lies motionless…”(Staples 66-67). This quote clearly shows how her family was killed by a bombing. [STEWE 2] This happens very often in real life, as 21 people died in one province, “On May 9th, the day after Colonel Nicholson's apology, the pro-American governor of Helmand province said 21 civilians had been killed in airstrikes there” ("Hearts, Minds and Death"). Obviously, civilian fatalities caused…

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  • Analysis Of Under The Persimmon Tree By Suzanne Staples

    (AGG) Imagine sitting at home with your family and not being able to relax because, at any moment, your life and home could be wiped out with a bomb falling from the sky. (BS-1) In the book, Under The Persimmon Tree, author Suzanne Fisher Staples accurately depicts this real life reality for Afghan civilians when she describes how American airstrikes create tragedy in the lives of the two main characters, Najmah and Nusrat. (BS-2) Through the literary element of conflict, Staples shows the…

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  • ISIS And International Terrorism

    Egypt’s peace, Egypt has claimed ISIS as a national threat: “In an interview with Reuters in May, Sisi referred to Libya as a "security threat" Egypt faces, especially in regards to combating terrorism” (“U.S. Accuses Egypt and UAE,” par. 8). Egypt and U.A.E. recognize Libya as a threat, but the US does not want to take any defensive measures. After a televised statement from General Sisi about how ISIS should not terrify the citizens, ISIS marched their attack on Egyptian citizens. After the…

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  • Why Do Propaganda Videos Play A Role In Recruiting?

    back against the terrorist group. Training these men will allow the people of Iraq to try to regain control of their own country. This will also limit the amount of United States troops deployed on the ground. The Islamic State has recently captured the city of Ramadi. Ramadi is the second largest city in Iraq. This is an important city for Isis because it is a major hub for the economy of Iraq. The majority of people living in Ramadi now are either members of Isis, or regular citizens trying to…

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  • ISIS: A Jihadist Group Analysis

    The problem with the airstrikes is that they can be ineffective at crippling the vitals of ISIS. Airstrikes have been continued for years now and ISIS still stands strong. If countries wanted to defeat ISIS just through air and drone strikes, then it would take a very long time in order to break ISIS completely. This is because ISIS can just hide or blend in with the civilian population. If countries would put aside their differences and focus on major issues like ISIS for once then this problem…

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  • The Role Of The Assad Regime In The Syrian Civil War

    what 's the president going to do about it?" (POLITICO). Bashar Al-Assad heinous war crimes brought tension within the United States on whether or not it should take a larger role within the conflict. In 2014 the war becomes even more complicated when an Al-Qaeda affiliate known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria splinters off due to disagreements over Syria and begins fighting against the Rebels and the Kurds. The United States then shifts its focus onto the Islamic State. The Pentagon…

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  • ISIS Case Study

    However, ISIS now becomes a new threat of U.S national security. As a result, countering ISIS is necessary with Obama administration. Nevertheless, best strategy to deal with ISIS is great concern of U.S. As mentioned above, U.S deployed airstrike and let Iraqi government play as central role to attack ISIS; mostly U.S troops in Iraq are advisers. Furthermore, U.S also trained Kurdish soldiers because Kurd lived in the North of Iraq that near the controlled area of ISIS and Kurdish people…

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  • Persecution In The Middle East

    deplorable cases of persecution. From December 2013 until January 2014, Egyptian workers were seized and kidnapped by Islamic groups in Sirte, Libya. ISIS released a video showing 21 Coptic Christian workers being marched along the coast in orange jumpsuits. In the video, ISIS referred to the men as “people of the cross, followers of the hostile Egyptian Church.” U.K. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said, “Such barbaric acts strengthen our determination to work with our partners to counter the…

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  • Naulilaa Case Summary

    Target Consideration must also be given to the nature of the target. While an airstrike against a single terrorist may be considered excessive, it may be considered a proportionate use of force against the state that set that terrorist in motion. Practical difficulties exist in establishing a connection between a terrorist attack and the state sponsoring that attack. The more convincing is the evidence; there is a less likelihood that the reprisal will receive a Security Council condemnation.…

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